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Waiting for America

June 29th, 2014 - 1:32 am

Robert Zubrin writes, in a National Review article, about a secret meeting between Western national socialist parties and the agent of Vladimir Putin. The venue is what you would expect: a James Bond like setting with mysterious billionaires in attendance.

The chairman and financier of the meeting was Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, the multibillionaire owner of the Moscow-based Marshall Capital. Malofeev, who has direct access to the Russian dictator, is known as “Putin’s Soros” for his role in financing movements and initiatives supporting the Russian fascist cause….

Malofeev was the producer and director of the event, but the star of the show was Aleksandr Dugin, the prime author of the “Eurasianist” totalitarian doctrine, which is serving its intended purpose as the ideological basis for the Putin regime’s transformation of Russia into an expansionist fascist state, as well as for its creation of a Moscow-controlled fascist international for the purpose of subverting other countries on behalf of the new empire.

Gathered to receive tutelage from Dugin and instructions from Malofeev in preparation for their potential supporting roles as the Pétains and Quislings of the Eurasian Reich was an impressive array of leaders of nominally “conservative” but actually radical national-socialist European parties.

This bunch is squaring off against a transnational Europe, with its informal presence in the Ukraine in the person of the real George Soros through his various foundations and advocacy groups. The EU has signed the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with the Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova as part of the drive East. “The DCFTA will be part of a future Association Agreement, which will replace the present Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Ukraine (which dates from 1998).”

Events in Eastern Europe have assumed something of the character of attack and counterattack. Radio Free Europe explains that “Brussels had originally planned to sign the political and trade accords with Kyiv in November at a summit in Vilnius but was jilted by Viktor Yanukovych, then Ukraine’s president, when he came under heavy Russian opposition to the deal.”

That reversal led to the Euromaidan revolt and Yanukovych’s ouster. The EU signed the political accord with Kyiv in March following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Brussels had originally planned to sign political and trade pacts with Chisinau and Tbilisi by the end of this year, after each initialed agreements at the Vilnius summit.

But the signing date was moved up as the Ukrainian crisis made all parties nervous that Moscow might try to obstruct the process.

“Things have gone ahead much quicker because of the risk of the Russians perhaps derailing or creating high levels of tensions in both Moldova and Georgia in the run up to signature,” says Amanda Paul a policy analyst with the Brussels-based European Policy Institute.

“They didn’t want to have a repeat of the Vilnius scenario where for months and months before the Russians were like an octopus and threatening and creating tensions and stirring things up.”

In this struggle there are no neutrals. Russia has threatened to make the DCFTA signatories pay. “Moscow has signaled it will impose trade barriers on Kyiv over its free trade pact with the EU. … Moscow has not mentioned any specific retaliatory measures against Moldova. But here, too, there have been threats.”

Tbilisi is far less economically vulnerable to Russia, thanks to having turned its trade away from Moscow after the 2008 Russian-Georgian war. It also receives its gas from Azerbaijan, not Russia, thanks to the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, which passes through Georgia.

But Russia still holds trump cards with the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which Tbilisi wants back and does not want to see annexed by Moscow.

The Russian government vowed there will be “grave consequences” for this act.  And in this potential clash, who should one choose?  Because apparently taking sides is mandatory. David Cameron found that you are either all-in with the EU or marked for subjugation. Unnoticed amid US headlines involving Obama promising to solve the immigration crisis by “executive order” and “borrow powers” from Congress which is ‘only obstructing him’ was David Cameron’s failed attempt to assert Britain’s independence from Brussels. Cameron had attempted to block the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission on the grounds that he was unacceptable to Britain, a sovereign member nation.

But Hollande and Merkel insisted that the EU now had a character of its own. Britain had no veto. If the EU bureaucrats wanted Juncker, then what was Britain to object?  It was as if Cameron attempted to check out of the Hotel California only to find the night man had welded the door shut. Daniel Hannan summarized what Juncker meant: “at teatime on Friday, it became clear that Britain could no longer remain a member of the EU.”

Other prime ministers weren’t even pretending to respect our sensitivities. On his way into the summit, Finland’s new leader, a Euro-fanatical former MEP called Alexander Stubb, brusquely informed the British people that they had better ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ and realise how economically dependent they were on the EU.

