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Rick Moran


March 9, 2014 - 10:46 am
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When CPAC organizers invited Sarah Palin to give the keynote speech at the conference, they must have been aware of the former Alaska governor’s desire to lead the charge against inside the Beltway Republican establishmentarians and what she considers their insufficient zeal in fighting the Obama administration’s policies.

To that end, Palin brought her conservative Inquisition to CPAC and didn’t disappoint the crowd. She railed against GOP “Beltway Boys,” accusing them of joining “the lapdogs in the lame-stream to trash the foot soldiers who fought for America.”

Palin is referring to the effort by Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare and the criticism of the senator by the Republican leadership for making such a futile gesture. Cruz’s gambit shut the government for 16 days, and despite attempts at trying to place the blame solely on Cruz and Republicans, the public ended up blaming both sides for the mess.

Palin stopped short of endorsing Cruz for president. After all, she may want to take the plunge herself, although she received only 2% in the CPAC straw poll. But it’s clear that she sees Cruz as a soul mate and ally in an effort to purge the Republican Party of those they consider weak-willed and insufficiently committed to stopping the president’s agenda.

ABC News reports:

“I do believe that the eyes of America are open. Unfortunately though, some would want you to hit the snooze button and roll back over. Like ‘Hush America, go back to sleep little lambs,’” Palin said. “Some of these folks are in the GOP establishment.”

Palin shared particular praise for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whom she endorsed during the Texas Senate primary in 2012 over the establishment-backed candidate.

“Thank you, Texas because liberty needs a Congress on Cruz control,” Palin said. “The awakening began, and Sen. Ted Cruz helped keep them awake. His filibuster, it worked in waking people up to the folly of a government takeover.

“He told his colleagues it was time, time to stand up, time to use the tools of the Constitution, the power of the purse and to fulfill their campaign promises and to stop Obamacare,” she said. “But our army balked. We hoped that they were just reloading, but instead they retreated, and worse, worse, they joined the lapdogs in the lamestream to trash the foot soldiers who had fought for America.”

Cruz’s Kamikaze tactics no doubt energized much of the right. But as far as an “awakening” of the electorate, Cruz’s gambit actually delayed the public’s realization of just how bad Obamacare was when, predictably, the press concentrated their fire on Republicans for causing the government shutdown just at the moment that the rollout of Obamacare was becoming a monumental disaster. It wasn’t until after the shutdown that the full import of Obamacare’s follies began to be noticed.

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"Given the fact that so many of Palin’s supporters claim to want to consign Obamacare to the ash heap of history, their tactics to achieve that goal leave much to be desired."

At least they are trying to dump O'Care. RINO's are doing NOTHING!

Do tell RINO RICK - how are the tactics of 'your side' (RINO'S) fairing in this quest? Doing nothing is as good as conceding O'Care as the law of the land. RINO's are more worried about how they will look to the MSM with an eye on getting reelected than they are of the foibles of Obama and attempting to get rid of his 'hallmark legislation' - AKA O'Care. A collective millstone if ever there were one.

Every time I hear some RINO claim they need the senate in order to proceed it just pisses me off - the House has the purse strings of America and could have easily strangle this thing in the cradle but 'need' the senate? Why? Whats next? They'll need the WH? What happens if we get all three? The RINO's will be scared - they'll actually have to do something! I bet that thought makes more than a few RINO's pee their pants. You don't stop fighting while the war is waging - you fight now - today - tomorrow - the day after - you don't stop fighting or you die!

RINO's have no balls. And aren't likely to grow a pair any time soon. If the conservatives do manage to kill this awful law I expect the RINO's will step forward to take more credit than they deserve - and dems will be right beside them claiming to have helped slay the dragon - claiming they never really liked it. Dems and RINO's side by side - just as its always been.

32 weeks ago
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It was an interesting contrast, Ben Carson and Sarah Palin.

They BOTH disagree, strongly, with Moran. But styles and personalities deliver messages effectively for audiences.

Dr. Carson is not a white, female, firebrand with a "you betcha" salt of the earth style.

He is black, highly educated and refined. And HE said we need to stop being sniveling bootlicking little toadies, trying to water down the message...only he said it nicely.

It was as if he was speaking to Moran and all those who sniff down their noses at Cruz making a stand and Palin stinging those who beat him up for trying that tactic.

Cruz is also very highly educated, articulate and HE is making the very stand that Dr. Carson elegantly suggests MUST be made.

