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August 29, 2014 - 2:46 pm

The Islamic State, like al Qaeda, publishes a slick English-language magazine to justify its actions and exhort jihadists to support it financially, through attacks, and other ways. It also serves as a recruitment tool.

At the same time, it serves as a glimpse into the minds of the terrorist group/growing military threat in Iraq and Syria.

Here is the third edition of Dabiq: A Call to Hijrah, in full. “Hijrah” means “the path to jihad.”

It includes a longer statement from James Foley than was included in the IS execution video. That begins on page 39. The magazine blames that beheading on the US airstrikes that began on August 7. Dabiq calls President Barack Obama an “apostate” and a “crusader.” It depicts its jihadists as happy warriors, and its enemies as dead or shortly to be killed.

Warning: The magazine includes graphic images of dead bodies and other imagery of war and brutality, including a severed head and photos of mass executions.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Obama's father was Muslim. This is not in dispute. A Christian woman in Sudan was put on death row recently (but spared) for being an apostate. That is, she was the child of a Muslim father and, therefore, by Sharia law, is Muslim. Sharia law also does not allow leaving the Muslim faith. The penalty can be death. It doesn't help Obama that school records in Indonesia say Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) is Muslim.
26 weeks ago
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Western civilization can spend the next decade ( if we last that long )
Trying to contain and defeat the Jihadist forces of Islam.
We can keep struggling in the quest for the Democratization of Islamic states which we already did and failed at after investing billions in money and blood.
We can try to strengthen the so-called 'moderate branches of Islam, if there is one. They're either being cowed Into silence or winking and nodding to their Islamist brothers.
We can continue to use drones and special forces and police actions but so far That hasn't been effective. The violent Jihadists reproduce faster than we can neutralize them.
We can try making nice with the organizations of 'Soft-Jihadists' who advance Sharia and Jihad through usually peaceful and legal
Means (like the Muslim Brotherhood Obama's been backing for
The last six years) but that backfired.
The problem of violent Islamic Jihad is more widespread and virulent today than it was even at the height of its glory days when Hordes of Jihadists Advanced on Spain and other parts of Europe, something happening again even at this moment. For Over 1400 years of Jihadist violence, of murder and enslavement, forced conversions, and abuse Of women and children ...and yet still In this modern day and age Islam remains more a retro-sixth century ideology of bloody conquest than anything resembling a religion of peace and harmony.
The world can't wait for this backward cult of Muhammad to somehow 'reform' itself.
Not when nuclear and chemical weapons of Jihad very soon will be within the reach Of religious psychopaths and end-of-days fanatics who yearn for martyrdom.
When a beehive is burnt the surviving bees are disoriented
And dispersed. Certainly there are many angry bees initially but then they lose their ability to sting and just Disappear and scatter into the countryside and soon die.
There's a lesson in this. The hive is in Mecca. It's called the
Kaaba. Or we can continue getting stung for the rest of history!

25 weeks ago
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I hope the NSA knows who is reading that e-zine.
26 weeks ago
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Some moron writer on Twitter showed a photo of Muslims in America holding a giant sign saying they're against ISIS. Then he curses Americans out for asking where the "moderate" Muslims are. It never occurs to him that even having to pose such a question is the real problem that exposes the sick heart of cultures. This same moron never shuts up defending Hamas.

It's hard to believe it's 2014 and people are shooting people in the head for something as compelling as the equivalent of those who put salt in their water when boiling rice and those who don't.

The religious pedantry is that magazine is so insane it's like trying to crack a code. The 3rd Caliph in the 7th century was such and such and Medina can be said to reside in al-Sham and blah, blah, blah and off with their heads.

I'm at the point where holding signs doesn't cut it. It's like a virus that should be kept out of America. We don't need these ancient feuds in America. We have plenty of problems as humans, and we don't need to import failure. Just stop all this immigration. I don't want to crack the Muslim code. There's nice people all over the world, but many are best left where they are, for reasons of pure idiocy.
26 weeks ago
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Actually I'm glad there are some Muslims willing to stand against ISIS, and I fear they will be discriminated against within their communities for having done so.
26 weeks ago
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I can't believe Toyota is sponsoring these guys.
26 weeks ago
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Oh, yeah! Odds are he is an Islam Apostate. Growing up where he did, it's very, very likely that at some point he declared the Shahada. From that point forward, according to fundamental Islam, he is a Muslim forever. By not living up to the Islamic faith, professing Christianity, attending Christian churches, etc., he becomes Apostate to Islam.

That is a crime under Sharia with dire punishments.
26 weeks ago
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Trouble is, Obama's not nearly apostate enough..........
26 weeks ago
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