Afterwards, Angela Merkel, who had supposedly given David Cameron private assurances about blocking Juncker’s candidature, told the press that as far as she was concerned, ever-closer union was an obligation for all 28 members – albeit one they might fulfil at different speeds.
Viviane Reding, Luxembourg’s veteran Commissioner, was more succinct: ‘Game, set, match!’ she tweeted. So much for the ‘influence’ that our Sir Humphreys keep harping on about.

David Cameron had pleaded with his fellow heads of government to choose someone more palatable to public opinion. Juncker’s appointment, he told them, would push Britain towards leaving the EU.

Yet, in the event, his opposition served only to solidify support behind the abrasive Christian Democrat. A number of EU leaders who disliked Juncker felt obliged to back him rather than be seen to have given in to British pressure.

The Telegraph put it this way: “One step closer to quitting Europe” — if Cameron can. But maybe he can’t. The EU is the Mother of All Obamacare schemes, the giant pot of taxpayer money that no one can seem to walk away from. The Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova at least, have proved their inability to resist its pull, at least in part because the alternative was absorption into the Putin Black Hole.

All over the world, from Vienna to Washington, giant bureaucracies are rising: in Beijing, the re-forming Caliphate, EU and even Putin’s ramshackle ‘Eurasianist’ empire. They are asserting a kind of hegemony over the planet that brooks no refusal. Everybody’s building empires and in many ways the West with its drones and technical surveillance feels no different from the Stasi.  Nor do they shy from each other. Kerry’s talking to the Saudis, the Saudis are talking to al-Qaeda, the Turks are talking to Isis. It’s all one big happy family where the only ones unwelcome are the populations for whom government is supposed to be for.  The world belongs to the elite, to the cosmopolitans, to the people bored with making money.

From Obama’s point of view his main frustration must be his inability to match the expansionary efforts of his rivals.  No wonder he hates the Republican Congress so; without their narrow minded obstruction he might already be a Herman von Rompuy.

And who’s resisting the trend towards gigantism? Nobody but a ragtag UKIP here and tattered Tea Party there. Rubin writes, “Europe certainly needs a genuine conservative movement to combat the creeping bureaucratic collectivism that is stifling the human potential of the Continent.” That it does, but where are they going to come from? In days past there were White Hats among the Black. Maybe there will be again. But right now the only obvious choices are between Bad and Badder. Like the late 1930s, all the chic people today are fans of the “virile” messiahs which are pretty much a drug on the market.

There are historical eras when virtue and even common sense are in short supply. In the England right before the Second War, you were either a Communist or a Fascist or fuddy-duddy. All the best and most beautiful people were Red or Nazi. Only the stupid believed in the old pap “God and Country”. Smart people had ‘friends’.

In the movie the Remains of the Day, it is gradually revealed that some of the best people were Nazis. But “Stevens [the butler] is quite incapable of believing his master to be wrong in this, as Lord Darlington’s upbringing and heritage carry a certain type of dignity that is above and beyond Stevens’ own.”

And indeed many of the best people were. In those days you wanted to be either like John Cornford or the glamorous Mitford sisters to make the scene. You might be a disciple of Stalin and or a girlfriend of Hitler but on no account should you wish to be like that washed up, balding old imperialist patriot, Winston Churchill. He was guilty of the cardinal sin of believing in White Hats at all. For it was then fashionable to affect the cynicism that is really an alibi for fashionable surrender. Today it is much same, in all the capitals of the Western world, glamour is socialist, or national socialist, or Islamist. 

If you want to make a fashion statement today, wear a keffiyeh. If you want to be investigated for a hate crime, fly an American Flag or better yet, wear one as a t-shirt logo to school. The sleek black uniform and boots of the anarchist or the do-rag of the Muslim militant is in. Wave the Red Flag or the Black Flag, and you’re edgy. Wave the American Flag — now there’s a bigot.

Today we are witnessing a revival of glamour of authoritarianism unequaled since the dark days of the Second World War.  The villains are gathering in all the best places getting all the best service. There’s no shortage of people ready to play the bad guys. And so it will remain until someone somewhere screws up the courage to play the good guy — which in the first instance means playing the rube, playing the fool — the role that America used to specialize in. You might even say the bad guys are waiting around for this character to appear, so history can start in earnest.

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"The Resistance is muddled, fractured, lacks structure. It has no consistent message ... Unless and until it coalesces, identifies the rigged game and all the players and begins a sophisticated unveiling packaged expertly for mass consumption...they will be eliminated in the knockout round."

