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Close But No Open-Source Cigar

August 9th, 2013 - 8:31 am

That Ubuntu-powered super-smartphone we talked about a while back looks like it’s going to miss its crowdfunding goal.

I still think we’ll see something like it in the not-too-distant future. That would never be a large market, but it would certainly be a devoted one.

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Look at my comment on the last article. Called it. Personally, with the audacious goal they set I can't help but wonder if this was ever really about getting the Ubuntu Edge out there. A free operating system with a small, even if devoted, base was never going to raise that kind of money. Increasingly, Canonical is looking more and more confused. They're pr in recent history can be summed up by "not quite". I would love nothing more than to see them gain some ground but between the "Ubuntu for Android", "Ubuntu Touch", "Ubuntu TV", and now the "Ubuntu Edge" we are seeing one not quite complete project after another. Each one is still largely prototype while Apple, Google and heck even Microsoft have actually gotten something on the market.

With the Ubuntu Edge, Canonical is showing a disconnect with where technology is going. Phones and tablets already have considerable power that seems to double with every new phone release. This super phone will be mainstream technology in a few short iterations. Meanwhile, they are ignoring the real future: wearable and better battery life.

Mark my words,
Google glass was the wrong direction for wearables but it got people thinking about possibilities. The real next step is battery technology that allows a watch/phone hybrid 8hrs of life.

I can't help but wonder if those are the technical difficulties Apple has been facing with the iWatch rumors.

iPod Nano + phone connection = cheap iPhone

That solution resolves all the major Apple rumors floating around right now without Apple sacrificing they're signature style and quality on a "cheap iPhone." Get with the program Canonical, no one cares about a cutting edge super phone that will be outdated before you can get it into someone's hands.
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