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October 18, 2013 - 8:32 am

Well, clearly, USA Today should just shut up already. So should the tech experts who keep pointing out how awful Obamacare’s multi-million dollar web site is.

“It is a core problem in the sense of it’s fundamental to this thing actually working, but it’s not necessarily a problem that the people who wrote can get to,” Engates said. “Even if they had a perfect system, it still won’t work.”

Recent changes have made the exchanges easier to use, but they still require clearing the computer’s cache several times, stopping a pop-up blocker, talking to people via Web chat who suggest waiting until the server is not busy, opening links in new windows and clicking on every available possibility on a page in the hopes of not receiving an error message. With those changes, it took one hour to navigate the enrollment process Wednesday.

Those steps shouldn’t be necessary, experts said.

People accustomed to surfing and ordering whatever they want in a matter of seconds will find to be a frustrating experience. And that’s assuming they can create an account and get the correct information on their form, and that the information they submit isn’t intercepted by fraudsters.

Engates said HHS has been opaque about the problems, and the tech industry doesn’t know the extent of the issues. “There’s no secrets leaking out,” he said. “I’m sure everyone’s looking for something to change the direction of the conversation, but it’s just not there.”

“I think it’s a data problem,” Kim said. “It always comes down to that.”

And if that’s the case, the problems are beyond “rocky,” he said. Instead, it would require a “fundamental re-architecture.” In the meantime, “I think they’re just trying to shore up as quickly as possible. They don’t have time to start from scratch.”

“If I was them, and I’m just conjecturing, I would probably come up with some manual way of saying, ‘Only people with the last name starting with ‘A’ can sign up today,” he said.

But come March 31, when the first enrollment period ends, the “shore up” period may become a “re-architecting” period, Kim said.

Read the whole thing. And then forget you read it and sing praises to His Magnificence King Barry the Wise, or you’re one of those terrible people who listen to bloggers and professional activists who profit from conflict. You don’t want to be one of those people, do you?

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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Too bad Kathy's mother was pro-life.....and Planned Parenthood wasn't around in the 1950's. Too harsh? This vile, disgusting person is not even a human being; she is the Queen of Death. Just wait until the death panels start signing the death warrants of our parents and loved ones deemed "non-essential" by the government bureaucrats appointed to pick winners and losers.....unless you're a big democrat donor with crony connections or are wealthy enough to bribe the official(s). We must NEVER stop fighting this abomination - Never.

Remember BENGHAZI!
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