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March 6th, 2014 - 2:14 pm

Foreign Policy tracks the uninterrupted collapse of Venezuela, which has been all but overshadowed by the crisis in Ukraine.  Venezuela is proof that even if no one hears a tree fall in the forest, the tree still hits the ground. But its proof of another less lofty adage: that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Socialists can keep failing forever without ever realizing that something is wrong.

For example Julia Buxton of the Guardian sees  Maduro’s problems as the result of insufficient agility.  But nothing is said about the model itself; except to suggest that Maduro’s opposition will make itself unpopular by refusing to ‘help’ or ‘cooperate’ with the Venezuelan strongman.

They were exacerbated by constant ministerial turnover and the government’s failure to engage with these issues as social and institutional problems, rather than facets of capitalism that would fade under Chávez’s model of 21st century socialism.

High inflation and shortages are the result of an overbearing state that is intended to frame the socialist economy. In the early 2000s price and exchange controls had logic in the context of private-sector lockouts, massive capital flight and the need to ensure access to high-price goods and services for the poor – Chávez’s core supporters. But the rationale for their retention has long expired.

As with Obamacare, the greatest sin of an ideologies’ victims is their unwillingness to patiently endure its supposed fixes. “Venezuela faces serious economic and security challenges. These need no exaggeration, and Maduro recognises that they can only be addressed through a national dialogue. An initial peace conference convened at the end of February was boycotted by the radicals and Capriles, but attended by lower-profile opposition figures. They, rather than Capriles, may prove to be the beneficiaries of the popular frustration with Maduro, who for now finds his position strengthened.

Whether it is Obama putting forward Debo Adegbile or Detroit insisting on its pensions or socialists doubling down on Socialism the problem is always framed in terms of: “yes it sucks so why not lend a hand and make it work?” The possibility it may fail is excluded a priori.

But in reality things fail all the time. And though everyone sees it coming there’s not a damn they do about it. The history of humanity is the history of unrepentance. Clayton Christensen argues that “great firms fail” — really excellent, innovative, world-beating teams — they often simply drift toward the sound of roaring water audible for miles yet despite decades of warning still go over the edge without a barrel.

This happens to countries and empires too. They can see the black line of the waterfall’s edge in the distance, but no one can steer away.

Christensen uses the example of hard drive companies to make his point about company death.  These brilliant firms are overwhelmed by change. “Coping with the relentless onslaught of technology change was akin to trying to climb a mudslide raging down a hill. You have to scramble with everything you’ve got to stay on top of it, and if you ever once stop to catch your breath, you get buried.”

The Obama administration doesn’t even try to cope. It just sweeps stuff under the carpet. What we are watching is the process of seeing it buried under a mudslide.

Above all failing companies are “captive to their customers” — that is to say they are held in thrall to their constituencies.  Christensen’s cites the  hard-drive industry as an example of how you are left stuck in the middle of the river waiting to go over Niagra Falls.

Why were the leading drive makers unable to launch 8-inch drives until it was too late? Clearly, they were technologically capable of producing these drives. Their failure resulted from delay in making the strategic commitment to enter the emerging market in which the 8-inch drives initially could be sold. Interviews with marketing and engineering executives close to these companies suggest that the established 14-inch drive manufacturers were held captive by customers. Mainframe computer manufacturers did not need an 8-inch drive. In fact, they explicitly did not want it: they wanted drives with increased capacity at a lower cost per megabyte. The 14-inch drive manufacturers were listening and responding to their established customers. And their customers–in a way that was not apparent to either the disk drive manufacturers or their computer-making customers–were pulling them along a trajectory of 22 percent capacity growth in a 14-inch platform that would ultimately prove fatal.

It’s hard for Obama to change, even if he had a personal epiphany, a vision from God vouchsafing to him that everything he’d said up to that point was a crock. His social groups, political constituency, sources of funding, etc. wouldn’t let him. They’d fix him in place as effectively as a bear trap. Obama must keep nominating people like Debo Adegbile. They’re his constituency. Some of us may have seen this happen to people who work in nonprofits, political groups or even churches. Suddenly they don’t believe any more. But they keep pretending. They keep pretending because they have nowhere else to go.

