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NSA Leak/Gun Control Link?

After all, anybody who’s armed must be a threat to ‘national security.’

Howard Nemerov


June 10, 2013 - 12:35 pm

After the revelations by Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency can “intercept almost everything…once you go on the network,” Congressman Peter King, chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterintelligence and Terrorism and a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, declared:

“If Edward Snowden did in fact leak the NSA data as he claims, the United States government must prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and begin extradition proceedings at the earliest date. The United States must make it clear that no country should be granting this individual asylum. This is a matter of extraordinary consequence to American intelligence.”

In 2012, Peter King (NY-2) received a “D” grade from the NRA, which means:

An anti-gun candidate who usually supports restrictive gun control legislation and opposes pro-gun reforms. Regardless of public statements, can usually be counted on to vote wrong on key issues.

What’s remarkable is that of all Republican representatives elected last November, King’s NRA grade was dead last. Chris Smith earned a “C+,” but he’s from New Jersey, another anti-rights state. Every other Republican earned “B” or better, with 204 solid “A” candidates elected.

Gun control equals more government control. More government surveillance equals more government control. Curious coincidence?

More on NSA reaction: John Bolton: Snowden is Guilty of Treason

Former civilian disarmament supporter and medical researcher Howard Nemerov investigates the civil liberty of self-defense and examines the issue of gun control, resulting in his book Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working? He appears frequently on NRA News as their “unofficial” analyst and was published in the Texas Review of Law and Politics with David Kopel and Carlisle Moody.

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All Comments   (4)
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All I'm saying is that Obama tried to pass "Expanded Background Checks" without telling us what exactly would or would not be included in them to determine whether you were "fit" to pursue your 2nd Amendment Liberties.....

This is the same administration that has over ridden HIPPA safeguards and will own ALL of your medical records.....

So, how are you feeling about that angry blog post you made one day while being aggravated that your Congressman voted for something he said he wouldn't?
1 year ago
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Do you have *any* evidence of a link between the NSA leak and gun rights? Other than Peter King has opinions on both?
1 year ago
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It could be a curious coincidence, which is why I left it with a question mark. On the other hand, when enough dots line up, is it only in the realm of conspiracy theory anymore? After all these revelations, do you feel certain that all your NICS background checks were destroyed after 24 hours, as per federal law? Or perhaps there's already a registration database on the rise?

Certainly, to enslave us under the name of national security, it's really helpful to disarm us first. Peter King represents both aspects.
1 year ago
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The NICS background checks access servers maintained by the DOJ. The NSA Prism operation can suck up any transaction that goes over a computer. My understanding is the NSA records EVERYTHING it captures to a massive database, so those NICS transactions are almost certainly recorded to that database. I'd bet dollars to donuts that they are NOT extracted and destroyed as required by Federal law. Data mining could create a pretty accurate national registry gun owners in a matter of hours.
1 year ago
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