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And Speaking of Pedophiliac Sex Scandal Coverups…

What if Bryan Singer was a Catholic priest?

Andrew Klavan


April 30, 2014 - 4:42 pm

If there were no God, the sex practices allegedly going on in Hollywood would be every bit as bad as what went on in the Catholic Church. Since there is a God, the church scandal is worse — it’s much worse to rape a child while serving as a priest. But just to show that the church abuses aren’t related to the theology, here’s a video of my interview with Sun News’ Brian Lilley on the similar charges against X-Men director Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives.

The money quote:

“If these [people accused of pedophilia] were conservatives, if these were priests, if they were religious people, this would be a huge story. But as it is, it’s gonna get swept under the rug unless more people come forward.

See if it’s not!


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It's OK as long as you don't become a hypocrite by publicly _advocating_ sexual morality.
42 weeks ago
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Cory Feldman, in his autobiography, claims that Michael Jackson did not abuse him... but when Cory was questioned by police, he did in fact tell them who DID abuse him... and because he was ignored.

Cory Feldman says keep your friends away from Hollywood.
43 weeks ago
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Bummer. When I saw the title, I thought it would be about Harry Reid.
43 weeks ago
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Andrew, isn't that what rugs were invented for - for stuff to be swept under them? A lot of of brooms have been in action the past couple of weeks, I might add. When I visit Drudge in the mornings, I always carry a broom with me - you never know, now do you.
43 weeks ago
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