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December 21, 2013 - 7:39 am
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One of the more interesting analyses from some on the right since the Obamacare rollout is that the massive flaws in the law are the result of deliberate design. A feature, not a bug. The system is designed to fail so that a single-payer health insurance regime can be established.

Tom Blumer sums up this theory:

Now we’re supposed to believe, even when given virtually unlimited resources, a 42-month head start, and another three months to make corrections, that the people in our government and the contractors who serve it are so breathtakingly stupid and incredibly incompetent that they can’t properly set up Obamacare’s bureaucracy, create functioning online and offline consumer interfaces, and build the systems required to communicate and interact with insurance companies participating in its federal exchanges.

I certainly don’t.

There’s been plenty written about the ineptness, the mismanagement, the stupidity of contractors, not to mention the political calculations that caused delays which doomed the website design from the start. (Rules governing coverage mandates were delayed until after the 2012 election, giving insurance companies a matter of weeks to design policies and website designers precious few days to write them into the website database.)

I think there’s enough proof that the problems with the website and the law were inevitable and not the result of some Machiavellian plot. The most successful conspiracies occur when information is radically compartmentalized so that only a handful of people can see the big picture. In Obamacare’s case, dozens — perhaps hundreds — of people would have had to have knowledge of the planned failure in order to pull it off: administrators, contractors, the employees writing code (500 million lines of it). The chances of someone snitching are far to great to even attempt pulling off a conspiracy of this kind.

The administration would also have had to figure that there was a way to somehow convince the Republican House to vote for a single-payer system. Some may view the Republican House as a bunch of milquetoast, namby-pamby RINOs. But they also have the survival instincts of jungle cats. Does anyone really think they would vote for a single-payer system despite the certainty that they would be clobbered in a primary?

Besides, would any politician set out to deliberately fail so massively? It’s far more reasonable and logical to accept the fact that the administration’s incompetent and negligent rollout of the law was due to stupidity and not design.

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Let me put the argument more clearly in order.

Blumer says:

"What will happen if their conduct doesn’t meet the administration’s arbitrary and ever-changing definition of acceptability? Ask Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Obama’s home state. They’ll exploit any resistance as an excuse to slow but surely accomplish the left’s Holy Grail goal: “put the private insurance industry out of business” and impose a de facto single-payer, completely government-controlled regime on the entire nation. The insurance companies may continue to exist for a while for appearances’ sake, but they will be firmly under the government’s boot, perhaps in relatively short order.

Is it only a coincidence that this is exactly how budding tyrannies often work in their early stages? Is it really reasonable to believe that all of this “just happened”? I think not."

Moran says, he never called Blumer a conspiracy theorist nut. You can read Moran's comments to me...(but not always my comments to Moran, if they get too many likes, he erases them)

Blumer says that it can't just be coincidence that ALL the cards line up. But, Moran wants people to believe...and does so by scoffing at the notion...that conspiracies for totalitarianism never happen. And can't happen here.

Fact: The IRS was used a weapon
Fact: Political opponents were targeted for abuse
Fact: an innocent man was blamed for Benghazi and jailed
Fact: Lois Lerner was forced to plead the Fifth in order to avoid incriminating herself
Fact: Eric Holder is being investigated for abuses and conspiracies inside the DOJ
Fact: THIS very site has outlined EVERY SINGLE ONE hires
Fact: This administration has spied on reporters
Fact: The campaign for Obama shut off the security check for the abuse of election laws
Fact: Departments have routinely perjured themselves before Congress after acting in an extra-judicial manner
Fact: Obamacare spent nearly four years...and NEVER put in a security system...with the same company that SHUT OFF the security system in the Obama campaigns
Fact: There was NO back end built...after nearly a billion dollars spent

Now, for those who don't know the process for building, testing and fixing code...if you make a test it, because the fix often causes a cascade of other glitches. When you build code, you can't just patchwork a fix and that's it.

There is SWORN TESTIMONY that Sebelius was told that the recommendation was to not sign off on the security of the system.

Fact: Obama says he only met with Sebelius ONCE in nearly four years.

Fact: Obama and his entire cabal were dead set on getting single payer to be the law of the land.

Fact: The income "verification" for qualifying...doesn't exist.

So, for everyone here ...except for the one person desperate each and every time to find the "happy middle ground" where conservatives are always crazy and "hysteric" and the leftists are just innocent, good hearted bumblers...let's connect the dots.

Why "launch" a website you KNOW has no security? No payment back end? Has not been tested? Has no income verification?

Because you "care"? Does anyone else think that is incredibly inane?

It's not that they didn't know and weren't aware. So, if they knew....where does that leave us?

Blumer says it leaves us with an inescapable conclusion. Moran ...despite his empty alibis to the contrary...says...anyone who thinks that is engaged in hyperbole, exaggeration and is "an hysteric".

If you walk like a totalitarian, you talk like a totalitarian, you quack like a totalitarian....Moran says you are not unless there is "proof".

How much more proof is needed for the trembling? Moran not only refuses to connect the dots, he wants everyone to unconnect them. "What does spying and lying and arresting and siccing the IRS have to do with being lawless?"

