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Stephen Green


May 20, 2013 - 11:24 am

More details emerge on how the nation’s Most Despised Law™ will work in practice:

When the national healthcare law takes full effect next year, millions of Americans risk disrupted health coverage because of common life events: getting married or divorced, having children or taking on a second job.

As their family incomes change, so too will their eligibility for public insurance programs. And if nothing is done, policymakers warn, many low-income patients will lose access to their doctors and medications during this massive game of health coverage pingpong.

It’s OK. Poor people keep teams of lawyers on retainer to work out theses little details.

Stephen Green began blogging at in early 2002, and has served as PJMedia's Denver editor since 2008. He's one of the hosts on PJTV, and one-third of PJTV's Trifecta team with Scott Ott and Bill Whittle. Steve lives with his wife and sons in the hills and woods of Monument, Colorado, where he enjoys the occasional lovely adult beverage.

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Don't forget the millions of people who will lose insurance because their hours are cut or the self insured and small groups who'd rates have been skyrocketing thanks to Obamacare. Millions will lose coverage because of price alone. And don't think for a second it wasn't all intentional.
1 year ago
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Roberts's poison pill -- Obamacare's penalty is a tax -- may prove fatal after all.
1 year ago
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I'm beginning to wonder if he was subtly brilliant in leaving the law standing but neutered. It looks like it is going to go a long way toward actually fixing the major problem with our health care system: employer provided health coverage.

Though I'd wager he just got lucky.
1 year ago
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"...the Major Problem..." with our health care system is not that employers provide it, or any-much else on the private side.
THE Major problem is ANY Government Involvement, {I E : the Feds trampling on my right to buy, precisely, the insurance I seek] and we see that just fine, thank-you.
Out two person FSA was reduced to a maximum level of $2,500, despite a record of spending that required more yearly dinero. Didn't matter to them and our costs went up.
[....belying the fact that our "taxes" would not go up. Can't deduct it if they will not let you.]
I receive Insurance riding my wife's policy. Her company chooses to go self-insured [out-of-pocket] and uses B-C as an administrator. It is pretty good stuff, and you'd have to look real hard to find something comparable. The New Guidelines are going to raise our co-pays, [per month for policy] and virtually none of what is being mandated does 'squat' for us, personally. [in our admittedly-restricted case]
At no time was 'pay-for-service wanted' ever considered, discussed or entertained. Just " it is and You'll Like It... !! ", by people who had no business, or Constitutional Duty ever going down this road to begin-with.
Tort reform was not even brought up, but The Federal Government's Involvement multiplied by magnitudes, and we've not even seen the end of the rule changes and special exemptions that are sure to follow in very short order.
By 2/28/2014, The Howling should be approaching glass-breaking levels.
As for me, there ain't nothin' like the real thing , and we're about to get that right in the neck........ and it's name is Katy Sebelious......
Is this the 'long way' you're talking about ??
1 year ago
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There are rumors floating around that he may have been blackmailed over his adopted children. One doesn't like to think that a president would do that, but given what we know now...
1 year ago
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