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MSNBC’s Toure: It’s a ‘Noble Lie’ To Cheat Corporations

"Amazon’s not even really into making money, right?"

Bryan Preston


December 20, 2013 - 10:00 am


As we study the core beliefs that animate religious cable network MSNBC, it’s important to determine what is ruled in and what is ruled out. Clearly, everyone at MSNBC seeks to please Barack Obama in some way in their daily lives every day. How one goes about pleasing Him is for the most part one’s own business, but the ethics that one abides by should be more or less universal, at least among members of the following.

Today, MSNBC’s faith leaders debated the ethics of lying for a good cause. Specifically, the good cause was saving a few bucks by lying to Amazon.

MSNBC’s is a new and growing faith, so very little has been canonized or written down. Matt Yglesias leads today’s study with a parable from his own life: He lied to Amazon to receive a mother’s discount.

I hope I’m not heteronorming in pointing out that, as a man, Matt Yglesias is not a mother. He’s not even a father.

Amazon’s intent was to reward mothers by chopping a few bucks off some prices for them. That, in the MSNBC religion, amounts to unacceptable price discrimination.

Most people just see it as Amazon being a good corporate citizen.

Josh Barro took up the position that lying to Amazon, in order to save a few bucks by claiming a mother’s discount one doesn’t deserve, is perfectly fine.

“I think I’m a very good guy and very good fake parent,” Barro said.

Well, it’s hard to be a bad fake parent. No matter what you do, your nonexistent kid won’t grow up to suffer from “affluenza.” They won’t pose in an Obamacare ad wearing footies despite the fact that they’re over 26 years old. Nonexistent children are worry free. They can’t even disappoint any of MSNBC’s faith leaders by voting Republican.

Toure chimed in: “Who’s getting hurt here?”

Well, the ethics there are a little murky for the faithful leftist. Amazon is being deprived of a few bucks, and Amazon owns the Washington Post, so it’s possible that the mother’s discount deception will result in some at the Post not getting raises or bonuses. It’s tricky if you take the holistic view.

Toure demonstrates his shallow understanding of Amazon’s purpose: “Amazon’s not even really into making money, right?”

That would be news to billionaire and founder Jeff Bezos. Also, to everyone he employs and pays, and to everyone who sells products via Amazon. It would be news to a lot of people.

Krystal Ball — which is her real name — was the only voice from the wilderness: “I still say even if it is a corporation that you’re lying to, it’s still a lie.”

“It’s a noble lie,” Toure responded.

As a host on MSNBC, Toure works for a corporation. He has therefore declared that it’s “noble” to lie to the people who pay him. His employers might be interested to know if he has told them any noble lies.

Such is the murky ethical landscape of a new and developing religion.


Cross-posted from PJ Tatler

Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

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It is not the few bucks saved in question.

Those self-confessed 'cheating' stories from these guys always seem small, harmless, even though they can well afford it.

It is their ethics, nay their whole being, that comes to question in my mind. Simply put, in a real world (outside of their bubble) not a single one of them should be trusted.
1 year ago
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"I hope I’m not heteronorming in pointing out that, as a man, Matt Yglesias is not a mother. He’s not even a father."

"As a man..."?

He's not even a man.

1 year ago
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Noble rot.
1 year ago
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I assume he will be first in line to condemn them for screwing over mothers when Amazon cancels the program due to abuse, then.
1 year ago
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A lie is a lie, even if it's "noble." And lying to get a discount isn't even noble; it's just shameless.
1 year ago
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The Leftist professional propaganda corps at MSNBC lie as a matter of course about everything, so naturally they would claim lying is noble. But only when THEY do it, or support the lie.

BTW, anyone else notice there seems to be some sort of psychological correlation between being a liar and being a Leftist?
1 year ago
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As I mentioned on another post: Nope, it's not a noble lie.

It's funny to listen to Progressive declare their greed as good, while decrying it in others. Hypocracy: It's what's for dinner!
1 year ago
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Oh, Toure Neblett. You think just because the owner of the company is a Lefty, he's fine with you cheating him in the name of Leftism.

As always, whenever there is an article ANYWHERE about Toure, I choose to repeatedly recite his last name, because he is so, so very ashamed of it.

Neblett Neblett Neblett Neblett Neblett.
1 year ago
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