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Ed Driscoll

Dispatches from Airstrip One

July 23rd, 2014 - 3:50 pm

“Did I Hear This Correctly? (From the BBC Files),” a Ricochet poster asks:

Was just watching BBC World News which I do when seeking the Global Left line on the news.  According to the BBC, the “International Community” (who are those guys?) have two demands:

1.  Ukrainian separatists must stop launching missiles which threaten commercial aircraft and the Russians must stop supplying such missiles.

2.  Israel must stop attacking those who are launching missiles which threaten commercial aircraft.  No mention as to what those who are supplying such missiles should do.

It’s not at all a coincidence that Orwell was inspired to create the “Ministry of Truth” and Room 101 from his days at the BBC.

Or that the BBC views 1984 as a how-to guide:

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The British have long been infiltrated by communists.
32 weeks ago
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the “International Community” (who are those guys?)...

They're most likely the Leftist loudmouths who propose to speak for everyone with the specified group identity (community). In the case of the "international community" it's probably North Korea and Hamas sockpuppets.
32 weeks ago
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Since the Left caterwauled for 5 years about how Bush's Coalition of the Willing was NOT the “International Community” -- 49 nations (with 37 others providing post-invasion support) -- we can simple deduce who they mean by crossing off all the nations from our trusty Atlas.

We then cross off all the non-coalition "little" nations of the globe because the Left were adamant that the smaller nations of the coalition didn't count for anything.

We thus end up with France, Russia, China

That's their theorectical "international community." The latter two countries are reminiscent of Ienghis Kahn, and John Kerry's beloved France is currently home of synagogue-torching street mobs.
32 weeks ago
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