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Matt Vespa


May 3, 2013 - 8:47 am

Ouch! For all that talk about being a warrior for the middle class, Obama really isn’t all that popular with blue collar folks – with those making less than $40,000 disapproving of the president’s performance by 51%.  Only 45% of that income bracket support Obama’s job performance. Additionally, fifty-percent of Americans making $40-100,000 disapprove of Obama’s performance, while 48% approve of it.  The interesting aspect of this poll concerns the 54% of Americans making over $100,000, who think Obama is doing a good job.  Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner wrote about this poll on May 1 about how the wealthy, not the middle class, back the president’s agenda.  In all, Obama has only spent a meager 3.6% of his presidency trying to fix the economy.

Bedard wrote that:


A largely jobless recovery coupled with a Quantitative-Easing-fueled stock market rally seems to earn more smiles from the upscale among us, fewer from the working class,” said the pollsters.

YouGov conducted the poll April 27-29 among 1,000 Americans aged 18 and over.


Matt Vespa is a web editor at and occasional writer for Hot Air, RedState, and Townhall Magazine.

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Feckless Obama administration - Obama Fatigue sets in?

Stock market hits an all time high! "Why," one asks! Monetizing the debt(Bernanke's, Keynesian solution). Slowest growth under 3% in 83 years. Cost of energy rising at double digit rates(closing of some 240 coal fired, electricity producing plants in 2013), manufacturing innovation lowest since the 1950's. Manufacuturing sector is flat at 50.4 April Purchasing Managers Report. Economy is stuck in "neutral" with NYSE speculators "churning" their portfolios...ergo the 15,000 results. Green Energy company bankruptcies continue.
Problem is, Americans and America never woke-up from the harsh reality...there is no free lunch(Free iPhones)! This, Obama promised his first term and now his second term(EBT for everyone)! Now comes "Obama Fatigue?"
Actually it's Fatigue of a different sort, happened in Soviet Union after some 50 years or so, in Germany after some 30 years and-on, and-on, and-on (every tin-horn dictatorship-Obama's tyranny is no exception)! Cloward-Piven (either wrapped in "social justice" or "civil Rights") on full display for everyone person in the world to learn-ONCE-AND-FOR-ALL- capitalism really is the only true system of allocating "scarce resources" of:1)land, 2)labor and 3)capital!!!Period! Obama can't set a price schedule from the White House Oval office on any one of these three!!!Need Proof? Look at Obamacare!!!Social Security!!! Medicare!!! Insurance Industry!!!Pray. Amen.God Bless America. Yep! Middle Class America is on to Obama administration's flim-flammery! That's why there is "class creep" from Middle to lo income...anyone lost their IRA's lately? How's that Keogh Plan working for you? And that 401(k), too? Not so good, you say? Obama's feckless administration has the answer...more of the same his second term.
1 year ago
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hahahah. 44% of whites strongly disapprove of Obama as opposed to 7% of blacks.

White people are such racists. Must be in the DNA. I personally fear caves.
1 year ago
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And? So?

Apparently a whole lot of those lower middle class and working class folks who are white didn't bother to vote in 2012. They may be counted among those who don't "like" Obama, but they didn't "like" Romney all that much either, did they?
1 year ago
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