Unless and until Obama admits it all on camera, Moran will continue to make alibis for him. Like Brooks, Parker, Noonan, Christopher Buckley, Frum...Moran likes to play both sides against the middle. He fooled people today...most times, he doesn't. He certainly doesn't fool me.
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They never planned for to be a failure -- that was the incompetence part.

But they also never planned for the system to be completely successful, in that it would provide rainbow-and-skittles heath care at reduced costs for everyone.

The idea to get to single payer was to get people mad in the future at the insurance companies, because premium rates weren't going down as promised. Customers were supposed to have no problem getting on, and would get Year 1 rates that would be respectable for middle aged and older people, based on insurance company and feds' calculations that 27-40 year olds would sign up for ObamaCare to offset the mandates for 40-and-older coverage.

It was the Year 2, Year 3 premiums, which would start to climb as young people paid the fine/tax rather than sign up, that would cause the anger to grow not just in the 27-40 crowd, but in the 40-and-up group. That's when the insurance companies would be thrown under the bus for single-payer, as the Democrats' response to v1.0 of ObamaCare not fixing the problem.

The disaster scuttled the timetable, because it changed the focus from being a future problem of continued rising premiums to a current problem of not even being able to access the new insurance plans. The unplanned incompetence overwhelmed the planned future malevolence of the program in creating a 'groundswell' for full government control.
1 year ago
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Right. And it really was rogue agents in Cincinnati that caused Lois Lerner to plead the fifth amendment against self-iincrimination.

And, Sebelius has been telling the truth about not knowing about security problems, that IT directors refused to sign off on.

And, the failure to build a payment system after three years...having no back end at all and no security system...and STILL an innocent mistake.

And, having department head czars circumvent laws, making decisiions by executive fiat and spying on reporters and political opponents, is just political horseplay.

Why would ANYONE consider anything nefarious...when you can have it all whitewashed as innocent errors, and harmless mistakes?

Right. Blumer is a conspiracy theorist nut.

There's nothing to see here...move along.
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Obamacare was brought about in order to enhance the Cloward-Pivin doctrine of collapsing the economic system of the country so as to allow for the full power grab by the federal government. It never was about healthcare.
1 year ago
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Don't assume an evil plot when incompetence can be ascribed. This is a liberal administration, and they assume that because they want it to happen it just has to do so.
1 year ago
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all you have to do is look at "Pajama Boy", and understand why the whole plan is falling apart. Pajama Boy is the soul and mind of the Progressive forces in the USA.
1 year ago
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If this were Japan, and they rolled out Obamacaredisaster, there might be suicides for the shame that those in charge felt for the failure. there would be people fired, and a reset would be in order.

In this country, we get fake comments about responsibility and like the peter principle those people get rewarded for their incompetence, mirroring the affirmative action, unpatriotic, irresponsible, chicago thug failure that is leading this country, and while in failure mode, is vacationing on taxpayer dime in Hawaii as if he didn't create the problem.
1 year ago
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fast good and cheap
choose 2
or, if it's a government program, none.
1 year ago
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Can you even imagine the GOP falling, collectively, on their sword in order to fundamentally transform the U.S.? They can't even make a basic agreement to defund line items in the wasteful budget. Fot to give the Democrats credit. They are tenacious, ruthless, heroically deceptive. I only know two ways to stop that. Fight fire with fire or kill it. I do not mean figuratively. I don't know any other way. Politics? This ain't politics anymore.
1 year ago
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Moran-- reread the key lines in your article:

"Those who wish to posit the notion that congressional Democrats deliberately wrote a law that was designed to fail would have to find one or two of them who actually read the darn thing. Only a handful of Hill staffers and industry lobbyists were probably aware of everything that was in the bill. Hence, Nancy Pelosi’s famous advice that we have to pass it to know what’s in it."

Please, think about it. They didn't bother to read something and understand how it would affect the health care system. They voted for something without knowing what it would do. Why? Why vote for something which you don't even understand how it will work?

Because you don't care if it works, because a working system isn't the point. As Harry Reid clearly stated, this is the only a step on the path to single payer. It didn't have to work, they could vote for it regardless of what was in it or how it would work because it was never intended as an end state.

1 year ago
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Absolutely it is a conspiracy. It does not have to work like a well-oiled machine to achieve its ends, just as 19-year old Marines do not have to be engineers to deconstruct the enemy. It is a fallacy to assume that insurers will have to be bailed out because the government has strong armed them into a fatally flawed business model.

The writing is on the wall. Bailout or not, single payer Socialized medicine will not work in America. A bailout will merely prolong the inevitable and wreck both the healthcare and insurance industries in the process. The single payer government system will take over resulting in massive tax and rate increases, and lousy care. It must be repealed sooner than later.
1 year ago
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So Rick Moran pretends that while Obamacare could never have worked, no one on the Dem side realized this?

Of course it was a conspiracy.

Even Dems don't do something which cannot work and which will hurt them dearly, but for the ulterior motive of some other actual goal. They've even named it out loud--single payer.

Rick Moran couldn't smell the coffee if he was drowning in it and it was day old Navy coffee.
1 year ago
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There is a joke about large software projects that goes you get two out of three:

1. delivered on time
2. works
3. within budget.

your choice.
1 year ago
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