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Roger L. Simon

Boston and America … Where the Fish Rots from the Top

April 21st, 2013 - 12:17 am

Apropos of the #BostonBombers, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted this weekend: Big q is why FBI didnt keep an eye on/talk to Tamerlan Tsarnaev after he returned from Chechnya last year. So far from FBI: crickets.

Tapper’s right. The FBI is not looking particularly good as far as their surveillance of murderous Caucasian Islamists on our soil is concerned.  And Tamerlan, evidently , left quite a trail, from domestic violence to reportedly attacking an imam for holding up MLK as someone to emulate. Not exactly subtle.  They were even warned about Tamerlan by the Russians apparently.

The Feds must have been pretty clueless to ignore all this.

Probably. But I offer in their defense one of the hoariest of cliches: The fish rots from the top.

The Obama administration and most of those working for it have taken Islamic terrorism about as seriously as I am taking the Memphis Grizzlies/L.A. Clippers game  currently on my TV — in other words, at best mildly interested. Not being a fan of either team, I could watch — I could switch to something else.

And when Islamic terrorism does rear its head, as in Benghazi, the administration evinces something worse than disinterest — dishonesty, lies, coverup and prevarication (sometimes aided by Tapper’s CNN cohort Candy Crowley).

And they don’t stop. They haven’t offered anything yet even remotely resembling a transparent account of the Libyan events or of their motivation. The secretary of State has told us it’s not even important. (How does that look in the light of Boston?)

So why would we expect the nation’s police department — the Federal Bureau of Investigation — to take these matters with the requisite seriousness?  The message they are getting from the top is …meh.  Until something happens, Islamic terrorism is way down this administration’s list of priorities.  And when it happens, the “t-word” is only mentioned under the most extreme duress (or possible political fallout). And the word “Islam” is abjured even when someone yells “Allahu Akbar!” while shooting everyone in the room.

Do you think the FBI agent on the street doesn’t notice? Ah, let this Tamerlan guy go argue with his imam.  It’s lunch time.  Legal Sea Foods, anyone?

Well, to employ another cliche that has overtones of its own, the chicken has come home to roost.We are going to have to take these matters seriously from now on because what happened in Boston is arguably scarier than September 11, 2001, not in its headcount, obviously, but in its implications.

The attack on the World Trade Center may have been a one-off.  Hijacking 747s is not easy to do, less so now.  But blowing up folks at an event, or even a non-event like an average day at an average shopping mall, is much simpler and vastly more difficult to defend in a country the size of the USA. Even two or three incidents would change the character of our daily lives forever and lay waste to our already precarious economy, probably take the world economy along with it.

Is this going to happen? That depends on what’s hiding out there in our fair land.  Who knows how many Tamerlans and Dzhokhars lurk in the cities and suburbs of our country, waiting to explode?  Not the FBI, evidently.  And I doubt anybody else.

Meanwhile, we have the worst possible president to deal with the situation. And even after an event as heinous as Boston, he is supported by a media desperate to preserve his narrative at all costs. It’s already started.  On Saturday the Boston Globe published an article titled — I kid you not — “Islam might have a secondary role in Boston attacks.” (Don’t look for what might have the primary role.  You won’t find it.)  That stupefying essay is a harbinger of what’s to come as soon as the atmosphere dies down, perhaps as soon as next week.

Keep the truth alive. And your eyes open. Your life — or that of someone you love — may depend on it.

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You miss the point. Two things are true here. First no one is giving any administration a pass for their failure to root out terrorists.

And second, this administration is the worst possible one of the bad one's. For obvious reasons too, by the way. This administration sides with and excuses terrorists.

This administration thinks we are the problem.

51 weeks ago
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You're right; the current face of the Dem Party along with the grass roots of the party itself, is a man steeped in casual Marxism, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Race Theory, chickens that come to roost and other manifestations of what they see as racial karma.

