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Bryan Preston


March 25, 2013 - 1:27 pm

Politico reporter Lois Romano offered her opinion of the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on MSNBC today.

POLITICO reporter Lois Romano called the CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, “a tired old white guy that is clinging on to something of the past.”

Taking the second part first, the “something” LaPierre clings to is the US Constitution and its Second Amendment. As Americans, we’re all supposed to cling to that. Lois Romano evidently does not.

As for the first part, what do LaPierre’s race and gender have to do with anything? Plenty of non-white women support the Second Amendment.

Romano acknowledges in the clip, which you can see at the link, that LaPierre and Mike Bloomberg are leading the opposite sides on gun control. That brings up an obvious, glaring question: Isn’t Mike Bloomberg white and old too? Couldn’t Romano just as easily have cast Bloomberg as the old, white guy clinging to something of the past — namely, the disproven idea that gun control reduces crime?

She could have, but she didn’t.

Politico has a racist, sexist, anti-constitutionalist on its staff. Well, one of its staff has been exposed as such. That doesn’t mean there aren’t others just like Romano working at Politico.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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"racist, sexist, anti-constitutionalist"

But...but...I thought these were the basic job requirements at Politico!!
1 year ago
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Let's give it a name.

The "Safe Slur". To understand where your "free insults" can be placed, you must understand the difference between suspect class and the "Usual Suspects" class.

Let's list them:

Suspect Class: Race, national origin, religion:

The "Usual Suspects" Class: White, Western European heritage, Christian or "bad Jew". ("good Jews are given absolution because they put leftism ahead of their religion)

Quasi-suspect class: Gender

The Usual Suspects Quasi class: Male.

Rational base scrutiny: Age, sexual preference, wealth, political party,

Irrational Usual Suspects Base Scrutiny: Over 50, heterosexual, upper middle class and above, Republican...or any right of center independent.

The "Safe Slur" can be vile, vicious, untrue, slanderous, replete with false attributions and filled with rancid stereotypes.

Saying ANYTHING that is not fawning about someone in the "suspect" class...makes you a bigot. As would using the precise, exact, same language that constitutes a "Safe Slur". You would be savaged.

Now, we have the groundrules. Most points are awarded for the most vile slurs that include as many safe slur categories you can muster in one thought. Romano does an outstanding job, she's a master class slurer.
1 year ago
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Can we have one person who responds to, "You're just an old, white man," with, "Well, you're just blank, blank blank-person"?

"Old, white man" is really just shorthand for, "I can't think of any counter to your argument, so I'll just pretend you have some sort of racial, ulterior motive."

The issues in which the left brings up the "old, white male" argument are informative. It seems to me to come up in gun control, affirmative action, and voter id. Essentially, 99% of the time, the implication of the "old, white male" argument is that treating everybody in a color-blind fashion, or simply letting everybody enjoy certain freedoms, is intrinsically beneficial to white males and detrimental to minorities.

We should call out progressives on their implications that white males are intrinsically superior to minorities on an even playing field and that minorities can not be trusted with basic human rights or reasonable responsibilities of citizenship.
1 year ago
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Best I can calculate, Ms. Romano is in her early 50's.

Many of the delegates who authored and voted for the Constitution were younger than Ms. Romano now, such as 40 year old James Madison.

Ms. Romano's husband is a 62 year old white guy. Wonder if she scolds him away from "clinging on to something of the past.” Must be a pleasure to have dinner at their household.
1 year ago
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Ya think?
1 year ago
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It's ageist too. More of the left's war on old people.
1 year ago
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That's because to leftists, it's always Tomorrow! They don't think people should value or learn from things like history and experience. We're supposed to think about how things should be, not about how they manifestly ARE. Anyone who's interested in reality, as opposed to the big, golden, progressive dream of the future, is obviously an old, clinging white person.
1 year ago
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