I don't think so. 'Muddled, fractured, [and] lacks structure' is a STRENGTH. The minute there's coherence and structure there's a target. The key weakness of the hard left is that it depends on government STRUCTURE to impose punishments, collect tribute, and so on. But structure links specific people and that's their vulnerability.

How many people are now trying frantically to hide their links to Lois Lerner? Links that were unavoidable, even critical to their mission just a year or two ago? Maybe they'll all succeed, maybe not, but those links are one of our anti-American president's biggest liabilities.

Order gives a feeling of predictability: It is a natural tendency to want order in the things that are important to us. But if we had that order we'd already be wiped out. The need for the left to move slowly enough that the many independent frogs don't jump the pot is a big help to virtue and liberty, giving more time to educate and recruit more frogs.

Blogs, yes. Friends, definitely. Alliances, helpful if limited in scope. But true organization? A target and a comprehensive enemies list for the fascists. That's not a good idea.

It is rarely the best strategy to try to copy the strategy that works for your opponent.

Barring something like divine intervention America WILL go over some edge. The numbers and money in the resistance probably are not sufficient to prevent that. But because we ARE disorganized, many of us will still be there in the abyss and will be able to exploit the ORGANIZED left's weakness and ultimately lead the way out.

'Reality' is our organization, our structure, our message: all we do is carry the light. The left wants reality gone but I'm not worried that they'll succeed.

(show less)
25 weeks ago
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It's starting to look like the best personal strategy to maintain ones self-determination might be to remove oneself, with a viable portion of ones property, to some obscure place the great ones don't consider important enough to pay attention to - In hopes of maybe being among the remnants who may survive the great game of self-destruction that breaks out in the late afternoon before the next long night.

Why are people such goddamned tools?
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Indeed, wretchard. Five teams left.

Woodstock Jihad. Islamic Jihad. Large C Russian Communism.

Chinese blended Communism.

And, the resistance to the Totalitarian Four.

The Resistance is muddled, fractured, lacks structure. It has no consistent message. It is opposed by a malignant media apparatus and is serially slandered.

Unless and until it coalesces, identifies the rigged game and all the players and begins a sophisticated unveiling packaged expertly for mass consumption...they will be eliminated in the knockout round.

The Big Four are shuffling the deck with cross-pollinating alliances. Many of which look bizarre at first blush. But all Four stand against The Resistance.

And, they have indoctrination, pop culture and World Government all in full operation on their side.

America was the last bastion of defense and it is now in enemy hands. There is one last gasp left in The Resistance. Taking back America before the world is pushed over the edge.

We have both feet with all ten toes hanging over that edge, staring into the abyss.

And Obama and his cabal have our back. And are pushing...hard.
25 weeks ago
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Dugin an't Putin guru, but of the old schmocks at the Duma

Putin's guru is rather Surkov

like Radio free Europe is subsidied by Nuland and McCain organisations
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Nuland is Soros, Soros is Putin's Emmanuel Goldstein.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Ooops. Duplicate caught just in time...
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
A few months ago, I was talking with a Polish friend, a veteran of the Solidarity movement that helped overthrow the Polish Communist regime.

She admitted, with shame, that she had voted for Comrade Zero, and confessed that all the expat Poles she knows in NYC vote Republican. Then she said, "I hate to see America going in this [socialist dictatorship] direction." I didn't fuss at her, because it was clear she was seeing her error with searing clarity.

A few weeks ago, I asked her, "So what was it like? How did you live under a Communist dictatorship? How can people stand it?" She looked embarrassed (interesting, that), and said, "Well, you just ... keep your head down, and try to avoid attracting Their attention -- and you just focus on your work."

So there you have it. I see that attitude in America already. You know, that country that the Reds and Pinkos refuse to name? AMERICA. For AMERICANS.

Good night, all.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Zubie's article is great. I would only add one comment: we really, really need to stop using the terms "left" and "right." That's not the dividing line.

The real Grand Canyon is between those who cherish freedom and the rights of the individual man and woman, and those who are totalitarian slavemasters.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
I seem to recall that some filths made a remake of Casablanca, in which Rick sodomizes Ilsa, and no one is heroic. Anyone know about this?

After World War II, even the Labourites (those who were his contemporaries, that is) acknowledged that Churchill achieved "towering greatness" in his role as England's war leader. God bless him.

And to this day, the movies that humans love (rather than merely applaud) are those of true love, true courage, true heroism: freedom and dignity.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
"... to this day, the movies that humans love (rather than merely applaud) are those of true love, true courage, true heroism: freedom and dignity."

