Gov. Nikki Haley’s choice to succeed Sen. Jim DeMint as South Carolina’s junior senator could expect to face fire from the left, for the simple reason of their being a Republican. But being a black Republican appointed by the nation’s first female Indian-American governor has ratcheted up the assaults on Tim Scott beyond what almost anyone else could have faced.

R T.E Dixon wasted no time tossing out the n-word to attack the first black senator from the South since the 1880s.


Jules Cator, self-described on Twitter as “Northeast Liberal, MBA, Starbucks, Volvo, Bleeds Blue – Loves Fairness and Equality & OBAMA 2012 & Don’t Drink TEA! (party)” tweeted a slam on several prominent black Republicans.

Other Democrats were quick to describe Scott as a “token” and “Uncle Ruckus,” both clearly racist attacks.