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Starting a 13 Week Experiment in The Old West

And preparing for Martian pull ups...

Charlie Martin


June 1, 2013 - 7:48 am
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When I stepped off the plane, the air hit me like a slap with a wet towel. I hadn’t been in Texas for years, and coming from Erie Colorado’s 63 degrees, San Antonio was a bit of a shock.

Yes, team, I have managed to put myself in San Antonio on the first day of the new experiment. A good friend from graduate school is marrying, and wanted me to dust off my old Universal Life Church ordination and perform a mildly Buddhist wedding. Right now, I’m in a pleasantly old-fashioned motor inn with knotty pine furniture and an air conditioner laboring diligently in the bedroom half of the room, and I’m reflecting on the old saying that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

In my case, life is what happens when you’re trying to start an experiment. Still, unless I want to develop agoraphobia, I have to come out of my little circumscribed life every so often,

Although sometimes claiming agoraphobia is an interesting option.

So, I’m starting the next 13 week experiment anyway, and here’s my final offer of what I’m going to do. The hypothesis: a somewhat higher-carb diet, along with intermittent fasting, will result in more sustained weight loss without adversely affecting my blood sugar. The measure here, of course, is weight, and I’ll continue measuring that every morning, nude, within 30 minutes after getting up. Okay, I admit it, I care about the weight. I’ll also be taking at least daily blood glucose readings with the Bayer USB glucometer; that records everything.

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Are you going to be in Colorado soon? I have your samples (VZ and Bystolic),but need to know where to send them
1 year ago
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I'm doing an experiment, I sent you an e-mail.
1 year ago
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I hope you eat a puffy taco while you're there. I am doing an experiment, I sent you a message.
1 year ago
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If you are going to marry a couple, make sure you're authorized to do so in the state of TX. I've got friends who had to get married all over again when their ULC minister didn't get the paperwork right.
1 year ago
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Advocates of weight loss without Type 2 diabetes should understand the drugs Charlie is now using.
The "incretin" glucagon like peptide (GLP-1) is put out by the intestine in response to food, but it has to work through it's receptor in the pancreas islet cells. Normally over half of our after meal (post-prandial) insulin output is ruled by incretin signaling working in islets. Type 2 diabetics' successful incretin signaling drops to less than1/5th of non-diabetics & so they miss their1st post-prandial insulin secretion response (their blood glucose takes too long to start to clear).
GLP-1 receptors don't get into place in islet Beta cells' membranes the same way under high, medium or low blood glucose levels. It is a non-linear dynamic & the puzzle to understand is that medium blood glucose levels keeps more GLP-1 receptors in position to participate in incretin signalling than either too low or too high blood glucose.
Charlie is smart to increase his carbohydrate intake when starting his incretin agonist (re-inforcer) marketed as Victoza (the drug liraglutide) . If he kept his post-prandial (distinct from fasting) glucose at merely 90 mg/dL (5 mMol) then few GLP-1 receptors would show up to work & I surmise that even at 125 mg/dL (7mMol) post-prandial glucose is unwarranted when taking liraglutide.
Intermittent fasting is adding a complication to the issue of new drug regimen
Charlie undertook. The regimen of fasting can induce blood sugar to go regularly very low during the day & the response of GLP-1 receptors is to
abate in low glucose. Meanwhile he is taking liraglutide that can kick start
insulin output (this will clear blood glucose level) & his self made gluco-neo-genesis blood glucose is already kept down by metaformin can be overmatched. This may provoke increased body discomfort/pains from low blood sugar during fasting period & when resume eating possibly annoying headaches if select lots of histamine releasing foods.
(As for 0.6 mg low dose liraglutide the reduction in HbA1c can be an additional 0.7%; with only a 1% reduction in HbA1c if drug dose hiked to 1.8mg.)
For technical minded:
(2010) metaformin & incretins:
(2012) incretin receptor & blood glucose:
(2011) useage of incretin drugs:
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We plan onn using the VZ at 1/3 of routine dosages. I feel pushing up the adiponectin is the key to weight loss in insulin resistant patients.Also, this makes the med much more affordable. Note; personal communication from Mike Valitutto; GLPs bind to the hypothalamus and seem to have mild euphoric or antidepressant effects.(Mike is a diabetologist extradinaire)
1 year ago
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Charlie (re: potential fasting & post-fasting reactions ):
You are adding beans which can be histamine liberators; don't confound these as unsuitable if your fasting is what set up the side effects. Histamine liberators build a cumulative total amount & what puts one over the limit (so to speak) may not be the worst item for an individual.
As approach 70 mg histamine/mL in local blood it wil elevate the metabolic rate & thus influence weight loss as fasting lets cells release histamine. On the other hand, as approach 70 mt/mL histamine, it lowers the pain threshold & can provoke lots of headaches (often mistaken by fasting advocates as proof needed "toxin" cleansing). For histamine/low blood sugar/migraine headaches the only anti-histamine compound that I have used satisfactorily is over the counter 25 mg di-phen-hydra-mine.
Many individuals accentuate histamine liberation from cumulative amounts of other common healthy food items. For instance: tomato, onion, avocado, mustard, sunflower, walnut, cashew, hazelnut (not almond or peanut), chocolate/cocoa, shrimp, crab, lobster, mussel, oyster, egg white (not egg yolk), alcoholic beverages, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, plum, watermelon & even licorice.

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