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Looking for the Attractor

August 15th, 2014 - 3:55 pm

There’s a crisis in punditry. Disasters have become altogether too predictable. Almost everyone saw the costs of instability in Eastern Europe coming. The bill is now due, as Ukrainian artillery destroyed a “significant” part of a Russian armored column alleged to have entered Ukraine. Russia denied this occurred, but the tumbril of disaster jolts along yet another rut and the State Department has accused the Russians of violating an arms control agreement, too late to make a difference. Just another opportunity missed.

“Vladimir Putin does not take his obligations seriously, whether they be arms control or respect for the integrity of Ukraine and Georgia,” [Mike Rogers (R., Ala.), chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces] Rogers said in a statement announcing the legislation

“He doesn’t believe he has anything to fear from President Obama,” he added.

True Mike, but tell us something we don’t know. The West African Ebola outbreak continues to spread as WHO admits the “the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak had been ‘vastly’ underestimated.” “WHO officials also said in a Thursday statement that they share concerns that current numbers do not reflect the true gravity of the situation.”

Ebola treatment centers are filling fast as they are opened. “The World Health Organization says beds in Ebola treatment centers in West Africa are filling up faster than they can be provided.”  Reality is overcoming the narrative. Ebola, 2,000+: Spin doctors, 0.

Spokesman Gregory Hartl said in Geneva Friday that the flood of patients to newly opened treatment centers shows that the outbreak’s size is far larger than official counts show. WHO said Thursday that recorded death and case tolls may “vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak.”

Hartl said that an 80-bed treatment center opened in Liberia’s capital in recent days filled up immediately. The next day, dozens more people showed up to be treated.

And the administration is being sucked back into the Middle East by strategic considerations they chose to ignore, but found they could not.  It would be altogether too tiresome to recapitulate the observations that this would happen. Nobody read the map, except ISIS and the map, like Ebola, won.

Speaking of narratives, what happened to the post-racial America or the post-fascist America Obama was supposed to herald? Gone already. Perhaps the most striking thing about the reaction to the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri is that the public can’t make up their minds who to dislike more, the looters or the paramilitary police.

Recent polls show that most people are aware we are not in the promised era of Hope and Change.  They know they are in the Epoch of Hopelessness and Stasis..

“With an ‘everything is terrible’ mindset, I’m mostly thinking about how after several years of cantankerous and unproductive lawmaking in Washington, there are very few political figures or institutions who the public trusts anymore,” the Washington Post’s polling analyst Scott Clement told Politico.

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at a record low. A new Gallup Poll shows confidence in the economy is dropping. And overall, poll ratings for Republicans and Democrats are down, according to a CBS Poll.

Nobody really believes that the leaders of the nation or the West in general can find their way out of the mess they’ve created. Not after all that huffing and puffing about climate change, transgender initiatives, Obamaphones, “getting engaged with your disease” and other varieties of trivial pursuit.

The Big Ticket problems they’ve pooh-poohed for so long are here. Food, energy, security and demography.  In a short, the world of things. Boo. Your design margin has been canceled. Politicians are running for cover. New York Magazine acidly mocked the failure of Hillary and Barack to publicly “hug it out” over foreign policy differences, accompanying the story with a picture that looked more like two pickpockets trying to palm off the evidence on each other.

Did she plant the evidence in my pocket?

Did she plant the evidence in my pocket?

Two has-been boxers hanging on to the ropes. Stayin’ alive. Stayin’ alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.

But all of these developments were too predictable. They are hardly worth a post. President Obama’s political fortunes look as broke as Robin Williams after two alimony settlements and he seems just as depressed as the late comedian. Peter Wehner, writing in Commentary, quotes Joe Scarborough as saying that president Obama “has checked out… He wants to be the next, I hear it time and time again from his close political allies. This man wants to be an ex-president.”  Being a leader when everything you’ve touched has turned to dust is no fun.  He’s not coming out of this one with his likeness carved on Mount Rushmore. But you knew that already.

That the current system is in flux is no longer in doubt. What everyone wants to know is where the attractor is. “In dynamical systems, an attractor is a set of physical properties toward which a system tends to evolve.”  Where is the world going? Who is going to lead it? The conventional wisdom is that it was Barack or Hillary who would do the leading.  But it looks more like no mas!

What punditry needs now is not someone who can interpret the past — that’s easy — but someone who can glimpse the further future.  But even the greatest minds have no crystal ball. The mists of uncertainty shroud all. One can only repeat what Winston Churchill said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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I don't think it's off-topic. It's part and parcel of what we as a nation have to endure. A sleaze ball Democratic district attorney in Travis county Texas is no different than a sleaze ball president residing in the White House with all of the current scandals roiling about him. THAT is an abuse of power.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Since the People, the ungrateful swine, will not support placing the Sun God on Mount Rushmore my expectation is that he will do everything petty to destroy it. Perhaps the EPA will discover a fern that will only be happy if Teddy the Imperialist is dynamited.

It would be poetic if the Bear was defeated by the Ox. Putin's bluff has been called. If he goes all in then Ukrainian partisans can shut down the pipelines to Europe. There is no way to keep a war out of Russia proper as Ukrainian saboteurs could blend in. Europe would have to choose fast to either join Moscow in crushing Kiev or backing Kiev even if reluctantly. Poland will make the choice and Germany and France will have to follow. It is possible that Putin may be out of power, or out of life, within 30 days.

