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What Can Happen to Your Lungs if You Smoke 20 Cigarettes Every Day for A Decade?

A new double-blind study shows a popular drug for treating shortness of breath may be little more than a placebo.

Theodore Dalrymple


May 27, 2014 - 3:00 pm
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Shortness of breath is a very unpleasant sensation and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have it chronically. It is not something that you can ever get used to, breath being so essential to life, and the disease worsens relentlessly; without medical attention one dies slowly of suffocation. That is a horrible way to die. Though COPD will become less common in time, thanks to a reduction in smoking (except in Colorado), it is still the third most common cause of death among adults in America.

As yet there is no cure and perhaps there will never be one, short of lung transplant; but it has been reported many times in the medical press that statins, drugs taken to reduce the risk of heart attack among the otherwise susceptible, ameliorate the symptoms and reduce the frequency of acute exacerbations.

Patients who have COPD and are taking statin drugs to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke have been thought to experience fewer acute exacerbations of the disease and as a consequence to live longer. There is biological plausibility to this observation, for statins have an anti-inflammatory effect and exacerbations of COPD are caused by infection and its consequent inflammation.

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All Comments   (2)
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I am also interested in your take on vaporization. Please comment on this issue.
39 weeks ago
39 weeks ago Link To Comment
And what is your take on vaping? It looks like a relatively safe alternative. Regardless, the usual cast of busy bodies & do gooders and control freaks are running around trying to outlaw it.

I stopped smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago and took up vaping instead. I researched it first, and it seemed to me to be extremely safe. The liquid that gets vaporized is the same used in asthma inhalers, and the FDA rated it extremely safe. I took the info to my doctor and he thought it looked safe too. In his words, even if it were not 100% safe, its still 1000 times safer that cigarettes or pot because there are no particulates or harmful oxides.

Have you looked at the technology at all?
40 weeks ago
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