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How Does Institutional Bias Affect Men?

I can't imagine how frustrating this discrimination must be.

Helen Smith


August 7, 2014 - 10:39 am
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I wondered about this a few weeks ago as I watched a Question and Answer session for perspective students at a large Washington D.C. Law School. The Q&A was about an hour and the admissions speaker was a lively woman who seemed very oriented to students and happy to answer questions about the LSAT, the law school and how to do one’s best in the application process. The future students were eager to ask questions and hands around the room went up quickly. There were around 50 people, about half men, half women in the room. But I noticed that the speaker mainly called on the women students, even if a man had raised his hand first. She even said “I will get to you in a minute” to a male student but then called on a couple of women instead: one woman was even called on three times! I wondered if the speaker even knew she was doing this.

I must admit that part of the problem was the way that the guys in the room were trying to ask questions. Their hand did not go up as aggressively as the girl’s hands nor were their voices as strong or as loud. They were softer and more hesitant than the women’s and I often could not hear them as well. Is this a function of men with softer voices applying to enter law school or were they more timid in this particular setting? Were they picking up that they were the underdogs in this situation and that they were not getting the same attention? If I am observing this behavior in one academic setting, how many more men are being affected by academics and administrators around the country who may be treating them differently?

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Shouldn't this be "The Top 10 Ways Institutional Bias Affects Men?"

I can't say I have experienced unfair treatment based on being male, but I see unqualified people hired for jobs, awful employees who keep their jobs, and some who are even promoted - simply because their department supervisors are required to meet a "diversity metric."

THAT is frustrating.
25 weeks ago
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Try being a male elementary school teacher. I did, for only one semester. It was pure hell.

Backstabbing, nauseating condensation, treacherous backstage moves, lying rumor-spreading, all at the hands of the women on staff (I was the only man) who deemed me an interloper.

I fled to middle school and, *poof*, all the above magically disappeared.
25 weeks ago
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Oh give the guy a break about his typo! I know when I try to comment from my phone I get all kinds of bizarre auto-corrects. Besides, jumping on people's typos is such petty, touchy, pedantic, small-minded behavior. If you want to act like that go over to Slate where you belong.
25 weeks ago
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Pinhead, thank you ever so much for your coming to my aid!

Yes, it was an auto-correct from my iPad.

BTW, your screen name does you no justice!

I hope you read this. I'm coming back to this article 4 days after my post.

Thank you again.
24 weeks ago
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Condensation? I sincerely hope that was an autocorrect from "condescension."
That said, sorry to hear what you went through and congratulations on getting away from it.
25 weeks ago
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"nauseating condensation"

That's what forms on the cool walls of the hot slaughterhouse. :P
25 weeks ago
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