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Pit Stop #2: Connect the Dots on this Joyride Map

Like adventure, diners, and long drives in the countryside? Check the next spot on our list of "Great Places for the Washington D.C. Auto Enthusiast."

Becky Graebner


July 2, 2013 - 2:00 pm
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Spring and summer in D.C. are gorgeous.  In April the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the reflections of the monuments dance along the surface of the Potomac, and there always seems to be a festival happening. Summers get hot but one look at the lush Georgetown Parkway and you feel refreshed.  Driving around on the windy, green roads of Virginia are also a great escape from dusty D.C.  Warm nights and cool, early mornings make a spring or summer joyride around the metro area delicious.

Pit stop #2 on our list of “Great Places in D.C. for the Auto Enthusiast” is a little more abstract than our last pit stop.  I’m going to give you a starting point and an end point–and put you in the vicinity of some excellent driving roads.  I was introduced to these places by the Alfa Romeo owners club of D.C. when I accompanied them on an “Alfa Drive” through Maryland.  If this sounds like a cool idea, there are plenty of other car clubs in the area — and I’m sure they would love to have another hot-shot car join their group.  If a caravan isn’t your style, then stay tuned because I’ll give you some tips on where to start your personal joyride.

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Two places:

Skyline Drive.
US 15 North to Catoctin State Park.
1 year ago
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35 mph of pure hell.
1 year ago
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