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Was Benghazi a Honey Pot Trap?

April 14th, 2013 - 9:14 am

I knew there was something missing from the Benghazi story, something fundamental that had thus far escaped my attention. Not that the questions being asked by the hundreds of Special Forces guys aren’t important. I, too, want to know why–if this is accurate–we didn’t have military forces ready to move in. I, too, want to know why the top political figures–the president and the secretaries of state and defense (Obama, Hillary and Panetta)–were so clearly disinclined to take action. That whole phony charade about the “video” bespeaks an effort to get the world to focus on the wrong thing. The blatant, almost compulsive lack of a sense of urgency upsets me no end. OK. But I was still trying to understand what had happened, and I wasn’t making great progress. I needed help. And so, as I often do in such circumstances, I dragged out the ouija board, checked the wiring and the batteries, and switched it on. Amazingly, it worked immediately, and I was once again talking to the lively spirit of James Jesus Angleton, who once upon a time headed up CIA counterintelligence.

ML: “Wow, it worked first time.”

JJA: “Lucky me. I was napping.” (Sound of Zippo lighter clicking shut).

ML: “I’m sorry! What time is it there?”

JJA: “We don’t have time here, it’s eternal, you know.”

I tried to think of something witty to say, but it didn’t work.

JJA: “That whole night and day thing, it doesn’t apply. Darkness and light were separated on earth, after all…”

ML: “Right. Part of creation.”

JJA: “Exactly. So what’s on your mind?”

ML: “Benghazi. It doesn’t parse, somehow.”

JJA: “What’s the problem? Just begin at the beginning, you’ll get it…”

ML: “What’s the beginning? When the attack starts? When Ambassador Stevens asks for better security? With one of the intelligence reports or warnings? When?”

JJA: “That’s all scene-setting. It begins with Stevens going to Benghazi.”

ML: “Okay, he goes to Benghazi, where he’d been many times before.”

JJA: “Stop!”

ML: “Huh?”

JJA: .”..many times before. Why?”

ML: “Well there’s a widely repeated theory that he was organizing clandestine arms shipments from Libya to the Syrian opposition forces, but I don’t believe it.”

JJA: “No, no, go back further. Before they made him ambassador. The whole Libya thing, the overthrow of Qaddafi. The Libyan opposition was based in Benghazi, right? We intervened to save the people in Benghazi, right?”

ML: “Yeah, so what?”

JJA: “Stevens was a key intermediary during that period, wasn’t he? He sneaked into Benghazi on a Greek cargo ship and established contact with the anti-Qaddafi forces.”

ML: “He was a hero to the post-Qadaffi rulers. They loved him in Benghazi.”

JJA: “Well said!”

ML: “What did I say?”

JJA: “You said they loved him.”

ML: “Did I say the magic word? Is Groucho going to give me a hundred dollars?”

JJA: “I didn’t realize you were that old” (coughs, chuckles, coughs again). “Yes, the magic word is ‘love’ and according to my sources, it’s the key to the operation.”

ML: “Okay, I want to hear more about that, obviously, but first tell me about your sources.”

JJA: “We’ve had quite a number of Special Forces personnel arrive here recently, and they have a theory that sounds plausible to me.”

ML: “Which is?”

JJA: “That Stevens was lured to Benghazi by his lover, or one of his lovers, with whom he’d first been involved back in 2011.”

ML: “Hah! I’ve always wondered about his apparent rush to get to Benghazi. I think he flew to Tripoli from Europe, and then went straight through to Benghazi, didn’t he? I had thought that showed he was working on some urgent project.”

JJA: “I agree with you about his mission. He, and that whole team at what is often called a CIA facility, were trying to get control of weapons that had been under Qaddafi’s control, and were moving all over the region. They were trying to stop this movement of very dangerous weapons, including MANPADS. We didn’t want terrorists with accurate anti-aircraft missiles, or, for that matter, guns and ammunition. And by the way, that ‘facility’ wasn’t just for the Agency, it included people from Special Forces, NSA, the whole crowd…”

ML: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t involved in smuggling weapons to the anti-Assad crowd in Syria.”  I’m also very sure that he was a terrific ambassador, one of our very best, and that his assassination was a terrible loss.

JJA: “We agree. All the more reason to look carefully at his murder.  But go back to the beginning. If a lover convinced Stevens to rush to Benghazi, then it might have been a set-up, what we used to call a honey pot trap.”

