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A Ringside Seat To Our Own Destruction

August 10th, 2014 - 3:19 pm

Headlines have focused on the atrocities committed by ISIS on the northern Iraqi front. The leading stories seem almost expressly written by the Onion to make fun of political correctness. Crucified by the Caliphate monsters: Iraq descends into apocalypse as Islamic State fanatics seize towns and tell terrified Yazidi ‘Become Muslims by noon today… or we kill all of you’. Then there’s Islamic militants ‘buried alive Yazidi women and children in attack that killed 500′. Try topping: Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child I baptized cut in half by ISIS’.

How about this lead paragraph? “BAGHDAD (AP) — Hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by Sunni militants with “vicious plans,” an Iraqi official said Friday, further underscoring the dire plight of Iraq’s minorities at the hands of the Islamic State group.” Vicious plans is the 21st century journalistic equivalent of the Victorian phrase, “a fate worse than death”.

This eyewitness account is pretty close to the best reportage, however. “On board Iraqi army helicopter delivering aid to the trapped Yazidis, Jonathan Krohn sees a hellish sight”.

Mount Sinjar stinks of death. The few Yazidis who have managed to escape its clutches can tell you why. “Dogs were eating the bodies of the dead,” said Haji Khedev Haydev, 65, who ran through the lines of Islamic State jihadists surrounding it.

On Sunday night, I became the first western journalist to reach the mountains where tens of thousands of Yazidis, a previously obscure Middle Eastern sect, have been taking refuge from the Islamic State forces that seized their largest town, Sinjar.

I was on board an Iraqi Army helicopter, and watched as hundreds of refugees ran towards it to receive one of the few deliveries of aid to make it to the mountain. The helicopter dropped water and food from its open gun bays to them as they waited below. General Ahmed Ithwany, who led the mission, told me: “It is death valley. Up to 70 per cent of them are dead.”

The story adds, almost superfluously, that ISIS is attempting to shoot down aid deliveries. They would do that, wouldn’t they? Yet all this time the world was assured there was nothing to worry about in the hundreds of radical mosques, the thousands of militants eagerly received into the West and creeping sharia law in its institutions.  The dangers, they were told, all lay in the Tea Party and elusive militia groups holed up in a cabin in the Ozarks.

But if the calamities in Kurdistan were all it would be a good week for the Obama administration. Now tanks are reported in the streets of Baghdad. “Security forces have encircled the residence of the Iraqi President – Sharqiah News”. Other reports allege its a coup being staged by Maliki to establish himself as dictator.  It now appears that Maliki is suing the Kurds for not supporting him in office.

That’s not the end of it. The Washington Post writes “Libya crumbles as the United States looks the other way”.  Libya, the crown jewel of “responsibility to protect”; the epitome of Zero Footprint has now blown up into fragments.

Three years after U.S. and NATO forces helped liberate Libya from the dictatorship of Moammar Gaddafi, the country is beginning to look a lot like another nation where an abrupt U.S. disengagement following a civil war led to chaos: Afghanistan in the 1990s. In Libya, heavily armed militias are battling for control of Tripoli and Benghazi as well as the international airport. The United States, France and other Western governments involved in the 2011 military intervention have evacuated their diplomats and abandoned their embassies. A U.N. mission that was supposed to help broker political accords also left.

ISIS, not content with its forays into Saudi Arabia and Jordan is now setting its sights on Lebanon — the better to get at Hezbollah. The Institute for the Study of War Syria covers the Battle of Arsal. “For the first time, large-scale fighting from Syria has spilled into Lebanon. The Lebanese Armed Forces is currently battling rebels affiliated with Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) in and around Arsal, a Lebanese town 13 km west of the Syrian border in which a massive influx of refugees and rebels has long made the area a lawless enclave in a relatively weak state.”

