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Nazi Is the New Sexy

Dictator gets new life as D-list reality star gone haywire.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


December 10, 2013 - 2:00 pm


D-List reality star Tia Tequila has re-branded herself as Hitia Tequila in a move to give Adolf Hitler the voice she feels he so rightly deserves.

Based on the celebrity’s YouTube video playlist, the decision comes after releasing a year’s worth of conspiracy theory videos, a.k.a. “Truth Vlogs,” in which the Singaporean-born American model “exposes” the Freemasons, the Bildebergers, the Illuminati, and various groups employing “mind control” techniques including “Hollywood“.

Dubbing herself “the Goddess of Love and War” Tequila posted, ““I am She, the Queen who hath come to save you from this dark world filled with NWO [New World Order] parasite invaders,” on Facebook this past Monday. The description captioned a photograph of Tequila wearing an S.S. hat and Nazi armband while posing in front of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

Responding to fan criticism, Tequila clarified:

I am not going to sit here and say that I hate Jewish people because that is not the case nor is this about Jews… It is about Hitler and his side of the story that was never told since he was not the victor. However, those of you with a closed mind can think I am being anti-semite all you want because I already told you that I am not, nor will I repeat myself again.

Reports also indicate that “Tequila also refers to herself as “Hitila” in a new song she posted online on Sunday, which features the lyrics, ‘Jewluminati motherf*ckers hate me,’ and, ‘Worldwide genocide, blame it on the Jews.’”

Tequila’s “conversion” to Nazism comes 2 years after her conversion to Judaism, and one year after suffering a brain aneurysm after a drug overdose, and revealing that “…she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, claimed her Twitter page was ‘hacked’ by her alter ego Jane, who, she described on her MySpace page as ‘crazy’ and someone who ‘always wants to kill me.’”

Jane was not available for comment at time of publication.

Tequila’s sexification of Nazism is the latest in a pop culture trend stretching back to Nazi exploitation films made popular in Italy in the 1970s. Last year’s San Diego Comic-Con welcomed Hot Nazi Chicks promoting Iron Sky, a sci-fi thriller about Nazi aliens attacking America from their home base on the dark side of the moon. There is no word yet on whether or not the Illuminati, Bildebergers, or Freemasons were responsible for the writing of the script.

Susan L.M. Goldberg is a writer with a Master's in Radio, Television & Film and a PhD in Life who would be happy roaming the fields of Prince Edward Island with Anne of Green Gables, were it not for her strong belief in the axiom "all that is required for evil to prevail is for good women to do nothing." She prefers the career title "Renaissance Woman" and would happily be bar mates with Ann Coulter, Camille Paglia and Dorothy Parker. Her writing tends towards the intersection of culture, politics and faith with the interest in starting, not stopping the discussion. Follow her on Twitter @SLMGoldberg and @winegirlblog.

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Is Ms. Tequila still a lesbian? If so, won't that make all this even more convoluted? Will we be allowed to disapprove of her Nazi procilivities, but still be expected to provide blanket approval of her other lifestyle choices? Quick, I need an updated playbook!
37 weeks ago
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Voice from Germany: What is going on in America? Such a grap for publicity in Germany would be stopped in its tracks and most likely legal action against the show off would be undertaken. German tv spends hours and hours every week not letting Germans forget what was done in the name of Germans. I happen to know a fair amount about Hitler, his times, his friends and enemies and ... ad infinitum. There is NO lack of information about Hitler. Is someone interested in his daily diet, both what and when eaten? No problem. The man's character is perverse, evil and unfriendly, except for those who were subservient to him. Enough! Why and what is going on?
37 weeks ago
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The pistol is interesting. Because it's a gun and because it doesn't look German.

Celebrities are running out of shocking novelties so this may be the next big thing.
37 weeks ago
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The Lugar was standard for the Wehrmacht and SS. The Luftwaffe used a different model somewhat similar the the US 45. In addition there were several other models that showed similarities to the US 45 (used in the photo), e.g., FEG 37 (300,000+ manufactured), Random and an assortment of smaller versions. -- A bit of useless info.: Germans prefered the Soviet machine rifle to their own, as they discovered at Stalingrad to their regret. Soviet built weapons were generally simplier weapons, but effecient, e.g., T-34, certainly the best tank of WW II. The Tiger model was a bit more powerful because of a longer canon range, but broke down too often, being too complicated in construction. Indeed, Hitler delayed "Operation Zitatelle", a victory might have turned thiings around after Stalingrad, and that gave the Russians time to prepared a defense at Kursk for the largest tank battle of history, over 5000. Result was a tie, but Soviets could replace losses and the Germans were not capable of adequate replacement. But, then Hitler was the best general the Allies had.
37 weeks ago
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If an Asian girl who likes attention wants to play Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS, who am I to complain? It's not like we should take any of this seriously. Unless, of course, this is another example of the Gramscian march in an unrecognizable disguise. The truth is often stranger than anything we could imagine.
37 weeks ago
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The New World Order was Hitler's idea:
38 weeks ago
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