The great advantage to capitalism and its political correlative, democracy, is not that it prevents failure but on the contrary allows it. In capitalism it’s OK to die, just as in some of the world’s great religions it’s OK to die.  You let go because it’s the only real chance you will have to wake up dead. The cycle of death and birth, collapse and renewal are part of the model; unlike socialism, in which the state itself is god and thus, must live forever.

Clint Eastwood said in the movie Unforgiven that “we all have it coming, kid”.  What he forgot to add is that something new is coming in recompense too. The only thing to be afraid of is the crazy idea that we can make time and some vision of glory stop at some perfect moment. To remake the world into an unchanging snapshot of some fatal dream.

Then loudly cried the bold Sir Bedivere:
“Ah! my Lord Arthur, whither shall I go?
Where shall I hide my forehead and my eyes?
For now I see the true old times are dead,
When every morning brought a noble chance,
And every chance brought out a noble knight.
Such times have been not since the light that led
The holy Elders with the gift of myrrh.
But now the whole Round Table is dissolv’d
Which was an image of the mighty world,
And I, the last, go forth companionless,
And the days darken round me, and the years,
Among new men, strange faces, other minds.”

And slowly answer’d Arthur from the barge:
“The old order changeth, yielding place to new,
And God fulfils himself in many ways,
Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.

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One correction. They would say the poor Venezuelan needed to take your money because Chavez and Maduro needed your help in compensating for how the Yanquis and the Aristos looted his country. The heritage of the Jacobins is alive. They believe in TWANLOC. Their TWANLOC are to be isolated demonized and then hunted down. Think of it as Alinsky taken to the logical conclusion. Their Upper classes to be demonized include not just descendants of old Penisulare nobility but the educated middle class. Eventually the model devolves to Khmer levels where anyone wearing glasses is TWANLOC to them.

uddy arsen,
They could offer the Millennium Falcon for $5000, with a trunk my father would have loved, and I still would not want to do business with Government Motors. Stolen property it remains.

Here are two campaign ads the GOP should use.
1. Elect us and we promise to audit Harry Reid and find out how he got so rich.
2. Not only will we rebuild America;s military but if you join that will make you VA eligible and exempt from Obamacare. We promise we'll get rid after two years of it for the rest of you too. We'll simplify the tax code so there are only three personal exemptions:
1. Home mortgage,
2. Medical expenses,
3. Education and training.

We will have clear priorities in this order:
1. National Security,
2. Health and Safety,
3. Justice and transparent markets,
4. Public lands and infrastructure as enumerated.
Debt will only be incurred to pay for National Security during time of conflict.

This strikes me as a winning campaign. Where do I go to make money from this?

Why do great firms and great nations fail? The Agency Problem needs more attention. The beneficiaries, especially Middle Management are not concerned with the long term health of the enterprise. As they see trouble on the horizon they begin to loot the company more aggressively. If it was a ship approaching the rapids they would be hiding the valuables in the lifeboats. Soon the culture spreads and no one except the Captain cares about the ship getting into port.

In America we have a Captain or CEO in Obama who himself is a looter. The Soviets were more fortunate. Gorbachev was the last one left who still believed.
51 weeks ago
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A lot of government programs started out with a goal other than the requirement for their own existence. For example, the civil rights movement started out as a way to encourage equality between all human beings. Environmentalism, believe it or not, was about the environment. Pacifism was about peace. And Obamacare was about insuring the uninsured.

The Washington Post has found that the uninsured aren't signing up because Obamacare is too expensive. It's pointless. Affordable Health Care isn't affordable. But since it's the law of the land Obamacare has become its be-all and end-all. What is was for originally is now entirely secondary.

I have this theory about Hell. It's full of people who are too proud to turn back. The one thing people in hell can never do is say "through my fault, through my most grievous fault". It's not an original idea. Milton had it before me. The pep talk Satan gives all the devils in hell is this:

What though the field be lost?
All is not lost; the unconquerable Will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield:
And what is else not to be overcome?
That Glory never shall his wrath or might
Extort from me. To bow and sue for grace
With suppliant knee, and defy his power,
Who from the terror of this Arm so late
Doubted his Empire, that were low indeed,
That were an ignominy and shame beneath
This downfall.

