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Why the Non-Stop Punchline Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

Will audiences be converted by Hollywood's latest disinformation? SPOILER WARNING...

Susan L.M. Goldberg


March 4, 2014 - 8:57 am

Mega spoiler alert regarding the new Liam Neeson flick Non-Stop via Breitbart. Stop reading now if you’d like to be surprised when you go to the theater to see Lady Mary on the big screen.

The hero of the movie about a plane being hijacked is an observant Muslim.

Wait, it gets better.

The terrorist is a 9/11 family member. Yes, you read that right; the terrorist is a 9/11 family-member who lost a loved-one in the World Trade Center on that terrible September morning.

It gets worse…

After 9/11,  this 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist then joined the military but found himself disillusioned by the pointless wars.

And now…

The 9/11 family member-turned-terrorist is upset because America hasn’t done enough to ensure there will never be another 9/11. And so he figures that if he can get an air marshal blamed for a terrorist attack, America will wake up and anally probe us before we’re allowed on a plane, or something.

It gets worse…

The villain’s sidekick is a member of the American military willing to murder 150 innocent people for a payday.

It gets worse…

The one passenger on the plane who is forever helpful, kind, reasonable, noble, and never under suspicion is a Muslim doctor dressed in traditional Muslim garb including a full beard.

Screw you, Hollywood.

Wikipedia’s summary of the film had a kinder, gentler, more bureaucratic approach to the biased plotline:

…as soldiers who were appalled by the lack of security at U.S. airports before 9/11, they hoped that framing [Neeson] as a terrorist will lead to drastically increased security.

Great. A propaganda film that uses the American military to advocate for the increased empowerment of the TSA. What next? A film featuring American soldiers deployed on the edge of the communist world spending their precious time dressing up in drag, defending  gay rights on base? (Cue musical number Springtime for Obama.)

As bizarre as it may seem, the plotline of Non Stop shouldn’t come as a surprise. Liam Neeson, the film’s star, has been contemplating converting to Islam since filming Taken 2 in Istanbul in 2012:

Movie star Liam Neeson has admitted he’s afraid to convert to Islam because of how locals in his home town would take it.

The Northern Irish actor thinks Islam “is the answer” after experiencing the Muslim call to prayer while filming Taken 2 in Istanbul.

But the 61-year-old doesn’t want to go all the way because people in Ballymena, Co Antrim, may be annoyed with his decision.

…“It wouldn’t go down very well in Ballymena.

“They would say to me, ‘You’re a Muslim? Are you a Catholic Muslim or a Protestant Muslim?’ ”

Perhaps he’ll be able to answer that question in Non Stop 2. Having edged out Son of God for top rating at the box office this weekend, it doesn’t look like the blatantly anti-American tone will disappear anytime soon, despite the lackluster ratings. Casting suggestion for the sequel: Katy Perry as the flight attendant demonstrating an appropriate use of a Muslim pendant as a non-blasphemous work-wardrobe accessory. It’d be nice to see her cover up for a change.

Susan L.M. Goldberg is a writer with a Master's in Radio, Television & Film and a PhD in Life who would be happy roaming the fields of Prince Edward Island with Anne of Green Gables, were it not for her strong belief in the axiom "all that is required for evil to prevail is for good women to do nothing." She prefers the career title "Renaissance Woman" and would happily be bar mates with Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia and Dorothy Parker. Her writing tends towards the intersection of culture, politics and faith with the interest in starting, not stopping the discussion. Follow her on Twitter @SLMGoldberg and @winegirlblog.

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Why am I not surprised. Glad I didn't pay to go see it.
30 weeks ago
30 weeks ago Link To Comment
If Liam is so enamored of praying five times a day, then he should get on his knees and pray.
As a Catholic he should know to pray.
31 weeks ago
31 weeks ago Link To Comment
Only a fool or someone who is intentionally ignorant or someone who is brain-washed or someone who is a liberal—wait, the word “liberal” is a synonym for each of the first three categories—does not realize that Islam is at war with America. Actually, they are at war with the world. They know that if America falls, the rest will too. Any Muslim who is not a strong believer in Jihad is the same as a lukewarm (or fake) Christian. He is not following what his Book says.

Liberals are more dangerous than Muslims.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
" Katy Perry as the flight attendant demonstrating an appropriate use of a Muslim pendant as a non-blasphemous work-wardrobe accessory. It’d be nice to see her cover up for a change."

Yes, especially her mouth.

32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
What a disheartening piece of information.

Coping with tragedy has certainly sent people down some strange byways at times. The Russian tsarina Alexandra with her apparently unshakeable faith in the starets Rasputin comes to mind.

Perhaps this will be temporary and he’ll find a sustaining belief elsewhere. I wish him well and hope he finds peace.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
-- Exciting rumors are now circulating in Hollywood that Neeson and the studio are planning a sequel in which his character must save a plane and its passengers from an evil demented lady who all went bad from a brain injury she got while skiing.

32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
Thanks for the head's-up!

I was thinking of seeing this movie. Now, "Hell no."
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'm guessing they didn't hold any beheadings or stonings while filming in isantbul. too bad, that may have dampened his enjoyment of islam.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
If he converts hope he remembers music and dogs are forbidden as is free exchange of idea.

Regarding any homosexual friends he has, he'll have to kill them.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
Well he doesn't haver to kill them personally, just attend the execution. That will show his bonafides, and keep the head choppers away from his door.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
Sigh. Liam Neeson used to be one of my favorite current actors. He is one of the few left in Hollywood who can convincingly portray an actual, adult male. Well, I can't really blame him for converting to Islam. Might as well beat the rush--within 20 years it will probably be the primary religion in Ireland.
32 weeks ago
32 weeks ago Link To Comment
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