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You’ve Been Had

October 18th, 2013 - 1:11 pm

The WSJ details the failures behind the failures behind

Other failures have the same political character. Consumers must set up a complex account with sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers before they are allowed to browse health plans. The government wants to show consumers only their net out-of-pocket premiums minus subsidies, not the true underlying cost of insurance. That’s because those all-in quotes are so much higher than what’s available on the individual market.

HHS continues to claim that the exchanges are all about competition—they’re even trying to rebrand them as “marketplaces.” But real marketplaces are transparent and let consumers know what they get for what price. ObamaCare’s exchanges are intended to obscure price and service options.

HHS still refuses to disclose how much taxpayers shelled out for this exchange lemon. The money came from several ObamaCare, general HHS and Medicare accounts and flowed to more than 50 outside vendors, with several no-bid contracts awarded outside the normal procurement process.

Excuse me. I was mistaken when I said that ObamaCare was really just about power. It’s also about dishing out money to cronies.

VodkaPundit regrets the error. And much else besides.

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I thought handing out other people's money was the essence of power. In that sense it was no error at all. Posting a picture of a purple Cimarron was worthy of regret. Seriously, don't do that without a warning. I owned a Cimarron once, still hurts.
1 year ago
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Yup, it is about dishing out money to cronies. So brace yourself for the remedies. TARP II for medical insurers on the brink thanks to adverse selection death spiral, Obamacare for DREAMers, and forgiveness of student loan debt for college kids who enroll. Opposing Republicans come out smelling like skunks in all these cases.
1 year ago
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