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The #1 Worst New Sitcom for Fall

Perhaps MST3k will make its comeback after all.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


May 15, 2014 - 9:50 am
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Or, as Anthony Ha says, “There’s An Upcoming TV Show Called Selfie And I Hate Everything About It“:

Executive: God, I hate millennials.
Showrunner: Yeah, but they’d totally watch a show called Selfie.
Executive: A show … about taking photos?
Showrunner: No no no, that’s just hook, see? It’s really a way to talk about our modern condition as a technological society.
Executive: Forget millennials, I hate you.
Showrunner: (quickly) Not as a serious drama. As a comedy.
Executive: Really? How many jokes can you tell about … whatever the hell they’re called?
Showrunner: That’s the beauty of it. You don’t need jokes, because technology is inherently funny. We’ll just throw in lots of smartphone screenshots and random buzzwords like “Insta-famous” and “oh-em-gee” and the kids will laugh and laugh. You won’t have to hire any actual writers!

One of the funniest (fictional) prospective pitch dialogues I’ve read in a while, Ha’s attack on ABC’s horrible (and horribly over-promoted) new sitcom for the fall is only one of the many signs that Selfie promises to be about as big of a hit as Viva Laughlin, the CBS non-starter based on a BBC series titled Blackpool. But hey, two episodes is better than nothing, right? And in the words of The Soup‘s Joel McHale, “Why would you cancel that? We need that.” After all, a millennial non-starter pilot that rips off one of the most popular classic movies of all time does make great material for those of us who prefer to MST our TV shows.

The real loser in this is Karen Gillan, formerly of Doctor Who, now the “Eliza Doolittle” of Selfie, who will be yet another reminder to British actors (alongside Downton‘s Dan Stevens and Call the Midwife‘s Jessica Raine) that Hollywood plays a totally different game than does the BBC. I doubt that even the Doctor could save this network bomb.

Joel Hodgson, on the other hand….(watch video on next page)

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Gag me with a selfie.
23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
It's hard to put your finger on it but sitcom writers and actors today seem to be stuck on the "hey look at me" brand of supposed humor. Or "aren't I clever' the way I make fun of you. It's never situationally or intellectually funny and perhaps interesting only to viewers who imagine themselves up there on stage calling attention to themselves. It's all so tiresome and boring.

23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'm very disappointed in you. Don't ever get my hopes up about the return of MST3K ever again!
23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
Before predicting the immediate demise of Selfie, keep in mind two facts.

H.L. Mencken wrote what could be the motto for modern sitcom TV: "No one in this world, so far as I know - and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me - has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people."

Normal Life is an American sitcom television series that aired from March 21 until July 18, 1990 (a full 13 episodes). It starred Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa as Jake and Tess Harlow. The series was based on the real unconventional home life of the Zappa children and their rocker dad Frank Zappa.
23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
It couldn't possibly be worse than the odious "Mixology."
23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
Something I've noticed: MSTing an intentional comedy doesn't work as well as MSTing an unintentional comedy. When a movie or TV show is overly pretentious, mocking it is a natural reaction. But a bad comedy? Seems more natural to just... pity it.

In any event, Selfie will probably have a longer run than Turn-On (1969-1969).
23 weeks ago
23 weeks ago Link To Comment
How I miss such classic sitcom's like Barney Miller, Taxi, Cheers, All in the Family,
M*A*S*H. (There may be others I'm missing). The writing was sharp, witty, subtle innuendo, sometimes dry - you actually had to pay attention to get some of the subtleties, and most of all rarely resorted to cheap, ineffective gags in order to TRY and be funny. There was nothing in that trailer that would make me WANT to lose a half hour of my life watching it.
24 weeks ago
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