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Partly Truth and Partly Fiction

August 4th, 2013 - 6:40 am

NBC news described the state of public knowledge about the terror threat that’s closed down 21 or more American embassies and consulates and which several other Western countries have emulated. “A meeting of the National Security Council chaired by Susan Rice was held at the White House Saturday evening to discuss the latest intelligence regarding the threat of an al Qaeda attack. There are different views among analysts — including whether a plot is already underway, with team members already selected, as reported Saturday by CBS. … There is no consensus on whether the plot is underway, officials told NBC News.”

The other way to put it was how Peter King summarized things: there ” is very specific information about the fact that there is a plot, that attacks are planned, but again it’s not certain as to where.”  The world’s become like Watertown, according to Daniel Pipes.  There’s a terrorist out there somewhere, but nobody’s quite sure where. So shelter in place, this time globally.

Notwithstanding the fact that the authorities publicly say they don’t have all the details, the “Intel community worried Obama administration disclosed too much about latest al Qaeda threat”.

Intelligence officials are dismayed that the administration provided so much detail on what prompted the closings, and that the disclosures could work against obtaining new information. Militants are now likely searching for the sources of the information to both the U.S. and Yemeni officials, and almost certainly will kill anyone they suspect of working with Western intelligence.

“There simply are not that many who would know about the attacks,” says one former high-ranking U.S. intelligence officer, “so it won’t be hard for al Qaeda leaders to pin-point the sources of information. Once that happens, they certainly won’t be working with us anymore.”

And all this uproar is before the hundreds of newly-freed al-Qaeda escapees get back to their clandestine cells. Bill Gertz thinks the recent escape of hundreds of hard core terrorists are “threat to the region”. Surely they are. But the jailbreaks were only a few weeks ago, meaning that the current threats to the embassy were probably planned before the bust-outs. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Does that mean the jailbreaks and the threats to the embassies are  part of an al-Qaeda resurgence? Nope. The Christian Science Monitor’s Mark Sappenfield quotes sources who suggest that the recent attacks suggest that al-Qaeda is dying. Don’t be misled. Things aren’t getting worse, they’re getting better, even if doesn’t look that way.

While Al Qaeda has by some measures become larger since 9/11, it has become less cohesive, according to a recent study by the RAND Corp., a defense and security consultancy. This means that the goals and capabilities of the various branches have shifted from attacking the American homeland to achieving narrower goals.

The conventional wisdom is that the administration has the AQ on the run now. And just as the threat is understood as specific but nebulous, the administration is dealing with the worldwide security threat in a serious but casual way.

President Barack Obama’s top national security advisers met at the White House on Saturday to discuss the potential threat of terrorist attacks that caused Washington and its allies to issue travel warnings and close embassies throughout the Middle East….

Obama is spending the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat after playing golf earlier on Saturday. His birthday is Sunday.

The White House said Obama had received regular briefings about the potential threat and U.S. preparedness measures all week. Rice and counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco briefed him after the high-level meeting on Saturday, it said.

The Obama administration is in an interesting phase, one in which things are under control but falling apart, where they are winning but they’re losing, when the economy is booming but real unemployment is unexpectedly high. It’s a time when Obamacare is just around the corner but just postponed.

Of course it won’t last. The symmetry breaks and the situation becomes either one of winning or losing.  Congressman Keith Ellison believes it can still go either way though. ‘There’s Plenty of Money, It’s Just the Government Doesn’t Have It’. Yet. In anticipation of that, let’s write a song and call it, “Hand in your pocket”. Here’s how it should go.

I’ve lost but I’m winning
I’m poor but don’t mind
I’m sad but I’m grinning, yeah
I see but I’m blind
I’m game but I’m overwhelmed
I’m toast but I’m hopeful baby
What it all comes down to
Is that everything’s gonna be fine fine fine
’cause I’ve got one hand in your pocket
And the other one bumming cigarettes.

Don’t smoke ‘em too fast.


The threat is specific, serious and included dates. It’s just that none of the specifics are exact.

The US extends closures through August 10? Does that mean the “all clear” sounds on August 11? What happens if the AQ postpones?

The planned attack is “big” and “strategically significant”. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says the decision to keep the embassies and consulates closed is “not an indication of a new threat” which implies it is a development of the current one.

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Al QaedaCo may not be kicking our a$$e$ in any conventional sense, but they sure have been instrumental in causing US to kick our own.

Osama GAVE us 0bama Inc...The swaybacked gift horse that just keeps on giving whether we like it or not...Good and hard.

For all our modern political and military prowess, it was the medievalists who understood and applied The Art of War more productively.

Don't believe me?
I don't really care.

But ask; How many .gov (our) resources are directed inwardly toward the citizenry -like a incompetently placed claymore- rather than out toward the enemy - a self-declared enemy who shall not even be officially identified?

How many laws and traditions of the Republic have been selectively mocked, ignored and upended?

How robust and resilient is our economy...Respected and trusted our governance?

Yes, those two towers were well-chosen symbolic targets. Their destruction resulted in half the US political and media nomenklatura attacking the civil rights of their countrymen and the very foundations of its [formerly] cherished institutions. The progressive political green light for war progressed to outright undermining of it until they could command it themselves. They were for it before they were against it...Until they were empowered to expand it.

Is it not almost inevitable that the internalization of a global conflict would need turn into an internal conflict...That compressing War into law enforcement would require a greater confinement of laws coupled with a greater pressure of law enforcers in search of internal targets upon which to enforce said laws?

