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Imprison the New Iranian UN Envoy

Diplomatic immunity? Gee, what's that?

Charlie Martin


April 3, 2014 - 8:50 am

It’s the obvious solution, isn’t it? Wait for him to arrive, and then jail him. Along with as much of the Iranian UN delegation as we can catch.

It’s not like the Iranians haven’t already established the standard that diplomatic immunity doesn’t exist between the US and Iran.

We can release them the day a new Iranian government more to our liking is in power; after all, the Iranians apparently released our people when they figured out that Reagan wasn’t going to roll over like Carter did.

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The Iranians already shoved it. To not play by the rules they set only encourages bad behavior. Tit-for-tat is the most efficient way of encouraging cooperation.
47 weeks ago
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Maybe the pissing match is related to following the rules of law of diplomatic immunity - and if they don't then their people are treated the same as they treat others, within the scope of our laws (especially considering that the new diplomat was involved in the taking of the hostages).
47 weeks ago
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The precedent is we'd have to wait for a government *less* to our liking.
46 weeks ago
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Interesting idea. After all, they've been at war with us since 1979...
47 weeks ago
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