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President Barack Obama’s is currently maligning extremely successful businesman Mitt Romney as a man heartlessly engaged in the exploitation of American labor and the outsourcing of their jobs to foreign countries. I am reminded of Nikita Khrushchev’s portrayal of his competitor, President John F. Kennedy, as a “capitalist pig.”

With my own ears I more than once heard Khrushchev cussing out that “millionaire’s kid” and threatening to wipe that “pig” off the face of the earth. As a matter of fact, all the leaders of the former Soviet Union regularly referred to capitalists as “pigs.” Under Lenin and Stalin, the Soviet Union’s “capitalist pigs” had been killed off. When Khrushchev came along, there were no more “capitalist pigs” left there, so he turned his hatred towards America.

Heaven forbid I should be understood as comparing President Obama to any of the Soviet monsters. I strongly believe that the first black American president should have a place of honor in our country’s history, but I note a few coincidences that do serve as food for thought.

Khrushchev matured politically in a period when Lenin and Stalin were pulling off what historians term the greatest peacetime mass terror in European history, in which millions of “capitalist pigs” living in the Soviet Union lost their lives. That experience left Khrushchev with a deep-seated hatred for capitalists: “It is in my blood — my serf’s blood!” I repeatedly heard him brag, for he was proud of it. Now, let’s consider what may have been going through the mind of President Obama during the twenty years he was receiving the message of liberation theology, a distorted view of the world specifically created and disseminated by Khrushchev’s KGB (I describe this more fully in my upcoming book Disinformation).

The purpose of liberation theology was to spread hatred for American capitalism throughout North America. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who presided over Obama’s wedding and baptized his two children, is now most famous for “God damn America.” In such an environment, it is no wonder Senator Obama of 2008 described the undisputed leader of the free world as a “decaying, racist, capitalist realm” unable to provide medical care for the poor, rebuild her “crumbling schools,” or replace the “shuttered mills that once provided a decent life for men and women of every race.” Of course the senator pledged to change it by redistributing its wealth.

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In my other life in Communist Romania, I managed a large intelligence organization that, among other tasks, was charged with keeping alive a nationalized health care system which in the end bankrupted the country and generated popular contempt. That system, very similar to the Affordable Health Care for America Act, was a bureaucratic nightmare. And it still is a nightmare in the former Soviet empire.

A European Union report on post-Communist Romania’s “Health Care System in Transition” stated that this system “devastated the country,” whose infant mortality rate (20.2 per 1,000) was among the highest in Europe and whose death rate was 70% higher that the EU average.[i] The world’s leading general medical journal, The Lancet, reported that even twenty years after the Soviet Union collapsed, “life expectancy at birth is 66 years for Russians; 16 years less than for people in Japan and 14 less than the European Union average.”[ii]

My past experience gave me reason to believe that the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the Affordable Health Care for America Act alive constituted a much needed wake-up call for our conservative movement. Since 2009, when the Democratic Party began surreptitiously nationalizing the U.S. health care system, our conservative movement has done nothing but weep and wail and wait for God in heaven and the Supreme Court on earth to save America from such a calamity.

It is time for us to paddle our own canoe. The first three words in the U.S. Constitution are “We the people.” So let us have “we the people” decide what kind of health care we want, because our tax money is paying for it. In order to make responsible decisions in the November election, “we the people” need to know the truth: the United States is today rated No. 1 in the world when it comes to medical responsiveness and quality of health care, and there is no reason to rush to change our system overnight.

In the U.S., the doctor is king. This is crucial for saving people’s lives. If the doctor thinks there is something wrong with his patient, he can immediately start all kinds of diagnostic tests, get the results as soon as possible, and start treatment immediately. Yet in Great Britain, where the nationalized health care system is managed by bureaucrats, a patient has to wait some 18 weeks for an MRI.

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