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Stephen Green


May 30, 2014 - 8:00 am

Galen Gruman has a good Infoworld column on why Windows tablets aren’t selling, and why the new Surface Pro 3 is unlikely to do much better — although there’s nothing there that Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ haven’t known since the first model was introduced two years ago. But something still stood out:

The iPad is four years old this year, and in its short life it has taken the world by storm, creating a new class of computing device that has sold well over 200 million units. Everyone is trying to copy it, with many Android tablets and a bunch of Windows tablets all trying to ride the iPad’s coattails. Never mind that the iPad itself seems to be running out of gas, and it’s unclear whether Apple can refill the tank.

A big part of last quarter’s decline in iPad sales was nothing more than adjustment, not in sales, but in the sales channel. Tim Cook had overshot the year before, making the same quarter this year look worse than it actually was. But overall, sales were down slightly after a phenomenal Christmas quarter.

What it looks like from here is that the tablet market is already a mature one, after just three years. And just like the smartphone market, you have Apple sucking up most of the profits, Android generating tons of sales to people who don’t much use the things, and Windows in a distant third place wondering what the heck just happened.


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I was an early adopter of the iPad. I still have my 1st generation iPad and use it every day. Now that that's out of the way:

The iPad is a decent device for content consumption but it is a lousy platform for content creation. I write software for a living and I can't imagine trying to do that on an iPad.

Even simple things like banging out an email and attaching a spreadsheet to it are for all intents impossible.

39 weeks ago
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I'm hearing more college kids say they gave up their iPads for the Surface because the Surface gives them more "productivity" with their classes. Is it a tidal wave... no. I mean, once you buy-in to a tech family (e.g., iPod/iPad/iPhone, etc.) it's difficult to move to another tech family so any movement will be slow. The industry won't see any major shifts in consumer spending for another two years.
39 weeks ago
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I have an Android, no, make that an Adenoid, tablet. I breathe easier when I have it with me.
39 weeks ago
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