There are no actual locks to hell, save the ones installed by its occupants. And so I guess it is in politics. Never, ever, admit to error.
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51 weeks ago
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>>>As with Obamacare, the greatest sin of an ideologies’ victims is their unwillingness to patiently endure its supposed fixes.<<<

There is a countervailing sin in the willingness to tolerate and endure the "supposed fixes". The American constitutional system and rule of law has, up until the outset of Anno Obama held in the main that each of the three branches of government has a circumscribed role. In the case in point, the Executive may not, with one exception; alter a word, a letter, or a period of any statute once it is signed into law. Nor can the Executive ignore enforcing it or any provision of it; with the one exception. If the president believes the law, or a provision of it is unconstitutional; he can suspend enforcement while appealing to the courts and Congress to fix the conflict with the Constitution. If the courts rule that it is constitutional, then it must be enforced.

In our lifetimes we have two Supreme Court decisions, one unanimous and one with some quibbles relating to the specific case; that have held this. 418 US 683 (1974) [it is not "legal when the President does it"] was unanimous that President Nixon had to obey and was himself subject to the law. 524 US 417 (1998) was 8-1 in reference to President Clinton and the application of a Balanced Budget Act.

Buraq Hussein Obama has, at least 25 times, set aside specific provisions of the text of Obamacare, including timelines, enforcement, and ordered spending in direct contravention of the stated intention of Congress in the statute and without congressional authorization. This has been done by public statement, by press release, and by blog posting; none of which have the force of law in our system. It is literal "rule by decree", supposedly to allow President Obama to act as a sort of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth and "fix" Obamacare.

The fact that this is accepted and tolerated makes each act an attack on the Constitution and a step towards tyranny.

And it does not end there. Obama has openly claimed the power to kill American citizens at will without due process in the name of national security. And his Attorney General claims the power to ignore laws [and to have state governments ignore laws] which he does not approve of.

Congress and the courts are accomplices in this, and Congress has voluntarily given up the control of taxes and spending. The supposed Opposition Party in fact is totally complicit in this and refuses to "oppose" at any point of contention. There are some few who stand up, and they are attacked by both parties who hate them more than they hate each other.

There is too much willingness to tolerate the creation of the One Party state by those in positions of public trust, and too much willingness to endure the imposition of such "fixes" by the American people.

Subotai Bahadur
51 weeks ago
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Here is a youtube video of Daniel Hannan's great speech at CPAC:

One of his key and his closing themes of the speech is the responsibility of every American Citizen to do his or her duty and defend liberty.

That thought for me has I think been one of root causes for the Unrepentant's petulant anti- Liberty - anti Americanism. It is the burden we have all been born with- our votes and our actions actually matter in the greater real world, and the need to take them seriously.

I think one of the reasons the Left so identifies and lionizes Europe and their libertine socialists is that the European Left's actions don't really matter as much. The Left of Europe is free to assert nonsensical solutions because in the end there is always Uncle Sam out there to take care of them. The World does not look to Europe to fix it's problems, it looks to America, and by extension the Anglosphere. The American Left envies that lack of burden to be responsible.

Those European lefties can live a life of adolescent frivolity throughout their lives, because they don't have the duty and the responsibility that American's have to promote liberty and justice. They can be unrepentant, because no one is seriously counting on them to make the world a better place.
50 weeks ago
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Much wisdom. At the same time, the actions and policies of []bama are so decisively impoverishing and debilitating the United States as to erode such insulation as once protected EuroSocialists' from the obvious costs and afflictions occasioned by their behavior. Perhaps it's not too much to hope they still have the capacity to learn from stark and inescapable cause-and-effect.
50 weeks ago
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MachiasP quotes the execrable Noo Yauk Tymes: "Democratic, independent Ukraine, and the messy, querulous (but also free and law-abiding) European idea have won."

OK, so the only valid reason for quoting the NYT is to mock the stupidity of those who have declared themselves our betters, and to laugh at the gullibility of their "progressive" readers. But that quote really takes the biscuit!