We wondered for years where those movies went. Now the truth is plain: People who make movies uniformly support Obama. Either they're completely ignorant or they too dislike America. NATURALLY their products aren't going to celebrate her virtues.

I think too that those pretending to art want to be seen as rebels. Never mind that they've been rebelling in the same direction since the 60's and have now so thoroughly destroyed the vision of America we held in those days that one is nearly forbidden to speak favorably of it.

I think this is mainly a monumental failure of our educational system, beginning with the decline of two parent homes devoting enough time to children to start them off right and continuing through an education system with the main goal of full employment for teachers.

In the reformation we can perhaps tolerate the lawyers but "First kill all the teachers' union officials and school administrators."

Few modern leaders celebrate America because few know anything about her.

There seems to be a small swing back the other way in movies: We can hope.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Even at this late date, a lot of people think that Stalin was paralyzed and dumbfounded by Hitler's betrayal in his "Operation Barbarossa."

That invasion, coming after the Nazis and CCCP had collaborated on the opening acts of WWII via the Von Ribbentrop/Molotov pact, essentially showed that both Hitler and Stalin had absolutely no compunction about expending the lives, blood, and treasure of their own people to achieve their longer-term goals.

I've come to view that pact more as their mutual agreement to hold off trying to kill each other while they looted all the small countries that lay more or less between them - "clear the deck for action" so to speak. Let's see, the M/R pact - signed 23 August 1939; commencement of Operation B - 22 June 1941… That's almost TWO FULL YEARS of looting and liquidation of potential troublemakers by both the NAZIs and the Communists. I've never seen any estimates of the loot – machine tools, textiles, coal, wheat, turnips, hogs, rendered Lard of mammals of all species, board-feet of lumber, finished furniture, shoes, boots, mirrors, ball-bearings, solvents, metal stocks, assorted nuts & bolts, packed onto rail cars and sent back across the Urals during that period.

Is that what people mean when they talk about "battlefield preparation?"

Stalin, if anything, was a supremely shrewd calculator; neither he nor the NAZI hierarchy could have been fooled into complacency, after generations of bitter enmity between them.

It seems that Hitler thought he was smarter than Napoleon, and blessed with soldiers and equipment more robust than those of Napoleon's armies. But German soldiers were accustomed to much milder winters in Hamburg, Schwerin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Nürnberg, and München than they ever anticipated in Kursk, Voronezh, Rostov, or Stalingrad.

In some ways, the hubris – the sense of iron infallibility – of certain corrosive narcissists is the salvation the rest of us pray for so perfervently.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
the Germans weren't the Russians enemis since Brest-Litovsk agreement
It rather seems that Stalin didn't believe his agents who couldn't warn him that Germany was prepared to attack Russia, he was such a paranoiac, that people didn't dare to tell him. Though when the same people told him that definitly Japan wouldn't attack Siberia after that Germany declared war on the US, he believed them and repatried the experienced siberian army for defending Moscow
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
You're certainly correct about the tide-turning arrival of the Mongols, but actually, it was Stalingrad that was saved. The Battle of Midway in summer 1942 allowed Stalin to strip his far eastern defenses and transport the troops straight across the river and into the front lines at Stalingrad. The Germans surrendered there in early 1943. They had quit outside Moscow in the winter of 1941-42 --when Japan was at the zenith of power.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
no, that was sooner

"After a successful initial advance leading to the encirclement and destruction of several Soviet armies, the German offensive was stopped by Soviet resistance at the Mozhaisk defensive line, just 120 km (75 mi) from the capital. Having penetrated the Soviet defenses, the Wehrmacht offensive was slowed by weather conditions, with autumn rains turning roads and fields into thick mud that significantly impeded Axis vehicles, horses, and soldiers. Although the onset of colder weather and the freezing of the ground allowed the Axis advance to continue, it continued to struggle in the face of the severe cold and stiffening Soviet resistance.

