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Bryan Preston


February 22, 2013 - 1:51 pm

Earlier today, the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition hosted a statewide march and rally for “comprehensive immigration reform” including a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the state capital. Here is a short video montage of the rally.

YouTube Preview Image

Between one and two thousand activists from across Texas showed up, and then rallied against deportations and the “militarization” of the border…


…with Austin’s finest on hand to direct traffic and provide security. So much for living in the so-called shadows.

Illegal immigration activists have gotten much smarter over the last few years. In the past, rallies like this one would be festooned with the flag of Mexico. But not today. Only Old Glory was allowed to fly.

Though one activist did manage a sneak.

Here’s a closer look. The only thing missing is an eagle eating a snake.

A common theme: Stop breaking illegal immigrant families up by deporting the parents, who have had children here in the US.

But thousands, maybe millions, of illegal aliens have created the situation they find themselves in by crossing the border illegally and then having children in the US, who are thereby American citizens. So the demand to stop breaking families up is essentially a demand to stop enforcing the law once some folks have gotten away with flouting it.

Along with Old Glory, the activists flew these curious red, white and black flags.

Some were professionally made, some homemade. They were all based on this flag.

It’s the flag of the United Farm Workers union. Big Labor, in fact, was very much behind the rally.

The SEUI: Obama’s favorite union.

The message was straightforward: Stop enforcing immigration law.

“BORDER” is the word behind the heads of the crowd. So, “NO MORE MILITARIZATION OF THE BORDER.”

This rally took place in Austin, more than 300 miles from the “militarized” border. With police escort that blocked and re-routed traffic for the ralliers.

The socialist fist made an appearance behind these young protest babes.

So did an overused slogan that, in this context, carries more than a hint of a threat.

The “justice” they seek is to fundamentally undermine our national sovereignty and immigration laws. Real justice would have seen the school-aged children who attended the rally taken to school. And this man…

…sent back across the “militarized” border.

But no arrests were made.

Beyond the fact that the ralliers decried a “militarized” border which does not exist, and chanted against deportations they clearly do not fear actually happening to them, there is a larger irony. The great irony of the rally was that it was supposedly held to put pressure on President Obama to “do something” to get the Republicans to go along with some form of “comprehensive immigration reform.” The SEIU’s presence gives the game away, though: The pressure toward Obama is phony. The fact is, President Obama does not want to implement any solution that will permanently solve the many problems associated with illegal immigration. As a racial wedge issue with which he can beat up on Republicans, it’s just too useful to him. As a means to divide America and push for “reforms” that cement some high percentage of the Hispanic vote to him and the Democratic Party, it’s vital. The last thing Obama wants is a real, permanent solution that would end up taking his political advantages away from him while giving millions of Hispanic voters a means to reach the middle class, where the American dream leads to property ownership and a naturally more conservative worldview.

There are conservatives and Republicans who offer real solutions, like the Texas Public Policy Foundation. But Obama will not listen to any of those ideas. Those ideas and the people who formulate them don’t exist, to him.

Most if not all of those present at the Austin rally are being exploited by Big Labor and the Democrats, who want illegal immigration as a wedge issue and vote factory, and corporate interests, who want illegal immigration to continue as a source of cheap, off-the-books labor. One price we pay for this is a porous border that endangers families and communities while fueling the drug war in Mexico. Barack Obama wants people living in the shadows, fearing evil Republicans and the possibility of deportation. Either that, or he wants to grant full citizenship as soon as possible for those already here, in time to give him total power in the 2014 mid-terms. That will inevitably lead to more illegal immigration, as the possibility of easy citizenship serves as a magnet. Until the next round of amnesty, they will live in the so-called “shadows.” Their fear will be useful to Democrats as well, until their votes become even more useful.

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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In negotiating the failed 2007 deal, Republican lawmakers demanded that President Bush deploy four drones to scan the border, build 105 radar and camera towers, raise the number of Border Patrol agents to 20,000, and erect 670 miles of fencing. Today, the U.S. has 10 border drones, 300 towers, and 21,394 agents—18,500 of them stationed on the U.S.-Mexico border. Fencing now covers 651 miles of the border, twice the length in 2009, and immigration agents have deported some 1.5 million undocumented workers in the past four years, the most since Dwight Eisenhower was president.
2 years ago
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Welcome to Moscow on the Colorado!
I can't believe I was born in Austin and, even more unbelievable, I still live here. We're all Agenda 21, bike paths, and sustainable growth now and this town totally blows.
2 years ago
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Let it be a lesson: never put your state's flagship university in the state capital.
2 years ago
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Mexicans have a country. It's called "Mexico." What did they do with it?

Amazing when they come to rallies, flying (with pride!) the flag of the country they don't want to live in; the country that they ruined.

Look at that idiotic sign: "Immigrants reform now!" Or maybe it's not so idiotic. Immigrants DO need to reform their ways.
2 years ago
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And no one missed work.
2 years ago
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I believe I have a solution. It involves the complete grant of amnesty to all 13 million border crashers. Immediate, complete, full rights of citizenship. BUT, they must register their name and address.

In return for full US citizenship, they must take in one homeless US citizen who is here legally for every border crasher n the household.

They must feed, educate, provide healthcare for this homeless person and if this homeless person breeds like a rabbit, for all the offspring.

Demilitarize your front and back door. The homeless person(s) get to choose at random which house to enter on the registered list at their convenience and whim.

They get to use the household car without insurance, but the border crasher, now a FULL US citizen, must carry insurance. AND must buy mandatory healthcare insurance for the homeless person(s) who Occupy Welfare Street.

The homeless occupier will demand to be dealt with in English only. If he or she does not have a social security number, they can take yours.

In this way, we solve everybody's problems all at once. Homeless are off the streets, the government doesn't have to pay for fixing the situation and border crashers get to feel EXACTLY like an American citizen does now.
2 years ago
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Or we can destroy our economy so that recent immigrants, legal or otherwise, have no reason to stay. []

But then, that wouldn't get rid of the infiltrators who came here, not to find work, but to commit crimes.
2 years ago
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Stalin had a more devious plan. And contrary to popular belief, Stalin did not originate the quote "Americans will sell us the rope we hang them with." But he understood that there was no benefit in conquering if your have to destroy what you seek. Hence the infiltration modus. Largest of the Largest of USSR priorities.

Seem's that a coupla hundred million armed USA citizens was an issue.

The rule was to "undermine the rule of law, the culture, seize the information and education in society... and the USA will crumble."

I present to you BHO.
2 years ago
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You are correct, the quote is "The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope." ~ Karl Marx.
2 years ago
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"Progressive Liberalism: The Suicide Cult"

Chapter 486
2 years ago
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