The border battles may ultimately break up the Lebanese state as the Lebanese Sunnis are coopted by ISIS. Then it will be civil war all over again with ISIS pitted against Hezbollah with a supporting cast of dozens of militias. “The Institute for the Study of War assesses that a large portion of the rank-and-file of the LAF are likely Sunni. Long-term fighting may lead to defections if Sunni LAF members are increasingly ordered to crack down on Sunni-dominant areas such as Arsal.”

There’s worse to come. Obama’s negotiations with Iran are in shambles. The Telegraph reports that “Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal with Iran to bypass Western sanctions”. How long before Iran gets the bomb? How long before everything is so bad that nobody notices Iran has the bomb? It’s almost a parody re-imagining of World War 2 with an Axis but no Allies.

Or rather there are Allies but Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin are on vacation and unavailable for comment.

The military historian Max Hastings basically accused Obama of phoning it in when he fulminated over “barbarians, genocide and a terrifying lack of Western leadership”. He added that “professor Sir Michael Howard, Britain’s most distinguished historian and strategist, now 92, lamented to me last month the tottering, if not collapse, of every pillar that has supported international order through his lifetime. By that he means the UN, Nato and a strong America.” The fish rots from the head, and the head’s not been this rotten in all of Sir Michael Howard’s long  memory.

The Middle Eastern crisis is no longer a regional crisis. It has now become part of a global crisis, a link in a great chain of blunders engineered by the Great Golfer, whose most profound utterance is now, ‘who me?’  That explosive sequence includes but is not limited to the tensions in Eastern Europe, the continuing crisis in Southwest Asia and the ever-growing danger in the East as the Chinese dragon stirs.  That clamor can now be heard even in Western streets, yet it beats like noiseless rain upon the glazed glass panes of the White House. The most amazing sight is not the catastrophe itself but the seeming paralysis of the Western institutions. Prominent newspapers may issue warnings, former high military officers might wring their hands, congressmen even threaten impeachment, yet but only momentary awareness flits across the dull countenances of the bovine LIVs as they await their next dose of spectacle and reality TV.

CBS gushed, “MARTHA’S VINEYARD (CBS) – Beautiful weather greeted the First Family on Martha’s Vineyard on day one of their vacation.”

The First Family’s motorcade pulled into their secluded island getaway with the First Couple and daughter Malia. Younger daughter Sasha will join later. Neighbors watched as the fleet of vehicles rolled in. “It was great fun,” said Linda Lundblad of Milton, who’s renting a home just down the street. Shortly after arriving, the President turned up at the Farm Neck Golf Club.

The former head of the British Army, Lord Dannatt pleaded with David Cameron to reconvene parliament and cancel his vacation: “now was not the time for political leaders ‘to be on holiday’ and [he] demanded they return to Westminster.”  Translation: don’t just stand there, do something! Yet what earthly good could returning politicians to work do when it is the politicians themselves who are defective, as was underscored by president Obama’s assertion that withdrawing from Iraq was not his decision.

“Mr. President, do you have any second thoughts about pulling all ground troops out of Iraq?” the reporter asked. “And does it give you pause as the U.S.–is it doing the same thing in Afghanistan?”

“What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision,” Obama said, indicating he does not believe it was his decision as commander in chief of U.S. troops in a congressionally authorized action in Iraq to decide whether the troops should stay or leave.

What will it take to get him off the links? More to the point, do people really want him off the links?

The Western left has finally manufactured a world that it likes, led by the object of their adulation. How could they have known it would be this way? They are like the dog that caught the car and found the occupants liked dog meat. And now we are about to witness a clash between the “how could we know” PC elites and a resurgent militant Islam. What can those caught in the middle do? Many are simply stupefied. The remainder seem to lack to tools to return to their previous homely, but familiar lives. The Yehzidis found there was no way back; no way forward either except through the slave market or the mass grave. Can the rest of the world still roll back events? Or do they let the monsters fight and scurry beneath their trampling feet?

