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Wait, Was That Insane Clown Posse on Red Eye?

Did Red Eye jump the shark?

Paula Bolyard


August 2, 2013 - 9:00 am
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The offbeat, irreverent late-night show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld got even more weird this week when the “wicked clowns” from Insane Clown Posse appeared as guests. Did the libertarian-leaning 3AM free-for-all show jump the shark (is that even possible?) when Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope showed up in full makeup, to promote their new show on Fuse, “Insane Clown Posse Theater”? Gutfeld said,

For over 20 years now, the masters of horrorcore have been known for their freakishly loyal fan base, all without the help of the lamestream media, or even hand soap, for that matter.”

He said the appearance was like the “blending of two worlds together” (two worlds most Americans only see in their nightmares, I might add).

Shaggy 2 Dope described the new show in which the two comment on videos and various entertainment-related stories and said, “We did our studies and everything is 100% fact.” Fox News personality Gutfeld pounced on some common ground: “Fair and balanced!”

Violent J shared his frustration that even though they’ve sold millions of records and have millions of loyal fans (called Juggalos), they haven’t received the recognition they deserved from the record industry. “All we want to do is count. We want people so say, you know, they exist too, they’re part of the industry somewhere.”

Red Eye panelist Mike Baker asked Violet J if that really mattered to him. “Juggelos are real people and we just want to know that we’re there — our contention is there. Our punches are to be felt as well. Our voices are to be heard, you know what I’m saying? We want to be heard. We want to count,” said Violent J.

Gutfeld posited that it’s a class problem. Music critics are “elitist college grads — and failed musicians.”

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Greg Gutfeld is a libertarian in the same way Bill Mahrer was a Libertarian. Not all all.

The show jumped the shark when they made John Bolton a regular guest, and everyone on the show started cheerleading for a police state and more wars in the Middle East.
51 weeks ago
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The difference is Greg Gutfeld sees humor in the absurdity of incompetent government trying to run our lives while Bill Maher puts left wing ideology in front of humor. Gutfeld will provoke serious debate over if data mining phone records is a permissible and legal way to prevent a terrorist attack in between absurd animal videos. Bill Maher just uses the story as another unfunny opportunity to bash Bush.
50 weeks ago
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"So did Red Eye jump the shark with this segment or was it a smart outreach to a demographic that might be open to the liberty-minded point-of-view?"

Are those my only choices? Can I pick C: Did Red Eye take an opportunity to put a couple of weird-looking dudes on the same screen as Mike Baker, International Man of Hubba Hubba?
51 weeks ago
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Hell, Oderus Urungus was a regular.
51 weeks ago
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That's right, he was for a while. It's a wonder Brockie can still function after all these years.
51 weeks ago
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