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Peace with God Amid Christmas Chaos

Hamageddon, attitude adjustments, and a time of refreshing.

Paula Bolyard


December 25, 2013 - 7:00 am
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As I write this I am perched on the edge of a Christmas “celebration” threatening to become a cross between Christmas with the Cranks and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (complete with a Something-of-the-Month-Club gift for my husband, purchased online tonight due to my procrastination). My in-laws will be arriving in a matter of hours and the turkey is taking a leisurely candlelight bath in the kitchen sink right now because I neglected to take it out of the freezer 3-4 days before Christmas Eve as recommended and it is currently suitable only for bowling. The ham is in another county, caught in an internecine family “misunderstanding” which may result in the turkey flying solo on the big day. The presents are unwrapped, not a single cookie has graced my oven, and I am seriously considering punting on my one contribution to Christmas Day with my own family — the dessert.

In addition to the food and gifts and unsent Christmas cards — okay, no, I did not even purchase cards, let alone address and mail them — and while we are on the subject, I cannot even bear to open another one of those braggy Christmas newsletters to hear about everyone’s perfect life — and now I’ve lost my train of thought. This is what the Christmas “festivities” can do to a person.

As I was saying, add to all of this the heaviness in my heart for friends and family members who are struggling during what should be a joyous time of year — grieving lost loved ones, dealing with parents in the hospital and in nursing homes, struggling with health issues and marital difficulties. And then there is the migraine monster that battles for control of my head and my life.  Will this second round of steroids knock out this 2-week cycle?

When my husband walked in the door, sans meat, and announced the ham embargo, I lost it. By lost it I mean I completely checked out. I ran to the pharmacy before it closed and then came home and sat in the car in the cold garage on my own personal pity pot for a very long time. I let calls about tomorrow’s plans go to voice mail and then shut my phone off.

So, Merry Christmas, right?

As I desperately worked on an attitude adjustment tonight, I realized that the problems are not Christmas cookies and syrupy family Christmas letters or even a ham that is MIA.

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Prophesies fit for a King, in the end it's all about Jesus.
46 weeks ago
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I have worked with people who have drastically reduced the intensity and frequency of migraines. If you want to look into these: Butterbur takes a few weeks, but works extremely well for many people. Feverfew is traditional, but less effective.

Gastrodin, 300 mg. also (see for research article and resource information) works well. Lavender essential oil, 2-3 drops on the upper lip (under nose) is a quick fix, not a preventive.

Other things that there is research on, but I haven't worked with: magnesium sulphate 600 mg. (40 percent reduction in frequency/intensity; CoQ10 300 mg. (50 percent reduction), Vitamin B2 400 mg.; melatonin 3 mg. (taken an hour before bedtime, never in the daytime. What works depends on the cause of the migraine, but all of these have good research, and all have only positive and beneficial side effects.

Thank you for your article. It was vividly true, and much needed.
47 weeks ago
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My Christmas has not been that way, but I can appreciate what you've been through. Reality is always rather nonconformist when it comes to stereotypes.
47 weeks ago
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I don't think you are alone - had the same kind of day yesterday, but the pastor below summed it nicely in his sermon the other day.

47 weeks ago
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I'm sorry you had to live through this for me to read it, but I read it out loud to my family with understanding nods all around. Perfect is not on offer, forgiveness is.
47 weeks ago
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Christmas Greeting - 2013
47 weeks ago
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