Unless the citizenry of the world can get their destinies back from the crazy elites and crazy headchoppers, they can only watch the destructive spectacle and hope to survive as the monsters wreck civilization.

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I don't think there are any doors to hell. People go there out of choice and stay there because they want to. People get addicted to evil. ISIS, like the SS or the NKVD, or de Sade for that matter gets bored by merely killing. They need more and more barbarous cruelties to get the same buzz. The same is true apparently for pornography.

It's like entering a cave. For a long time you can see the light of entrance behind you. But after a while you go so deep it is all dark. The worst of it is you both hate it and like it. And you long for the pleasures of the dark.

Hitler shot himself rather repent. His last orders to Speer were to destroy everything he could, so that he might bring every German to destruction with him.

It was CS Lewis who said:

“There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, in the end, "Thy will be done." All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it. Those who seek find. Those who knock it is opened.”

Milton had the same idea:

“What though the field be lost?
All is not Lost; the unconquerable will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And the courage never to submit or yield.”

What really worries me about the president is that he can't say: "I screwed up. Please forgive me. I will fix things and do better." Say it! But he can't. Why I don't know. Perhaps he will say it before the end. I think we should hope that he does.

All of us have fallen to evil, some cannot even get out of it. But if they acknowledge is dark in hell and want out, still they are saved. The exit to hell is open, even to those too weak to crawl out to the surface again.

Only those who deny, and lie some more are damned. They pull the entrance in after them. Were they but to say, "Mea culpa" the universe itself would come down to spring them.

But the damned soul cannot admit to this. We can go to hell because we are free. It is our right as human beings. No one can force you into heaven.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment

Western civilization is crumbling all around us, and the fearful cry it may soon be extinguished by the barbarians. If it be our fate to join the dodo and the passenger pigeon I propose we take the time to see and appreciate the incredible beauty of the universe before the barbarians close it down to us. The universe is beautiful beyond imagining, from the dimmest galaxies at the farthest red shift edges to the deepest ocean canyon on planet Earth; from the scream of a hawk to the fragile beating of a butterfly’s wings; from a Beethoven sonata to a sad and wistful Gaelic folksong; to the majestic arc of an upper deck home run to the hysterical laughter of a small child as dad pushes the swing ever higher. We are surrounded by beauty, and yet most see it not, living their lives in blinkered loneliness, unaware of the stars and the subtle music of the passing seasons, to cry out, at the end of life, that all was in vain, as yet unaware that an unimaginably greater beauty awaits, should they choose to see it. As for the barbarians, they neither appreciate the beauty of the universe nor will they live long enough to notice it.

A lonely rock strewn shoreline’s end
The smiling face of an old friend
Twin fawns safe by their mama’s side
A laughing child’s first horseback ride
A summer night with stars so low
That woodlands shimmer with their glow
A dusty, winding country road
Past fields that recently been sowed
With seed that burst to life the land
As joyous as a high school band
The gleam of distant Saturn’s rings
The star filled spheres where music sings
Of beauty nested in the folds
Of new mown fields and ancient wolds
When all seems lost, at darkest night
It’s then that strong men rise to fight
Barbarians have come before
And felt the Western way of war
We’ve been bequeathed this land we trod
Where God is beauty, beauty God

