NY’s resident citizen photojournalist Urban Infidel is at it again, documenting the latest OWS outbreak in the Big Apple. This time around, the Occupiers attempted to crash a Mitt Romney fundraiser today, but were rebuffed by security and had to settle for an outdoor march:

Mitt Romney Fundraiser Crash Fail at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

What makes this report particularly noteworthy are the photos Urban Infidel captured of bored-looking union members arriving at the protest where they were signed in by union reps – undoubtedly so they could pull a paycheck for their day’s astroturfing. Or should I say occu-turfing in this case.

The Left is apparently struggling to find an effective angle for criticizing the milquetoast stand-for-nothing Romney, because they had nothing better than “Romney Kills Jobs” as the theme of the protest. While the narrative lacks accuracy it makes up for it with good visuals:

Authentic OWS “Sub-Humans” in the foreground; astroturfing union members earning an easy day’s pay in the background.

And no protest is ever complete without a ludicrous and self-defeating misspelling.

Check out UI’s full report for plenty more photos and videos!

Expect the union/anarchist/socialist convergence to pick up steam as election day nears.