Ukraine had a democratically elected government; now it does not. Ukraine had the rule of law; now it does not. A violent coup supported by still-unidentified figures seized control of a country, and started passing Barry Soetero-type illegal regulations to do down a significant minority within its borders. And the NYT calls that the "European idea"!

Given Europe's bloody history, that may possibly be accurate. But unpopular European political bosses such as Cameron & his ilk may sleep a little less comfortably knowing that the NYT would label their violent overthrow an example of the "free & law-abiding" European ideal.
50 weeks ago
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The article was not written by the NYT editorial board.

And even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Did you see the NYT editorial board Rampant Prosecutorial Misconduct?

The success of the "Surge" in Iraq was due to recognizing when you have begun a preference cascade, so as to ride the wave. Ignore Obama, Putin surely does.

War is the failure of diplomacy. Want to rely on our Secretary of State??? So the goal is to do a SWAT team style hostage negotiation outside the normal diplomatic channels. We need to manage up.

We've done it before. As I have noted many times before, Putin's disinformation campaign during the BP oil spill (life will end east of the Mississippi due to toxic rain) aligned with Obama's anti-oil production meme to extend the crisis ("Never let a crisis go to waste.")

Capping the well and then killing it from the top, without the use of explosives, notionally including nuclear(!!), was totally inconsistent with the Putin-Obama Axis, and directly in the USA's interest. But we forced Thad Allen to let BP do it and it SUCCEEDED.

The relief wells were not the ultimate answer. Obama was DEAD WRONG. And his ignorance was on full display on TV in real time with his full, active participation.


Do you think Putin is cooling his jets because of Obama, or because of the real increase in American domestic energy supply? The point Putin needs to get is the USA supports economic freedom. We freed Germany and Japan after we defeated them militarily. We want the Ukraine (and Russia too) to become free.

He can goof on Obama all he wants, but he better avoid pissing off the American People.
50 weeks ago
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Formerly Eggplant said "...timing is everything..."

And making it understandable for LIVs.

Sarah Palin reads Dr. Seuss at CPAC
50 weeks ago
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Fox News

Putin blinks on Ukraine -- at least for now

"In ordering Russian troops deployed near the Ukrainian border back to their bases and stating that using military force in Ukraine would be “absolutely the last resort,” Russia’s president has signaled a temporary retreat to consolidate his territorial gains in the vital Crimea and impede American efforts to impose stiff diplomatic and economic sanctions against his own economically fragile country.

Appearing relaxed and confident, Putin beat his unacknowledged retreat at a press conference Tuesday with a small group of reporters in Moscow.

Backing away for now from a broader invasion of the largely pro-Russian eastern Ukraine, Putin nonetheless repeated his claim that the deposing of pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych as Ukraine’s president, following his bloody suppression of demonstrations, and the Ukrainian parliament’s selection of a new government in Kiev, were an “anti-constitutional coup and the armed seizure of power.” "
50 weeks ago
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Attn. Space Buffs:

This is a delightful tour of the Space Station by the charming Commander Sunny Williams (hair a nimbus around her head).

If you want to take a Saturday night break from political madness, and float in zero-G* for a while, sit back and watch this.
50 weeks ago
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50 weeks ago
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I read the article differently than Wretchard. The key paragraph is near the end:

"The established firms were, in fact, aggressive, innovative, and customer-sensitive in their approaches to sustaining innovations of every sort. But the problem established firms seem unable to confront successfully is that of downward vision and mobility, in terms of the trajectory map. Finding new applications and markets for these new products seems to be a capability that each of these firms exhibited once, upon entry, and then apparently lost."

For instance, the 14 inch drive manufacturers knew their customers well. Their customers didn't want the smaller, more expensive, lower capacity 8 inch drives. They wanted cheaper, higher capacity 14 inch drives. And they continued to reward the 14 inch drive manufacturers with customer loyalty right up to the moment when 8 inch drives overtook 14 inch drives in price and capacity. Then their customers all jumped ship and the 14 inch drive manufacturers went under.

There is a lot of applicability to politics. The Obama administration created a product custom-tailored to their coalition -- radicals, wealthy leftists, unionists, environmentalists in particular, but also moderate liberals en masse. Since Obama's inauguration, he has been delivering his big-government socialist product to his customers.

