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For my Czech readers

February 23rd, 2013 - 6:25 am

I wonder if I have any readers who know Czech? I ask because a new review of my book The Fortunes of Permanence just appeared in the Czech newspaper Freeglobe. I alas do not read Czech but some more literate friends assure me it is a definite buck-u-up-o sort of review. That’s always nice, of course, but what makes it especially noteworthy for me is the author: the Czech president Vaclav Klaus. I think I am safe in saying that it is the first (and probably the last) review I will ever receive from a head of state! If you know Czech, check it out (pun not intended) here!

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All Comments   (1)
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Klaus opens his review claiming that he is only attempting to write one. Why? Because you are so damn smart. He says that ‘The New Criterion’ was a revelation to him (he encountered it about two years ago). Then he met you personally in September 2011 in some club close to Central Park (looked almost English, says he). He continues with an assessment that you people (looking almost English, I imagine) have suggested that the States are going to Hell (decline). He himself proclaimed pretty much the same about Europe. This conclusion of his met your expectations, he presumes. Basically he concludes that Roger Kimball created “The Fortunes of Permanence” and it was very good. Now, he claims that in your opinion the works of Marx, Hegel and Foucault would not be ever written in English, because the language would not be able to handle such BS (paraphrasing). So Klaus is enchanted by your hint of deep relationship between English language and common sense. I personally am not so sure sir.
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