I think coalescing around courage rather than sniveling cowardice is vastly preferable. But coalesce we must. And driving Moran's argument into the dirt is a great place for us to start.
32 weeks ago
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Moran seems to think leadership and getting elected is all about being as non-confrontational as possible. That is called managing not leading. This attitude is precisely why Republicans are always trying to minimize losses and not pushing back unwanted changes. Worthless.
32 weeks ago
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All Comments   (39)
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31 weeks ago
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Let me see if I understand Rick's view here: it's OK for establishment Republicans to publicly savage Tea Partiers, but not OK for them to receive the same treatment?

I had hoped for, and fought for a Romney victory just to get rid of Obama. I had not figured on GOP moderates not wanting to win. Their domestic philosophy is like Obama's foreign policy: they do not seek victory.
32 weeks ago
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Palin-Cruz 2016 and damn the torpedoes!
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
I get the sense that you intended to write this post very carefully, trying to be both respectful and yet also convey your sense that Palin’s and Cruz’s tactics are deeply flawed. In my estimation you succeeded in being respectful at times, but fell far short in others. You say Cruz personally held up the country for 16 days? 21 hours of filibuster = 16 days? A one day filibuster that ended in September shut down a government whose fiscal year begins on 01 October? No sir, that is simply untrue, you know it, and you ought to know better as an honorable man and as a journalist to say such a thing. The country shut down for 16 days because the Republican House, led by John Boehnor, shut it down. Cruz helped publicize it. When the shutdown failed, the GOP tried to pass the buck onto Cruz and the Tea Party. Fact is, the GOP tried (meekly) and failed. It is the GOP that initiated the circular firing squad by blaming their weak backbone on the people who first gave them some backbone to begin with. Furthermore, you have neglected to acknowledge that this shutdown began and ended on GOP orders.

As for disagreeing with Palin and Cruz and Tea Party tactics, I think it is clear that everyone here knows your opposition. What is not clear to me, is how _you_ and the GOP intend to defeat Obamacare, and defeat the advance of the leftist agenda by some other means. Rick, you have done little more than criticize those men and women who are in the arena, who are attempting to fight the good fight. What is YOUR strategy, or who are the men and women that YOU think we should join with and why should we join with them? Rather than continually trying to tear down Palin/Cruz/TP, why aren’t you building up the GOP and whomever you champion? Cfbleachers pointed out that Dr Carson and others delivered very thoughtful speeches on how to oppose Obamacare. If so, why aren’t you writing about how _good_ their tactics are, why aren’t you encouraging more people to jump on their bandwagon, instead of trying to discourage others to jump off the Palin/Cruz/TP bandwagon?

I will end with a quote by T.R. Roosevelt.
It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.
32 weeks ago
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"Cruz’s Kamikaze tactics no doubt energized much of the right. But as far as an “awakening” of the electorate, Cruz’s gambit actually delayed the public’s realization of just how bad Obamacare was when, predictably, the press concentrated their fire on Republicans for causing the government shutdown just at the moment that the rollout of Obamacare was becoming a monumental disaster. "

And then, Of course, Idiot RINOs failed to connect the dots and take advantage of the situation by pointing out to the outraged public "Hey, we tried to prevent this from happening to you, we even shut the Government Down to try and prevent it."
32 weeks ago
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Sen. Cruz took a stand. That counts for a lot.
32 weeks ago
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Speaking of firebrands, it didn't take very long for Coulter's "Debate" statements to be mischaracterized. Somehow her half-joking suggestion that Republicans should be shot if they pass amnesty was morphed into a suggestion to shoot the immigrants.
32 weeks ago
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It's beyond me how the RINO's can be comfortable enough in their positions that they can start a civil war on their own base. Who in the hell do they think is going to vote for them.
Not only is this short sighted and well, just stupid, but it makes you wonder exactly who they are beholden to. It sure isn't any of us Republicans.
32 weeks ago
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Cruz' filibuster delayed the public's realization of how bad Obamacare was? Really? And therefore...what?

Therefore if Cruz hadn't filibustered and tried to prevent it, the media would have been reporting on the Obamacare mess more aggressively for that 3 week period? That's preposterous BS!

Therefore, we needed to fund Obamacare so people could find out what's in it and then they would be upset enough to demand it be repealed ? Sure, rolling over and funding horrible legislation is the 'best' way to kill it...yeah - right...

If Cruz had never filibustered what would be our incremental advantage today?

I guess our "hold the nose" strategy was to fund Obamacare, and then watch the GOP establishment sit on their arses waiting for the election so they can magically grow spines and suddenly be willing to risk their reputations and 'legacies' by repealing it? Pure Fantasy!
32 weeks ago
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Cruz’s Kamikaze tactics

That's slander, Rick. Tells us about you, and yours.

Lumping Republicans who don’t agree with Cruz’s tactics in with the enemy is pretty raw.

Hit you where you live?

32 weeks ago
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