ML: “Wow. If the lover was in cahoots with the killers…”

JJA: “There you go. If so, they knew when he was coming, and could organize the assault with confidence.”

ML: “Wow again. I’ve never seen anything like that in print.”

JJA: “Of course not. The journalists were busily echoing that nonsense about some video, remember?”

ML: “Do I ever. Hillary even told Stevens’ parents that the USG would make sure the poor slob who made the video would be punished.”

JJA: “Last time I looked, he was still in prison in California.”

ML: “Wait a minute. The video story had a certain plausibility, there were riots in other places, like Cairo, right? So the tumult in Benghazi ‘fit’ in that context.”

JJA: “Indeed. If you organize an assassination you want to deceive your enemies, you don’t want them looking too carefully at your question–why did Stevens go to Benghazi?–and so you provide them with a very different kind of explanation, namely that it was just one of several ‘spontaneous protests’ by the Arab Street.”

All of a sudden there was a very loud crackling sound coming from the ouija board.

ML: “Wait another minute.” More static. Very loud. A wisp of smoke from the ouija board. “You’re saying that this thing was bigger than just a hostile operation in Benghazi, you’re saying…”

JJA: “I’m just giving you things to think about. It’s possible to look at this as if it were a very slick, highly professional operation, beginning to end.  Our enemies always want to strike at us, and Stevens was so effective, and so widely admired in Libya, that they might have worked very hard to organize an attack against him.”

I was worried about the connection now..

“The honey pot trap, the big-time deception…(sounded like lightning or something) professional intelligence service might be capable…”

And he was gone; the damn ouija board was snafu. So it’s gonna be a while til I get it up and running again.

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I objected somewhere above to the gimmick of the ouidja board conversation.
Speculation itself is perfectly natural......and, there's no question that with all of these big names/positions involved that something major is being covered up.
1 year ago
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Mr. Ledeen's theory is not inherently homophobic or slanderous. Honey traps were a widely used technique in the Cold War. They were used against heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. I see no reason to believe that this technique fell by the wayside after the Cold War.
1 year ago
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I still don't get it. I see the honey trap aspect, as the ambassador was homosexual, and maybe that Turkish guy was one of his friends. But why assassinate him? What was the point?
I also see where Obama-Panetta-Hillary come from: they are total cowards and politicians, and open warfare is not on their radar at all. They could not react any more than Chamberlain could react to Hitler.
But how does the honey trap thing work into the story?
1 year ago
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You're a little slow on the uptake?

What part of that story was not plausible, if not probable, as it unfolded?

There were early reports of Ambassador Steven's body having been "violated", (either alive or dead), but this aspect of the story was obviously not going to be helpful to the Obama Administration.
1 year ago
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I'm having a hard time finding an email addy for the lead congressman (Rep Frank Wolf (R) VA) pressing for a select committee to find out what happened. I've got the letter written, tho; here it is:

subj line: Regarding Rep. Wolf's leadership on the issue of the facts about Benghazi, please let me direct you to:

(email reads)

Dear Rep. Wolf,

I realize how unlikely it is that pertinent info should flow to you via an email from a guy way down in Lamar Hunt's district, but this is in re your role in the struggle to form a select committee to look into the Benghazi scandal.

I'm retired, and spend a lot of time reading and watching the media report on the current issues, and have those reasons to believe that the info contained in the above URL has not been been recognized and 'internalized' by your (and my) side of this issue.

In particular, the findings of a certain youtube sleuth who goes by the handle "Montagraph" are contexted and framed (and linked) within the article whose URL is at the top of this email.

Thank you very much for your kind attention,
Buddy Larsen

"God Bless America, and Long Live the Republic!"
1 year ago
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It is a plausible theory...except for one thing: how does it explain the earlier removal of some of the security for Stevens, the refusal to provide him a quick escape plane, refusal to increase security once the Brits and Red Cross pulled out, and abject callousness with regard to letting him and others die without lifting a finger to help. I guess they were too engrossed in the action scenes to break away and order a rescue mission.

