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Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day

August 25th, 2014 - 6:23 pm

“The only difference between the ideology of the French socialist minister and the Ferguson looter is scale. That and the immensely superior quality of the Frenchman’s comestibles. But the principles which govern both are the same. Eventually you run out of other people’s money and other people’s patience.  And that’s starting to happen all over the world right about now.”

Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club today.

—Not to mention the same urge to declare Year Zero to banish all knowledge that came before, or what happens next. Or as the Weasel Zippers noted yesterday, “CBS Report: People In Ferguson Will Loot And Destroy Businesses Until Businesses Give Them Jobs:”

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The shortage of committed Luddites within the liberal population doesn't eliminate their desire for a Year Zero, but it immediate separates them from getting very far with the effort (i.e. -- while the elite already have no problem with flying here and there in their private jets while telling everyone else they need to live like a hermit in a shack due to global warming, there just aren't enough hermit-wannabes out there among the liberal followers).

If they could figure out a way to do Flyover Country Year Zero, they'd do it in a heart beat. Except that Flyover Country people are armed, and much of the creature comforts the bi-coastal elitists are infatuated with either come from the area or are produced with oil extracted in the area or from overseas. Plastics and computer chips wouldn't be part of Year Zero, and taking them away would even get the low-info voters attention.
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