His problem is that his original customer base is shrinking. The radicals are disillusioned with his wars and broken promises. The wealthy leftists are still there. Unions are shrinking and dying away. The environmentalists are still plugging away, and those are his core constituancy. The problem is that beyond his base are the millions of moderate liberals. Times have gotten way tougher for them, they are becoming disillusioned and Obama has nothing to offer them. They want jobs and prosperity, not energy austerity and socialized medicine.

Just like the 14 inch drive makers needed to pivot and start manufacturing 8 inch drives, it is long past time for the Obama administration to pivot towards policies that promote jobs and prosperity. But they can't do that. Just as and example, Obama has created an EPA that is ferociously dedicated to shutting down energy production, manufacturing and other industry. He has staffed the agency with people who are single-mindedly devoted to that goal. he can't pivot the government without essentially dismantling everything he has built. But he'll never do that. Someone else will have to do that for him, and given the chance will do it with relish.

50 weeks ago
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I hope you are right but I wonder, we've heard about the great middle getting tired of, disillusioned with, or repelled by the policies of the left since Obama was first elected in 2008 as being black and the anti-bush. But he was reelected in 2012 and the left kept the Senate.

Why? Was the vote fraud and the IRS that big of a factor? Or is the USA really moving left as the culture (education, entertainment, MSM, etc.) has been captured by the Gramsian March? Or what?

On the answer to why was Obama reelected even in the face of his obvious failures in economic and foreign policy rests the future of the USA as a free country of laws, not men.
50 weeks ago
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A lot of the 'true believers' that re-elected the President do not see the 'obvious failures' that are apparent to the most casual of observers.
They 'believe' that Teh Won has and will continue to work miracles upon God's green earth. As in, there's nothing to see here, move along...
This group cannot fathom the idea of failure, it just does not enter into the equation. There is no IRS Scandal, Hillary did nothing wrong, ACA *IS* working as designed {may be true... destroy Cigna, KP, UHC...}, the economy has positive numbers everywhere you look, unemployment is down, the stock market is rising, what's to want?
As I go screaming off into the darkness...
50 weeks ago
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The true believers are perhaps most of the takers that live on the government tit as noted by Romney for which he was ridiculed. That is why I asked about the great middle. Are they true believers also? If so we are truly sunk.

But I have hope. But hope for.....?
50 weeks ago
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New York Times

Russia Has Already Lost the War

"“Yanukovych freed Ukraine and Putin is uniting it,” said Iegor Soboliev, a 37-year-old ethnic Russian who heads a government commission to vet officials of the former regime. “Ukraine is functioning not through its government but through the self-organization of its people and their sense of human decency.”

Mr. Soboliev is a former investigative journalist who grew frustrated that carefully documented revelations of government misbehavior — which he says “wasn’t merely corruption, it was marauding” — were having no impact. He and a few friends formed Volya, a movement dedicated to creating a country of “responsible citizens” and a “state worthy of their trust.”

“People in Odessa, Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk are coming out to defend their country,” Mr. Soboliev said. “They have never liked the western Ukrainian, Galician point of view. But they are showing themselves to be equally patriotic. They are defending their country from foreign aggression. Fantastical things are happening.”