Muslims cannot be aggressors, only victims lashing out in defense. Their most violent acts may be wrong to a Dem in a criminal fashion that is almost academic, but not in what motivates those criminal acts.

Every day in America someone on Twitter is making a comparison between terrorist attacks here and our dropping bombs on people. They are teachers, artistis, film directors, and journalists. In effect, America has a fifth column working towards its undoing. Add in the fact that this all pretty much default cool from rap music to "Glee" to modern literature, and it's clear the Dems are winning, and so America is losing.

Here's the truth: even a multi-city dirty nuke attack wouldn't wake these people up. It might place them on the margins, but they'll never disavow their ideology. They can't; it's a fantasy that precedes reality. If reality didn't affect it in the first place, it never will.
51 weeks ago
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" So why would we expect the nation’s police department — the Federal Bureau of Investigation — to take these matters with the requisite seriousness? "

Because, Roger, we have gone from, " the N word ", to the M word.
Without freedom of speech freedom of thought wilts on the vine.
One cannot fight an enemy you cannot name and in its namelessness
it grows even more powerful and feared.
Americans must resurrect the faith of the Founding Fathers no matter how
hard the forces of evil seek to discredit that faith. It is those vital Freedoms
that have always kept America safe. G-d Bless America.

51 weeks ago
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Why are people so shocked about how Dems react to these IslamFascists? At Yalta the Dems gave Stalin half of Europe. Talk about appeasing psychopathic thugs! Remember... Roosevelt's VP in his 3rd term was a Communist sympathizer... Henry Wallace. This guy toured slave labor camps in Magadan and Kolyma in May, 1944 and swooned over the "spirit" of the "workers." Nope... the left is the left. However this Santoro guy is waaay different... he actually deeply bows down to these Saudis... on camera for the world to see. Roosevelt never did that with "Uncle Joe." Come on... Bush Jr. would just hold their hands in public. What I am waiting for though? When we lose a City to a IslamNuclear device. Then we'll see some real creative journalism... and how truly low, and debauched our political class has become.
50 weeks ago
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Obama's the product of every negative moral, cultural, political, and social trend that's ever existed.
51 weeks ago
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The federal government and its many departments and agencies tasked with national security and foreign affairs does NOT operate in an internal vacuum. It never has and never will! Its to bad Michael Ledeen doesn't chime in more often to 'honestly' enlighten on such opportunities, in spite of his personal neocon ideology. The question to pose to Michael would be: How many presidents of both political brands, have essentially followed the same generally policies in the ME to include avoiding going to war with Iran, the centric influence of Islamic hostilities around the world.

You don't operate with similar policies over all these decades with the government operating in only a particular 'political' ideological vacuum every four or eight years following and election. That has never been the American way of conducting national security and foreign relations.
51 weeks ago
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In today's world, Boston represents an intelligence failure. The entire aim of domestic security is to prevent terrorist attacks. A quick response which identifies and captures the culprits is good. But is it good enough to have an intelligence force which is simply reactive? for the victims, it is too late. (I second the notion of re-examining loose immigration rules -- tighten the requirements and protect the borders. To hell with Rubio's amnesty).
51 weeks ago
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The secretary of State has told us it’s not even important. (How does that look in the light of Boston?)

It looks just fine, Roger....Its "violence" we're all opposed to aren't we? They'll be on board by next week...

Israeli violence, right wing violence, gun violence, homophobia and (not) all forms of "intolerance" (just the P/C ones) that poison our world and CAUSE these things to happen.

I can see quite clearly the Staged Press Conference Reaction to anyone questioning A Magazine capacity limit, or Assault Weapon Ban against Americans, in the light of Muslim Terrorists and home-made bombs..

"What DIFFERENCE does it make now? Deadly weapons MUST be BANNED" and the MSM will dutifully nod their heads in the same "suspension of disbelief" they used when Major Hasans acts were labeled "workplace violence"

What difference does it make?
When Advancing The Agenda, none whatsoever
51 weeks ago
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Reince Priebus was on MSNBC one night during the campaign. Chris Matthews practically had a heart attack yelling at him and making outrageous slanders.