The US usually keeps a warship in the Black Sea. Pray for them.

If Putin falls the archives would make interesting reading. Have the Russians been supporting both Iranian nuclear ambitions and Iran's ally Syria while at the same time fomenting the Sunni explosion? Has Edrogan of Turkey sold himself to the hated Russians to support ISIS against the Kurds Christians and Shi'a?

Domestically my fear is that Obama and the Democrats have opened the door for a Man On Horseback. There is a greater risk of an authoritarian movement, from either the Left as with an American Chavista or from the Right, than we have ever faced. Even after the Civil War the desire for republican government and the faith in the American ideal was greater than it is today.

Perhaps there is an opening for that rarest of tactics, a politician speaking the truth. Even a cynic may see that as the way to stand out from the pack of discredited jackals.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
You can distort and propagandize the news all the way up to the moment that reality capsizes your boatload of bull$hit.

Obamacare is a deferred disaster. When it comes crashing down on EVERYONE, we will see the devastation and say we always knew it was coming.

Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq is a sinkhole in a stink hole. But we knew this was coming.

What Obama/Jarrett/Kerry/Hagel/Malley are doing to Israel is a disgrace. A Rashid Khalidi/Ali Abunimah/Edward Said/Louis Farrakhan/Jeremiah Wright disgrace. But we knew that already.

Racial warfare ginned up by this cabal has the nation ready to explode. When it does we will say we knew that already.

Obama and this cabal are importing infectious diseases at our sieve of a border, tuberculosis, smallpox, Ebola can flood over us in a raging epidemic. And, as the young and elderly get wiped out and "replaced" with tens of thousands of Little Che's...we can say we knew it all along.

What good is knowing it, if we aren't going to do a *}*~*< ing about it?
27 weeks ago
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All Comments   (107)
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What is the Attractor? The Attractor is the 12th Imam: the fabled figure out of chaos who's tongue and spirit gives light and order to the masses. The Lie, from the Father of Lies. Quite a few thought that perhaps Obama was he, but perhaps not yet, or--not clearly. For there is another lie that needs to work a little longer, before the New World Order can be conjured phoenix-like from the ashes:

That the world can become a better place if we only hate hard enough, long enough.

But remember Matthew, first comes tribulation, and then: 23"Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him. 24"For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect."
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
I think the public is finally waking up that Obama is a complete disaster. But I am not sure yet that they have woken up to the fact that Hillary is not the solution. Of course the repubs may not be a solution either, but they do have one virtue, they will be different. They will have no reason to not try and clean out and expose Obamas corruption and incompetance, and take a different course, while Hillary would have far too many reasons to continue covering up Obamas corruption and incompetance, and letting it continue. There is a reason why one party rarely controls the WH for more than 8 yrs, without a change in party. Too much corruption and incompetance keeps accumulating, and the ruling party has no reason to clean it out, as long as they keep winning. It was worse with Obama/pelosi/reid because they were corrupt and incompetant right from the beggining, so in their case corruption was accumulating from an already high level.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Where are we going? For the last decade or so, people have been asking, "Is it 1937, all over again?" and "Is it 1913, all over again?"

Let me suggest it's 476AD in Western Europe, but with nukes.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
The world is bankrupt. The only source of sufficient new wealth
is technological progress totally free from all legal constraints;
IP must die !
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Churchill also said: "When you find yourself going through hell....keep going."
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Don't think for one second that it is easy to see the past. Not one in ten people can do that.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Fewer still, the future, see Caliphists, below.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Tomorrow, Sunday, his 0'ness returns to DC for a quick meeting with lunch box Joe.

So I took a nap and had a funny dream.
O resigns.
Joe rises.
Hill appointed Veep. (though some sort of extra constitutional bs)
Hill runs from Veep seat, while Joe does whatever Joe does.
Kerry is her running mate.
They win in '16
Country speaks Spanish by '18
Country, in its entirety is looted clean by '20

I guess it was a nightmare.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
"Being a leader when everything you’ve touched has turned to dust is no fun."

Turned to... dust? Is that like dog dirt?

Lots of O/T posts here, today. I clicked the report abuse button for them. C'mon guys. Stay on topic, please?
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Some of those "O/T" posts are in the top-rated comments section.

Who mad YOU the arbiter of what is said here and what is not?

Did you ever hear of changing the channel?

Would you also report Wreched for covering more than (gasp!) one topic in his essay?

Be content to lurk.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
This place needs one more script that allows the anointed ones to wipe out all comments with a single click.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Problem is they are all self anointed.

I have been around Belmont from before the Fallback days under one name or another (common thread) and I ain't never heard of a "Me 2.0".
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
I agree.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well, there is at least one group of pundits who know exactly what is coming and are prepared to make it happen ... and whose prognostications have met with considerable success: Caliphists.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
This reads a lot like the meme spreading in the Leftard blogs that if Obama can't lead the nation, the nation is not able to be led. It comes around pretty much any time a Democrat is in trouble. And of course our nation is fully capable of being led, if there is in fact, a leader around. And it doesn't need to be a President. MLK did a pretty good job of leading a peaceful revolution, without being voted into a single political office. But Dems want power, they have no desire to lead. Too much trouble, not enough opportunity for graft.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Ferguson: "We don't loot. We're just standing up for what we believe in," said a man in front of the store, who declined to give his name.

Really. I suppose that's like when Obama says Social Security isn't being looted, it's just having an Out-of-Trust-Fund Experience.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
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