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Bryan Preston


April 18, 2013 - 10:38 am

LifeNews has the story.

The longest testimony of the day came from Latosha Lewis, 31, a medical assistant who worked for Gosnell for almost ten years.

Lewis indicated that Gosnell’s equipment was outdated and never inspected, and that he often reused disposable curettes, which is the sharp-ended tube that enters the womb in abortion procedures and applies suction for the removal of the pre-born baby and other tissues and fluids.

Lewis testified that the curettes were washed, dried and placed in an antiseptic solution, then reused. The curettes are meant to be disposable and for single use only. She indicated that she noticed that women who had abortions using the reused curettes began returning to the clinic suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

Earlier testimony indicated that plastic curettes are more porous than metal surgical instruments and simply cannot be adequately cleaned for reuse.


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causing STDs? i think it is a reasonable assumption that if someone has had an abortion that they are sexually active. a new infection is not necessarily related to instruments previously used. many things used as disposable in this country are reusable. when i was in med school it was common to collect disposable material, sterilize it and donate it to international health organizations.

just because Latosha Lewis thinks she saw an increase in STDs doesn't mean she did and if she did it doesn't mean the reused instruments caused them.

but, hey, we got a sensationalist headline and that's what matters. i'd be more impressed it the infections were staph, strep enterococcous or e coli.
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