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Can Anyone Decode This Mysterious, Jumbled Note Discovered While Walking The Dog?

With Maura's assistance, another cryptic communique unearthed.

Dave Swindle


May 17, 2012 - 7:00 am
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See my previous posts here and here for more on the strange objects Maura and I sometimes discover on our sunrise runs through the San Fernando Valley…

From what I can tell whoever wrote this collection of notes:

  • Folded the paper into three sections and then four more (
  • Used both pen and pencil (and perhaps 2 pens as the ink in one square appears lighter than the others)
  • Most likely male.
  • At least 2 lists of items: a grocery list and an errand list.
  • Apparently a listener of Los Angeles’ talk radio station KRLA? I see Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett’s names and what appear to be notes about the shows?

See the next 3 pages for close-ups of each column. And here’s the image from the other direction:

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