An LED lightbulb which lasts 60,000 hours and costs less than three bucks to manufacture? Bring it on!

We have very few incandescent bulbs left in our house. There are still a few ceiling fans upstairs we haven’t swapped out for low-energy Windward models — and they require regular-size dimmable bulbs. CFLs like that don’t exist. And three halogen bathroom fixtures we’re too cheap (and spoiled) to replace (they’re very pretty).

Otherwise, we’re a CFL bulb household.

Except for one — count it, one! — LED bulb. Our son’s nightlight is one of those kiddie lamps with a regular bulb on top and a tiny, low-wattage bulb in the bottom. Since it’s encased inside the base of the lamp, the included tiny bulb kept frying out. So I bought an LED bulb to stick in there.

Good news: It doesn’t get hot and will last for generations.

Bad news: If you hate the light CFLs put out, this LED is even worse. Actually, it’s bad by any measure. I don’t mind CFLs one bit, but that LED is just awful. And it wasn’t cheap, either.

So if the guys linked above have figured out a way to make cheap LEDs, that’s great. I just hope they’ve figured out a way to make them good, too.