29 weeks ago
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Could there be a better example of a "hallow man" than our current Dear Leader? I suppose he is actually amazing, since he has managed the impossible: i.e., to undo Western Civilization in the 6 short years of his enlightened leadership. One can only imagine what will happen in the last year or so. What amazes me the most is that there are so many in this country who continue to believe the lightworker and his gang of dim bulbs are doing a wonderful job and continue to subscribe to the Obama "vision" of the world. You know, the "vision" where ISIS and HAMAS are simply disadvantaged and misunderstood groups of victims seeking justice in the world and can be reasonable negotiating partners in the search for world peace. Frankly, I would rather negotiate with ebola since at least we aren't afraid (yet) to use the science we possess to eradicate and/or vanquish it.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
29 weeks ago
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All Comments   (157)
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Excuse my naivety but why should we worry about ISIS creating a caliphate. Does that not mean that they would then be governing a territory and dare I say a state? Well if that is the case dont they shed their invisibility cloaks and arent they now the visible governers and soldiers of a defined state. They can no longer blend into the population as they are the population and lest they chain their subjects to their homes, they are fair and open game to being ruthlessly destroyed. Being a ghost militant blending in with an indigenous population can only carry you so far. I say let them define their own kill box and then rain justice upon them. They have an expiration date they just dont know it yet.
28 weeks ago
28 weeks ago Link To Comment
Like the analysis, but not sure I agree with it all. What we are seeing might be the grand plan coming together. The jihad is between the Caliphate dreamers and the erstwhile middle class, who are pulling the Islamic countries in opposite directions. Sectarian war is breaking out, and no matter who "wins," sectarianism loses.

We've come to this rodeo with two lightweight contenders - Bush, who was too inarticulate to say why we have standing, and Obama the fool. We can't end it - the muslims have to by throwing off the theocracy and developing industrial economies. That's our gift to the world - the secret of the industrial revolution. It worked in the cold war and it will work again in the Jihad, and, round about the middle of the century, it will work again in Africa.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Here's a cinematic version of the 0bama administration...With superior production values.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

Guess who Prince Prospero is...

29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
The Entitlement Mentality of the Right

Some are thinking, “What is that you say? Entitlement is only for the left, the lazy, the hippy, the professional student, and OWS. They refuse to work. They ignore reality. They expect things to be given to them. They demand things be given to them. They don’t lift a finger, and they will yell, scream, deflect and finally accuse, anything other than get up off the couch and work, all in order to get what they want without working for it. Especially they accuse. That way they figure someone else will eventually give them what they want.” All true.

So we lament, and we cry out in frustration, angst and agony: “They break the rules, break the law, break the constitution, break the ethical fabric of our Republic, and break the laws of God.”

But what do we lament? We lament the loss of liberty. We lament the loss of freedom.

But how did we get those things in the first place? Did we work for them, or did we inherit them from our parents, grand-parents, and great-grandparents? We are entitled to our liberty. We are entitled to our freedom, right? It is our birthright, isn’t it? No it is not.

Like a lefty hippy in the park holding his hand out for choom change, we are ANGRY that no one is giving us our liberty! But we refuse to fight for it. We ignore reality. We expect liberty and freedom to be given to us. We demand that liberty be given to us. We don’t lift a finger to get it for ourselves, and instead we yell, scream, deflect and finally accuse (those damn RINOs!), anything other than get up off the couch and fight, all in order to get what we want without working for it. Especially we accuse. “Someone else SAVE ME d@mn it! We are owed this. We are Americans. We are entitled to our liberty and our freedom.” Tell that to our fore-fathers . Just like a boomer parent waiting for reality to hit their hippy son, they are watching and wondering “Will the man ever wake up and rise from the boy?”

When the inheritance runs out, reality comes crashing in. Some rise above the crash, but not everyone. All agree however, that the task of creating our own inheritance is far easier achieved if we begin before the old inheritance runs out.
29 weeks ago
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We are so focused on fighting terrorism and humanitarianism in the ME we are missing the more local problems. Mexico and South America have been engaged in narcoterrorism inside the US for decades. We are being invaded and overloaded by refugees from the same nations. Perhaps we should manage our own back yard before we bother with people on other continents. Here is my list of things to do:

1)We should very publicly tell the Iraqi people, "You had your chance at a modern society but you blew it. Enjoy the 6th century."
2) Formally declare war on Mexico for past and current violations of our sovereignty. Hold illegals as POWs in internment camps. Reconquer Mexico but this time annex it, all land and resources belong to the US. Repatriate the interned but bestow upon them land formally held by the Oligarchy. Send Seal teams to exterminate drug cartels and gangs in Mexico and the US.
3) All violent felons lose US citizenship upon conviction and are deported to the ME. Same with drug dealers.

