Remember those sanctions the administration is always telling us will bring Iran to its knees and force the mullahs to abandon their nuclear ambitions – yes, those same sanctions that always seem to have loopholes for the Russians, the Chinese, the Europeans, even for American and multi-national companies?

Well, Shurat HaDin – the Israel Law Center that has done yeoman work suing those who aid and abet terrorism – is now challenging one of those companies, global mobile satellite giant Inmarsat PLC, whose guidance systems service Iranian oil tankers and military vessels (!).

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, (real) human rights activist and Shurat HaDin’s founder, has submitted a letter to Inmarsat’s leadership citing a 2008 US Supreme Court ruling that those who support terror organizations are liable in US court for the murder an injuries they cause. Darshan-Leitner told the satellite company: “We will not tolerate Inmarsat’s – or any corporation’s – profiting from the blood of innocent people. Anything short of immediate and decisive action on our part would be akin to acceptance. It is a simple issue of justice: Inmarsat must uphold its legal obligations in compliance with US Treasury regulations and immediately cease its support for Iran.”


Here is the full letter to Inmarsat.