This conflict could flare into Europe’s first major war of the 21st century, and Crimea may never again be part of Ukraine. But no matter what happens over the next few months, or even years, Mr. Putin and his vision of an authoritarian, Russian-dominated former Soviet space have already lost. Democratic, independent Ukraine, and the messy, querulous (but also free and law-abiding) European idea have won."
50 weeks ago
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This being what it sounds like when NYTimes whistles Dixie.
50 weeks ago
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I'm not too sure. I heard a smidgen of Senator Rand Pauls' commentary at CPAC to the effect that Russia risks the loss of their gas revenue to a disaffected teen with a hundred bucks worth of Semtex. There IS dissatisfaction within Ukraine, and the numbers of 'Russians' in the individual provinces is ~8-10% per the graphic I viewed, mostly in the eastern and south-eastern regions.
I don't live there, but have the feeling that the Ukrainians for the most part are not happy with what the Soviet Union did back in the 1930's when the Kulaks were starved, farms were collectivized, and so on. Putin is trying to put them under his thumb once again, and there is reaction. How much? Well, you *know* it is not being reported fairly by the MSM.
This may become more expensive to Vlad than he is willing to bear. The extraction economy that is Russia today has to keep its customers happy, or they will seek more reliable sources, even at higher cost. If they wander off to new sources, it will be hard to win them back, and even if won back, there will be downward pressure on revenues. All this is not good for their economic outlook. IMO.
50 weeks ago
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It is not the place of government to foster identity, protect identity, promote identity, suppress identity, change identity, or transform identity. If the United States federal government must ask about ethnicity on census forms, it should make the question fill-in-the-blank so citizens freely state – or refuse to state – their ethnicity. That would be true self-determination. Instead, the federal government seems to think that White identity must be promoted at all costs – and just because the many of the proponents of such racial pigeonholing happen to be black doesn't change that fact.

National Socialism – or Social Nationalism – is big government no less than any other variety of Socialism. The United States should not align itself with those who seek to use big government to promote ethnicity, as if ethnicity in Europe or elsewhere were some kind of fine china that would shatter without strong governmental protection. The United States should not align itself with those who seek to promote Apartheid, whether on the Left (as in the case of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia) or on the Right (as in the case of the Republic of South Africa). The difference between “multiculturalism” and “apartheid” appears to be that leftists call their apartheid “multiculturalism”.

If Jobbik becomes the government of Hungary, Hungary's membership in NATO should be reconsidered. If other NATO members refuse to expel a Jobbik-ruled Hungary from the alliance, the United States should give notice of its withdrawal from NATO. Under no circumstances should the United States consider itself bound to defend a regime of neo-Nazis.
50 weeks ago
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I'd think that the Ukrainians are responding to their illegal immigrants much the same as the US population is to its illegal immigrants. That Russia declared Russian immigrants as legal doesn't make it so.

That the USSR starved and deported 6 to 10 million Ukrainians and replaced them with Russians would cause some hard feelings is perfectly understandable. Now if the Russian-Ukrainians were to stand up for Ukrainian independence, that would be another cup of tea.
50 weeks ago
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The socialists seek to level out the abilities and IQ of the masses like a carpenter sands a board smooth. All perhaps to create a unified worldwide cult of state where the supreme ruler is god. They do this by upholding low achievers with special awards and inducements and punishing the high achievers by taking away access and ridicule as privileged in the public commons.

Socialism does not thrive in a land of plenty so its adherents must manage scarcity and where scarcity does not exist it must be created. Therefore the water company chides to conserve water, the public utility admonishes to turn off the air conditioning when it is hot and you get a department of energy that will not issue permits for new power plants.

They are at war not only with our culture but with all culture. They break everything they get their hands on and the first thing they get their hands on are the best; human rights, voter rights, right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and they pervert them to an unrecognizable cause. I do not expect a few elections to solve this problem. I am not so sanguine to think that the socialists who have embedded themselves in all of our institutions will yield, like hostage takers with a dirty knife up against the throat of lady liberty they must be carefully shucked and discarded lest they poison everything.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. AuH20
50 weeks ago
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The scarcity thing really is a tiger by the tail for them at last. The more successful people become the less dependent they are on government. But if things become too bad they do not trust or love the government. For seven+ years the Dems have managed to hold that balance (2006 midterms-now). No longer.

Only for so long can the Democrats blame George Bush, authentic Christians, believers in limited government, and entrepreneurs for the scarcity, particularly when the suburbs around DC are boomtowns on a scale far greater than Buffalo or Detroit or Palo Alto in their heydays. At some point, the public began to figure this out. The left is now faced with having to maintain scarcity and dependence in an environment where it will be increasingly difficult to blame all the bad stuff on Goldstein. They've done well so far but the cracks are showing at last. Their final trump card is to terrify anyone whose income depends on the government either directly or by regulation that starvation will ensue if they do not vote for every Dem they can. Yet in the end (and who knows when that might come or what form it might take) even that will fail. One election or five, it will fail.
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50 weeks ago
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