I have another theory, which doesn't necessarily rule out the "honey pot explanation entirely: Stevens was determined to be a risk to Obama's agenda or reelection, so he was hung out to dry....yes, intentionally "allowed" to be killed by Obama's buddies in Al Queda (now Obama wants to arm the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan).
1 year ago
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Other angles:

...and more recently,

(quote lead)

Exit another fighting general

By MICHAEL A. WALSH, New York Post

Lost in the inaugural hullabaloo was Tuesday’s news that President Obama has relieved Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, the colorful and highly decorated Marine who’s been in charge of the crucial US Central Command, which oversees the various wars in the Middle East, since 2010.

Read more:


Mattis is reported to've been purged by miltary-purge specialist Tom Donilon, a man whose record in DC should really, really, really become the subject of a PJM expose. While, y'know, we still have freedom of speech.
1 year ago
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jackphat, daveinga, you're both on the verge of closing at least one loop of this thing. If you bing-search [ hagmann montagraph ] you'll find out a whole lot of things you'll likely regret having found out. Regret that is, if you're some of those folks who prefer not to be stupified with dread.

Amazing to me that this --the material in the Hagmann report and the findings of Montagraph --has not exploded in the media --but we all fully savvy THAT story.

In bing, [ general dynamics, ayres, passport scandal, brennan ] will educate you, as will [ the analysis corporation, the stanley company, quarle harris ]. All are tags which in combinations will pull a comprehensive story out of search.

Or, you simply verify that Hagmann is bona-fide, and then read his Part III of the Benghazi story [].

I started reading Canada Free Press (Hagmann's perch) during the dark pre-climategate days when the sneering science treachery front was so oppressive, and CFP's Dr. Tim Ball was such a beacon of reason. And so I discovered Hagmann, who discovered Montagraph, the youtube maven and sleuth.

Pay attention to the numbers of hits on the associated URLs mentioned by Montagraph --the dates where they moved to hundreds of thousands at such unbelievable speeds.

What does it mean if it is true that the Ayres team cleaned up Obama's records in spring 2008, and that the sanitation contractor is now the director of the CIA, and that this team also produced and distributed the 'innocence of muslims' video, and that this team was at the other end of phone calls from the Benghazi facilities that have been characterized in a congressional hearing as "the Taliban are in the house!" [] -?

Alas, we are doomed to wait and see.
1 year ago
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1 year ago
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Actually here is what one might do:

1. What was his schedule prior to and planned for after the event.

2. Was the trip out of the ordinary in anyway, especially lead time.

3. What proximate events were there: had something startled him to action.

4. Were the unusual communications or intelligence.

5. Who else showed up about that time.

6. What was the opposition time line? Any unusual activity.

I think it was more than opportunistic: Sept. 11 has been a bad day for Islam, like the Siege of Malta and the like.

Now things are better, but I suspect that you will here answers to the questions I raised.
1 year ago
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A frivolous suggestion, which does not explain anything. He has been in Benghazi many times on official US business, why would be this time any different? How does it explain that US did not bother (or could not) to save him? How is it relevant that Stevens was a gay, if he was? The author is just having fun at the dead ambassador's expense. I think this is rude and insensitive.
1 year ago
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Did you ever wonder why, as so often has been the case, when folks get too close for comfort to a Clinton that they seem to mysteriously expire? Amazing, isn't it?
1 year ago
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i was monitoring the situation the night our world weary little kenyan got back from politikin. he had a big play date in vegas next day. word was that crack troops were ready and willing/waiting to rescue. some say the u.s. aircraft circling above had the capability of ending it. especially w/ the laser held constantly in place by our heroes. looked like he took a powder and went to bed.

what I hadn't given much thought to was the video. remember somebody saying at the time that it only had a couple hundred hits. they must have all been the protesters. imagine the odds of that. the admin. didn't expect this thing to blow up in their face. besides, they had our lame arse media's usual silence for cover, ahh but for the new media we would never know squat.

still haven't figured this one out. took sandy hook for me to fully understand the reason for the fast & furious debacle. took another two elections to figure out why they tried to intervene in the honduran election and attempt to force zalaya back onto the ballot, illegally. wonder how long before these latest crimes become obvious to the well informed?

someday, we will surely have a movie made by lefty stooges explaining how their American born hero/g_d prez. actually saved the day over and over again in all these instances.
1 year ago
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He was there to be kidnapped and traded for the blind shiek. It was planned by this adm. The seals intervened (against stand down orders) and all hell broke loose. Can't remember where I read it, but it makes sense.
1 year ago
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