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Roger L Simon


May 5, 2011 - 7:38 am

In all the bin Laden post-mortems, all the talk about Pakistan’s ISI (or some of it) hiding the al Qaeda leader in plain sight, I still have read nothing (unless I’ve missed it) of Pakistan’s nukes. This is a nuclear power, people, one – we have been reassured – is ultimately an ally.

Oh, really? I guess Hillary thinks so. According to Reuters
this morning, our Sec’y of State says we’re going to “stand by Pakistan.” Is this an extreme version of “keeping your friends close but your enemies closer”? Or is it suicide?

Roger L. Simon is an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, novelist and blogger, and the co-founder of PJ Media. His book, Turning Right at Hollywood and Vine: The Perils of Coming Out Conservative in Tinseltown, was re-released in an updated edition in 2011.
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