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July 5, 2014 - 10:44 am
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In recent weeks, the Obama administration has been making tough statements about the more than 50,000 illegal alien children, unaccompanied by adults, who have rushed the border and turned themselves in, hoping to gain entry to the U.S. The White House has stated flatly that they “can’t stay” and will be returned home. “Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it,” Obama said to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Some of them — eventually — may be deported. But it appears that the vast majority are being “processed” and then given shelter until relatives are found to take them to their parents. According to the New York Times, the administration has “begun to send the expected 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally in recent months in the Rio Grande Valley to cities around the county.”

USA Today reports:

Under that law, most of the unaccompanied minors being caught by Border Patrol agents must be handed over to the Department of Health and Human Services, which coordinates care for them, finds them safe housing and helps advise them on their legal rights as their immigration cases are decided.

The problem is that the HHS officials’ idea of “safe housing” is to reunite them with their parents who are also here illegally:

On Wednesday night, the crowd jeered at federal officials who sat through the lengthy meeting but offered few concrete details about what the city could expect. Paul A. Beeson, the chief officer in San Diego for Customs and Border Protection, said the agency still expected one plane from Texas to arrive every 72 hours, but did not know where the passengers would be sent for processing. The migrants will then be turned over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and probably released to find relatives already living in the United States and told to appear later in front of an immigration judge.

“When you have a noncriminal mother, they are going to be released,” said David Jennings, the Southern California field director for the immigration agency. “The most humane way to deal with this is to find out where they are going and get them there.”

The president says he wants to change the law so that the illegal alien kids receive an immediate determination if they are eligible for asylum. But the reality is that immigration activists fiercely oppose the change and Democrats in the Senate won’t vote for the expedited deportation procedures for kids.

Wendy Young, president of Kids in Need of Defense, says that process is unfair to children who usually have no idea what options are before them to stay in the country.

There are complicated applications for asylum. There are “T Visas” specifically designed for victims of human trafficking. There are “U Visas” for victims of certain crimes. There are U.S.-based relatives who can try to claim them. But all of those, Young said, are hard enough for experienced immigration attorneys to sort through, let alone children who just finished a perilous journey to the U.S.

“For many years, there has been a recognition both by prior administrations and Congress that unaccompanied children are uniquely vulnerable,” Young said. If those rules are changed, “children will be arriving at our borders, traumatized, hungry, frightened, confused…and certainly not knowledgeable about our immigration system.”

This means that things are likely to remain as they are today with the illegal alien children being given a piece of paper telling them to report to an deportation hearing sometime in the future, before disappearing with their illegal parents.

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Barack Obama is a Human Trafficker and Predatory Political Child Exploiter. He is clearly a man without a conscience. For all intents and purposes he is a misanthrope.
20 weeks ago
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Sure, reunited them with their "parents." PJ Media is falling for that? At best, they are "reuniting" them with the lady who lived 2 doors down and plans to care for them until they can bring their real family here.
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
Obama is single-handedly destroying the nature and greatness of America in so many ways,
Bypassing congress, bending the constitution, ruling by presidential
Fiat. There's so much more damage he can and will do after the November
Elections when he and his go-along party will have nothing to lose for
Two long years. If he is not checked soon Much of the damage done domestically and
Internationally will never be reversed and America will be changed permanently,
And, according to Obama's current poll ratings, for the worse.
He must be stopped by congress, in the courts, by public and media
( fat chance ) outrage and protests, or by some other unmentionable means.
There's too much at stake for our 218 year old Democracy to leave to fate at the
Hands of an inept and arrogant Megalomaniac and his single-handed desire to
'Fundamentally transform America'.
20 weeks ago
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All Comments   (43)
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19 weeks ago
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we all know this

and we know that Obama is NOT faithfully executing the laws of this country i
the only issue


20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
Those who could enforce the border are ordered to welcome the new arrivals instead.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if the fence around the Whitehouse was torn down and the Secret Service was ordered to welcome visitors, one and all.
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment

those who could enforce the border are being sent to quash the people demonstrating AGAINST allowing these illegal ALIENS admission

he is sending 'riot police' to control the citizens of USA
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
The federal government is hopeless. State governments should be taking actions to scare/herd the illegal aliens into already screwed up Blue States to minimize the political damage. "Undocumented Democrats" do less national damage in California than in Arizona or Texas.
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
When has Barack Obama ever done anything but say one thing, and then do the exact opposite.
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
"The administration is deliberately obfuscating the situation by talking out of both sides of its mouth."

At least they're consistent.
20 weeks ago
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They turn themselves in. Find out where they're from, send a telegram to the closest airport to their homes with a passenger list, and fly 'em right back. If that dimwit Democrat who wants them to have lollipops demands that they be sent home with a Tootsie-Roll Pop, that'd be okay, I guess.
That will get the message to the Central Americans that we mean business. Releasing them to Uncle Jose will only reinforce the message that if they get here, they're "in like Flint" . . .
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'd ship illegal aliens to tourist destinations in their home country. The plane flights already exist. Let the tourist resort operators complain.
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
Obama telling Americans in English that he's going to deport the illegal children is reminiscent of Yasser Arafat telling the western media what they wanted to hear in English then telling the Arab Street how he really felt in Arabic.

Obama's talking a good game here but what are his people telling the Central Americans in Spanish?
20 weeks ago
20 weeks ago Link To Comment
Reunited with family? BS on that.

Last Wednesday, in McAllen, Texas there was a Congressional hearing on these children. The Congress critters had visited a facility holding children (Sheila Jackson-Lee brought lollypops) and later heard testimony about these children.

One thing stood out when a Congressman asked the head of the Laredo Border Patrol if he knew if background checks were being done on the people these children were being released to. The Border Patrol agent said he didn't know.
The Congressman then asked how they (ICE) were releasing children to "family" members within the 72 hours requirement when you cannot do a background check on an illegal in that time frame, if ever. Again, the Border Patrol agent didn't know.

Now, someone please tell me, with some of these children being under 8 years old, how do these kids know who they are related to in the U.S. and what's more, where they live? Are we turning children over to people who claim to be "family" and will later learn that in the rush to get rid of these kids, we have turned them over to drug cartel/gangbangers who will only sell these kids out to domestic servitude or prostitution? My guess is that will be another of the unintended consequences in the rush to get these children out of the facilities and out of the news.

Also, while the Congressmen were in McAllen, they met a woman who had sent for her three grandchildren (it was not mentioned if she was illegal). She stated she had paid $7,000.00 each (get that? $21,000.00) to have them brought to the States.

How far would $21,000.00 go in Honduras? And what pressure is being brought on Mexico to stop the flow of illegals being trekked thru Mexico by coyotes? One word: NONE

These children are being sexually molested on their way thru Mexico (according to Henry Cuellar (D-Tx) 1 in every 3 young girls are raped) and we are turning these damaged kids over to illegals already here?

Obama doesn't see damaged kids, he doesn't see the effect this crisis is going to have on American taxpayers, all he sees is Cloward and Piven.
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20 weeks ago
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obama and Johnson have turned ICE employees into government funded coyotes.
20 weeks ago
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