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Ed Driscoll

‘Keynesian Terrorists’

August 2nd, 2014 - 10:28 am

As James Taranto notes in his latest Best of the Web column in the Wall Street Journal:

Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer offers one of the most ridiculous rationalizations for Hamas terrorism we’ve heard:

One reason for the amazing extent of Hamas’ underground tunnel network–which Israel is trying to destroy–is that digging tunnels is one of the few new sources of jobs.

How do we know this is ridiculous? If the purpose of the tunnels were really to create jobs, Hamas would be happy to have Israel fill them in. Also, they’d use spoons.

Heh — click on that last link early and often please. (In other words, welcome readers of Taranto’s column, and thanks for the link, James.)

Related: Speaking of digging itself into holes, “Hamas Boasts About Its Capture of IDF Soldier … Then Backtracks Four Times” — at the PJ Grid.

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Hamas is leapfrogging to prosperity. They will be leaders in underground, high-speed rail after integrating and capitalizing on their detailed tunnel knowledge. Also, mushroom tunnel-culture.
29 weeks ago
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Sheesh! What's next? Claiming that Hamas builds suicide bombs to learn chemistry and electronics because they lack schools?
29 weeks ago
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