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The Pathetic Man-Boys of Lena Dunham’s Girls

Mark Judge at Acculturated pinpoints the popular HBO show's fatal flaw.

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March 4, 2013 - 2:13 pm

Having a hard time finding a real man, Lena? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place?

 via Pretentious, Psychotic, Pathetic or Puerile: The Boys of Girls | Acculturated.

It finally had to be done. I had to catch up with the rest of the world and watch Lena Dunham’s Girls. After fortifying myself with three days or prayer and fasting, I dove in. I purchased season one, and watched the season two marathon on HBO.

Girls has been overanalyzed, so I won’t offer a broad interpretation. I can only point out what I think is Girls most glaring flaw: Lena Dunham did not include any control.

As in a control in a scientific experiment that serves as a “normal” component that you are not conducting the experiment on. Girls is the story of four twenty-something women in Brooklyn and the pathetic “men” that they date. There is Adam, the attention-deficit artist who always seems to be banging on something and has degrading sexual fantasies. There’s Ray, the schlub who manages a coffee shop and is almost too insecure to function. There’s Charlie, the soft-spoken musician who is so passive he can barely open doors. There’s Thomas-John, who has a job making real money but is written so one-dimensionally we really don’t know that much about him. And then there’s Booth Jordan (seriously?), an artist who locks one of the girls inside one of his works of art. He’s short and vulgar. (Doesn’t a single one of these guys–New Yorkers!–like or play sports?)

Girls creator Lena Dunham is very talented, and she’s only twenty-six, but it has to be said: like so many liberal Hollywood and New York artists, she has a powerful streak of cowardice. Girls would have been a much more compelling and less narcissistic show if Dunham had the guts to introduce a control into her Brooklyn petri dish.

Read the whole thing at Acculturated

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As someone who lived in NYC for many years I can speak from experience - no, not many twenty something hipster males living in Brooklyn do sports.
1 year ago
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She's "talented?"

Define please.
1 year ago
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*She concluded she couldn’t be with someone who “wasn’t on the side of women and gays.”* I think a big reason why Ms. Dunham has been so successful is that her show parrots the "party narrative" - women and gays: good; men (even if they "on the side of women and gays"), bad. Like a successful apparatchik in the old USSR, she's managed to establish the proper credentials and connections. For all her talent, she's the quintessential party hack who will continue her success as long as she slavishly follows the party line. And as for the "pretentious, psychotic, pathetic or puerile" men in her show, well, to her and her comrades, that's just what men are.
1 year ago
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She keeps saying she wants to move to Austin. That would involve running into real men. Maybe on her bicycle, or bumping into his truck with her Prius, or spilling her beer on him at a Zilker Park music festival. She might faint from the sweat fumes, though.

She's playing dollhouse with animatronic Ken-dolls. They might as well have shiny pastel blue tuxedoes. Her own life is not like this.
1 year ago
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