By early December, the lead German Panzer Groups stood less than 30 kilometers (19 mi) from the Kremlin, and Wehrmacht officers were able to see some of Moscow's buildings with binoculars; but, handicapped by cold and exhausted troops, the Axis forces were unable to make further advances. On December 5, 1941, fresh Soviet Siberian troops, prepared for winter warfare, attacked the German forces in front of Moscow; by January 1942, the Wehrmacht had been driven back 100 to 250 km (60 to 150 mi), ending the immediate threat to Moscow and marking the closest that Axis forces ever got to capturing the Soviet capital."
24 weeks ago
24 weeks ago Link To Comment
--the logic of removing the Polish potential to resist, in the direct manner: collect the nation's field officers, professors, administrators, artists, intellectuals, aristocrats, et cetera, and transport twenty thousand of them into the Katyn Forest near Smolensk, and shoot them all, one by one, one bullet each in the back of the neck, just a few yards ahead of the chugging bulldozers covering them over. Stalin's recent military purge having worked perfectly.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
probably that if the Poles hadn't made the war on the Bolcheviks in the twenties and gained territories on the Russians, Stalin would have been more accomodative with the polish elite, who was at the origin of that

Anyways,Poland showed some appetite to recover her statute as Great Poland after WW1... and the Germans, and the Russians felt aggressed and frustrated of the Wilson's decisons
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
So, Stalin had been insulted by Polish ambition, and Katyn was merely the Polish apology.

I understand, MC.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
who said insulted?

no the Russians and the Polish untertained hatred since centuries

and the fact that the Polish managed to recover some territory on the Russians didn't helpt to mend relations

nor it did to mend relations with Germany too

some say that that explained the Molotov-Ribbentrop alliance

The Katyn murdering of the Polish elite was in the line of KGB apurations of the era, like the same KGB eliminated the elite of the red army prior to 1939, that dramatically missed for responding to the nazis first attacks on Russia
24 weeks ago
24 weeks ago Link To Comment
My instinct is to tell all foreigners to piss off. Cross us and get nuked. The end is nigh, and only one state will stand at the end.

But then I take a Bromo and go to bed.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
We have seen that government as the servant of the people has been replaced by the people as the servant of government. Worldwide those poor governments wonder why they can't get a better class of people to be their servants.

One way for this to go is straight into Orwell's "1984". The other way - 50/50 chance in my opinion - is for us to discover that "Monty Python's Flying Circus" is actual, true, real reality.

So, if the world is really Monty Python then the principles of Monty Python will apply and we will all be saved. Why? Because a Monty Python World is so ridiculous that it will ridicule itself out of action. That's much better than death by Armageddon.

There is life after dysfunction achieved by silliness. Not sure you could say the same about life after Armageddon. So I'm hoping that Monty Python is simply a work of reference, not an outrageous TV show.

Makes sense to me.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
Man I hear you.
A funtacular Flying Circus would sure beat the hell out of civilizational suicide.

Unfortunately, I can't think of one example in all of recorded history of a people who beclowned themselves from the brink and back to greater liberty and prosperity.

Doesn't mean it ain't possible given the current drunken clown posse careening into everything in their path on the carefully paved road to nowhere...But...Some clowns just want to watch the world burn.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
former grr: "Ukraine "absorption" into EU is part of a battlefield prep for future confrontation with China."

Pray tells us more. Have not heard that hypothesis before, and -- respectfully -- it does not seem particularly plausible.

The Eurasian land mass is occupied by many minor actors and 3 major players -- China, Russia, and the EUnuchs. Two of them have civilizational confidence and leadership groups which admire their own countries. And then there are the EUnuchs.

The Europeans somehow believe that they are Too Legit To Hit. They are happy to manipulate "NATO" (ie the US military) to wage war for oil in Libya or to expand towards Russia. But they have lost confidence in their civilization; they have no military power worth speaking about, bar a few nukes they will never have the courage to use; and they are totally dependent on imported fossil fuels, importing as much as China & the USA put together.

EUtopia could stumble its way into another war, through such stupidities as its engineered coup in Ukraine. But Europe will never be in a position to threaten Russia or China. Rather, the carcass of Europe will be one of the prizes which those two will either carve up or fight over.
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
oh and the US were too hapy to use NATO for their silly campain in Irak and in Afghanistan

the expension towards Russia, it's the US state Department design

Nato ain't a tool at the European services, but at the US'

No way that any European country can invocate the articele 5, the US has the veto power, but if the US invocated it for themselves, then the Europeans are damned if they do not follow

We have been demonized for not following the herd in 2003
25 weeks ago
25 weeks ago Link To Comment
In the first 4-5 years of the Obama admin -- I could pretty much plausibly game out the set of moves and counter move by the pubbies & dems. Now its gone to the fog of war. We are at the point now in the midst of the battle where each of us must be properly nailing in the horse shoes for the horses that ride out into battle so the horses will not throw their rider.
25 weeks ago
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