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Aim to Misbehave

November 5th, 2013 - 5:04 am


In yesterday’s PJM column I reported that 1.5 million policies had been cancelled, so we must go back once more to Serenity:

The Operative: It’s worse than you know.

Capt. Mal Reynolds: It usually is.

Look at these numbers:

“About 280,000 Kentuckians will have to give up their current insurance policies in the months ahead and enroll in alternatives that comply with the federal Affordable Care Act. Kentucky Department of Insurance spokeswoman Ronda Sloan said individual policies for about 130,000 people will be discontinued, as will small group policies for about 150,000 more.” (“About 280,000 Kentuckians Losing Current Coverage,” AP, 11/2/13)

“Alabama 90,000; Alaska 5,300; … California 900,000; … District of Columbia 21,300; Florida 330,000; Georgia 400,000; … Idaho 105,000; … Indiana 108,000; Iowa 1,000; … Kentucky 130,000; Louisiana 10,000; … Michigan 225,000; Minnesota 140,000; Mississippi 600; … New Hampshire 20,000; New Jersey 150,000; New Mexico 26,000; New York 100,000; North Carolina 160,000; … Oregon 150,000; Pennsylvania 215,000-250,000; … Washington 290,000; … Wyoming 3,200″ (“State By State: 3.5 Million Insurance Policies Canceled,” AP, 11/2/13)

“In North Dakota, the health care changes will wipe out virtually all the 2,500 individual plans carried by Medica and Sanford Health.…Sanford Health sent cancellation letters to about 450 policyholders.… About 2,000 Medica policyholders were sent letters staring in September, and most of them will see higher premiums if they choose to upgrade their plan, spokesman Greg Bury said.” (“Health Law Leads To Cancellation Of N.D. Policies,” The Bismarck Tribune, 11/3/13)

There are millions more to come, so send in those photos of yourself and your cancellation notice to

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I have an idea. The insurance companies should include what it would take to continue their policies, after the companies add on the things the new law requires. They should offer the costs as line-items.

$xxx/yr No pre-existing conditions

$x,xxx/yr Gender modification

On and on. Spell out the costs, and people will absolutely flip out seeing what they are being required to pay for. They will scream in their financial pain.
1 year ago
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They can't. The Feds expect a 'one size fits all' policy. Period.
1 year ago
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