That was a perfect opportunity for Priebus to point out the Dems had no interest in political debate and were only interested in racial defamation without even a hint of evidence.

Those same slanders continue to this day. One has to be smart about attacking and engaging Dems to their faces, not about just siding with their party up and down the line, that's normal.

The GOP has to show up these people right to their faces by having them explain the single empty philosophy at the heart of liberalism and pound that home again and again.
51 weeks ago
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"The GOP" is more than a handful of RNC officials who wield a gavel at the quadrennial national presidential nominating convention.

If you're voting GOP, the GOP is you.
51 weeks ago
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I can't get on MSNBC.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
McVeigh wasn't a lone wolf. Read Jayna Davis' article, Clinton and Obama don't want to take on muslim world, burying head in sand.
51 weeks ago
51 weeks ago Link To Comment
Jayda Davis links McVeigh and Nichols to phillipine terrorists, and Iraq financing. Predicts in 2010 muslim terror cells in US plotting. Where is FBI? Crickets
51 weeks ago
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I think Americans have been pretty naive if they believed we were safe from terrorism on a small scale - Israel has lived with this for decades. Maybe now some of these hypocritical critics of Israel claiming to be "friends to Israel" might understand why it necessary to build a wall.

Who do we think we are fooling? Right 100% of the time? Every time I hear some ignorant politician or FBI stooge make that statement, I can't help but pucker up. In a country this massive, this diversified, and this open? It was only a matter of time before some jihadi successful.

Frankly, with the feckless, coddlers of evil Obama Administration leading the charge while buying the vote of the terrorists, I am shocked it took this long for innocents to die. I've been waiting for bombs to go off in shopping malls, pizzerias, a football game.

Only ignoramuses and politically correct, self-serving deviants don't understand why profiling (gasp) is absolutely necessary. Apparently, the word profiling is far more egregious than eight year old boys being blown to bits.

If you want to protect yourself, you better first identify exactly who and what it is that is the enemy. And the Obama Administration has twisted themselves in knots to keep from offending the obvious to garner a vote.

Let me state the obvious for them. It's not a bunch of 'Bible Thumping' Christians, or Conservatives, or NRA members out there looking to reek havoc on innocents for the sole reason of killing Americans. There's no history of that. But that's what the media wants America to believe. And indeed these mindless shills from the Left are convinced.

Until we can come to terms as a nation that while it true most Muslims are not terrorists, virtually all terrorists are Muslim, then we fight a fighting a losing battle. If that's too politically incorrect and some of you lefties feel the need to defend the indefensible, take your complaint somewhere else.

You're a part of the problem.
51 weeks ago
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I was shocked in the weeks/months after 9/11 we DIDNT have "Israeli style" violence...grenade at the bus stop, pipe bomb in the pizza shop...every few weeks after 9/11

Guys who were unconnected to that gig suddenly realizing the fake job, safe-house, cover story and Intell pickup/drop off routine might not be 'safe" anymore, and deciding to act "on their own" and become martyrs before they're swept up by all the increased scrutiny.

The Mosques are here. The Cells are here. The Individual Western Hating Malcontents are here by the THOUSANDS, and we coddle them with niceties and "white guilt"...this is only going to get worse, I'm only surprised it hasnt happened faster, sooner.
51 weeks ago
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Nothing displays left wing fear more than the "reporting" of FB. Even they aren't dumb enough to actually believe the nonsense they continually babble, they know their ideas are nothing but illusion and a life spent propping up the smoke and mirrors is mentally exhausting. So when they are confronted with the truth they react like Dracula does when someone flings a cross in his face, with blind rage. One could almost feel sorry for the poor fools - almost . . .
51 weeks ago
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