That is only year one.....
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Now that everyone is focused on the Middle East and the Boarder, F&F, IRS, and the other dump truck load of illegal operations done by our Dear Leader and his minion’s can be swept under the rug! Again, Never let a Crisis go to waste! Especially if it can help hide the other more serious illegal extra government activities!
If I get a chance to remove some of the problem people I will take that opportunity! I hope my brethren Patriots are with me.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights spokesman Kamil Amin told CNN that up to 20,000 Yazidi Iraqis, who have been targeted by the militants, had been rescued and taken to safety near the Syrian border.

Kudos, CNN, for using "safety" and "Syria" in the same sentence. I suppose the Korean DMZ is too dangerous for them. Meanwhile here's a video of the US Navy taking out two ISIS pickup trucks, using a jackhammer to swat a mosquito. I suppose a message has been sent...
29 weeks ago
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For me, reestablishing control of our borders (and our sovereignty) trumps all other concerns. I want to seal our borders and rid our nation of illegal aliens. I want to deport illegals and punish the businesses that hire them; and (it should go without saying) I want to eliminate all benefits for illegals. These are the objectives I, personally, am working to achieve.

I take and accept the point that an increase in defense spending for the purpose of, among other things, dealing with Russia will have many salutary effects and outcomes.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
I have cringed at the failure of our "immigration" system basically my whole life, as Los Angeles has become majority Hispanic and very soon perhaps majority illegal. Let's stipulate that all parties want many Hispanic "guest workers" but that it should be regulated, as it once was, and many of those might well be immigrants. But as VDH has long written, it's getting to the point where being an illegal alien means you are exempt from *all* laws. That is not good. Nor is an open border. And the hard problem is what do we do with 12m+++ already here. Something largely like amnesty is going to be required, but only AFTER THE BORDER IS SEALED. If that is simply put on the table, it might be 90% popular, actually. If anyone in Washington DC is still capable of even basic political reasoning and execution.

On the defense spending let me hammer some more - the safety of the US and the world, the *real* "hegemon", is the US defense capabilities. Even if we don't build 500 F-22s, we did build 180 and could presumably build something better yet now (and the endlessly expensive F-35 is really the same plane and could be re-mutated back at some point, one hopes). Keeping the entire defense infrastructure alive and healthy is critically important, it takes years to decades to educate a staff and give them project experience on major state of the art systems. Meanwhile actual production and deployment can be kept rather small. And I suppose there are eventually civilian spin-offs of good stuff, at least of engineering talent that leaves aerospace and goes commercial.
29 weeks ago
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Several years ago, I sold a house in Warner Robins, GA to a USAF squadron commander (handle, “Sniper”). This guy was big, bright, patriotic, and bellicose when it came to his job. His job was to take the best pilots available from various services (foreign and domestic), put them in the best conventional aircraft (foreign and domestic) available (standard or modified), and hunt down and kill F-22s (simulated). Despite his best efforts, he reported that the F-22 blew his guys out of the air before anyone knew they were around. The only limitation on the damage the F-22 could inflict with impunity was the maximum weapons package it could carry on a mission. In short, they were invisible and 100% lethal, routinely killing 6 -8 other birds in seconds. It can reach a speed of Mach 2.0 and has a range of 2,000 miles.

I will skip comment on the F-35.