Were we not informed that we needed "...a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." as the military?

It doesn't help We the People that the insane demands of political correctness renders the enforcers of laws blind to *actual* enemies - both foreign and domestic. Where is the release valve aimed?

And here we are...Precious blood and treasure pi$$ed away in exchange for rotten bread and depraved circuses...Attendance will soon be mandatory.
1 year ago
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"Partly true, partly fiction" -- true, but the Obama crew (SRice, Kerry, Powers, etc.) can't tell which is which. They've bollocks-ed up the intelligence services with their ideological filters so that the results they're getting tell them next to nothing. All they've got is a bunch of chatter which tells them nothing.

Yet as Caroline Glick writes over in the Jerusalem Post, they stay true believers to their ideology. Their foreign policy is doomed to fail, over and over again. All our allies need to take stock of thsi and make sure they're hull down when their blind policies implode/explode in succession. Our allies, including Israel, better take cover ... Our opponents and enemies will make certain to make the most of the Obama crew's self-destructive policies over the next 3 years ...

But what will happen to the citizens of the U.S. under the rule of such irrational true believers? We can't get out of the way ...
1 year ago
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From W's article: "[Susan] Rice and counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco briefed him [Soetero] after the high-level meeting on Saturday, it said."

Last time I had to take a college class, the aging upper-income tenured white harridan professors harrangued us mature students that the world would be a much better place when women & minorities held the reins of power -- they simply are superior people, you know. That assertion has worked out about as well as all the rest of the leftist Big Government claptrap, hasn't it?
1 year ago
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What's known, and what's known Officially, are often two different things. One of the realities of espionage is that simply by admitting you know something you risk disclosing how you know it- and then the enemy takes counter measures.
It could easily be that deep within Langley the analysts know exactly where Al Queda has planned to strike- but admitting as such will tip off AQ as to the source. So they make it a general warning.
Not much different from Cold War days, when published photos of Soviet military hardware were clipped so that no background showed, so the Soviets would not know where and how (and by extension by who) those photos were taken.
1 year ago
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Here's an idea. How about a Global War on Terror? Yes it would help to name the enemy more clearly but the first shift should be back to asserting that this is not a law enforcement or social engineering problem. It certainly sounds better than "Shelter in Place." Let's try playing offense.
1 year ago
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I've searched in vain for an adequate analogy for this administration;
The best I can find is an old Aggie joke;

"The Aggies are playing _________ on the football field.
The fourth quarter is running down.
The Aggies have the ball on the fifty yard line.
The two minute warning gun is fired, the other team mistakenly thinks the game is over and leaves the field.
Three plays later the Aggies score."
1 year ago
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Obama: we're actually doing an excellent job at everything even though by any rational, reasonable or empirical standard, we're total failures and incompetents. But trust us, those standards are WRONG and we're the best judges of the job we're doing.

Yeah, right.
1 year ago
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Now it is getting silly. The fearsome State Dept has announced plans to keep its Muslim world embassies closed for a week! Including in places like Abu Dhabi, which has to be one of the safest cities in the world -- way safer than Washington DC, let alone Chicago. The embassy in Iraq will be open, though.

OK, class -- how do we explain this week-long vacation? Is it simply the Eid holiday at the end of Ramadan?
1 year ago
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It might came as a shock for some, but unspecific terror threats are coming all the time. But on King Messiah Birthday everything must be perfect.

It is all about the show and of course the money spent on extra "security" or "other activities" will be for a good cause--that cause being His Majesty birthday.

I'm surprised The Wohn still hasn't issued an Executive Order to declare His Birthday a Global Holiday.
1 year ago
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Back when they cancelled the X-34, NASA gave an unusually frank reason, "We can't stand another failure right now." Following a couple of lost Mars missions that were found to be due to out and out screwups, they decided that any risk that was not essential had to be cut out. They could no longer trust themselves and the heat was getting to be too much.

This is the same thing. The Obama Admin has screwed up, so many ways and so often, that they can no longer risk themselves to even take the field. They are desperately trying to cover up what happened with Bengahzi, the IRS scandals, the NSA relevations, and the Boston Bombers running around loose despite Russian warnings.

They cannot take any more. Don't show up to play and if the other team wins by default, that's still better than a loss.
1 year ago
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Itellu3times: "Whether it could be a "wag the dog" to make the NSA look useful or justified or something."

That has to be the default assumption -- the Soetero regime is fabricating an impending attack to justify domestic repression. And then when nothing happens, the New York Times & the rest of the government-controlled media will wax lyrical about Bold Brave Barry, protecting the sheep from the lions.

Cue the story about the old British imperialist who had retried from Africa back to England, where he would sit in his garden in the rain snapping his fingers. When asked what he was doing, the old imperialist said he was keeping the lions away. But there are no lions here, he was told. See, it works! he replied.
1 year ago
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Yah, I already expect them to throw a parade celebrating this brilliant move.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Anyone want to bet that Obama will be partying at camp david and if, we do get hit, he'll take the call notifying him of the situation and then go right back to partying? Hey, it worked for him with Benghazi... what a POtuS.
1 year ago
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Or, another point of view...What ever remains of al Qaeda, large or small, growing or shrinking, they are stupid. Anything that disses his Barriness, riles the US population, creates anti-Islamic tension is STUUUUUPID. Save it for conservative administrations. Make his Barriness look good, especially on his birthday and he will try to give you Israel on a platter.
1 year ago
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