Yes, 500 F-22s, despite the cost, could take out all the combined air forces of the world in little more than the time it would take to get them on target. Just for the heck of it, why not put up 750 of these birds and USE them aggressively. Yes, the cost will be horrendous, but we will all sleep better if my Colonel is correct.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well, I don't know, and if I knew no doubt I couldn't say, but what was invisible five years ago may not be invisible today nor against land-based detection. If they are *that* good maybe 180 is enough, the problem being to have 50 of them in the right theater at the right time and not lose them on the ground to crazed jihadis much less other attack. Plus if they are that good then the F-35 may be good enough in fighter role. Plus I always thought the F-22 was curtailed so the UCAVs could be built, like the F-22 but capable of heavier G's, think about that for a moment. Actually I just looked up that we built as many as 180, I'd thought it was curtailed far earlier.
29 weeks ago
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"Islam is a disease that must be treated with chemotherapy and radiation."
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
While almost certainly true that Islam will be treated by radiological therapy, all truth, maybe even most truth, is not beautiful.

In his “Three Conjectures,” Wretchard realized that to save the world from Islam will be the end of America, and the end of age, the likes of which has not been seen since 476 AD.

I would not wish such a thing lightly, nor would I listen to the bloodthirsty cries of old women who urge others to wage the most terrible of wars.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Why would ISIS try on Shia Hizbollah for size when they can't deal with Assad's Shia militia/observers and his Alawite conventional army.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
Assad has been using Hizbollah as shock troops. I have no idea to what extent, if any, Hizbollah has had contact with ISIS within territorial Syria. There have been reports of Hizbollah’s occasional decimation. Indeed, there are analysts who speculate that Hizbollah’s failure to give Hamas military support through diversions against Israel from Lebanon is proof of weakness.

ISIS may not be interested in confronting Assad at the moment in a major way. Given their recent moves in Iraq, they appear to be trying to consolidate strategically valuable real estate (oil fields, towns, and reservoirs) and overwhelming the Kurds with the logistical nightmare of a sea of terrified refugees. The Germans purposefully created refugees in both WWI and WWII for the same reason, so the ISIS savagery may not be entirely driven by savagery for savagery's sake.

Like you, I think a well-orchestrated air campaign would quickly drive them to ground. However, at this point that may be an idea whose time is passed. For example, should ISIS blow any or all of the reservoirs now under their control, they will be able to kill millions of Shi’a without firing a shot. A tsunami of Biblical proportions would level Baghdad, leaving a gigantic putrescent mudflat. The risk is so great that the Baghdad regime may have to sue for a negotiated ceasefire, assuming the homicidal tendencies of ISIS would be open to such a rational proposal. If, however, a Shi’a free Iraq is ISIS’s objective, the tools are now at hand to make that possible. A religious person might conclude that no force short of the hand of G-d prevents them.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
If they blowed up the reservoirs and killed millions of Iraqis (irrespective of their religion and affiliation) this would not be a bad thing (for us).

The violence in the M.E. would go, immediately, out of control.
No one would trust another fanatics with his life.
No one would trust a fanatics alive.
There would be the Spengler's Islamic Thirty Years War.

ISIL enemies would fight to the dead. Theirs, ISIL, whatever.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
I would suggest that the 'tsunami' from blowing the dams is overstated. Beyond the fact that it damages friends as well as foes, a look at the real effect of blowing the Ruhr dams in WWII might give pause.

Water will recede very quickly, and frankly, most of Iraq could use the good cleaning from the flush.
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
The water stored behind the dam will pass quickly. What will also pass quickly is the ability to store and use the water that was behind the dam for agriculture and supporting urban life. It will get real hungry out. But first it will get real thirsty out. Keeping in mind that it is a desert. And in the absence of hydrologic projects, the land can only support a limited amount of life. As in a small fraction of the people there now.

>>>>>the Corps of Engineers is concerned<<<<

This is the same Corps of Engineers that was perfectly sanguine about the New Orleans levee system pre-Katrina. If something is bad enough to concern them .......

Subotai Bahadur
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
...can't argue with a strong flush :-) ...
29 weeks ago
29 weeks ago Link To Comment
The Corps of Engineers is concerned.
29 weeks ago
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