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Ed Driscoll

Climate Kabuki

March 10th, 2014 - 8:30 am

“Senate Democrats plan all-night global-warming talkathon in support of … er …”, Ed Morrissey writes:

Talk about hot gas. Rick Perry may have affectionately mistaken our site name once, but Senate Democrats could be in position to trademark it for themselves after tonight. The caucus will hold an all-night talkathon to demand action on climate change, which has USA Today very confused. After all … don’t Democrats control that chamber?

A majority of Senate Democrats on Monday will launch an overnight “talkathon” until approximately 9:00 a.m. Tuesday to draw attention to climate change.

The overnight effort, organized by Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, is part of the recently launched Senate Climate Action Task Force headed by Sens. Barbara Boxer of California and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. …

The Democratic effort is cause for some confusion because these senators are calling for action in a chamber they control but without any specific legislation to offer up for a vote, or any timetable for action this year.

In other words, this is nothing but a stunt — and transparently so. Senate Democrats control all of the Senate committees, and what comes to the Senate floor. Boxer herself is the chair of the committee on environmental affairs, and could push through legislation any time she wants to the floor. They don’t have global-warming legislation bottled up by Republican obstruction, because they don’t have global-warming legislation at all. Why? It would kill any hopes of rescuing red-state seats for Democrats in the upcoming midterms, that’s why.

And presumably after their “talkathon,” giant stretch limos will take many of the senators to private jets where they can fly back to pretend to be interested in their constituents.

Just as the Occupy Wall Street protesters looked very odd “protesting” against their fellow leftists such as Barack Obama, Mike Bloomberg and Jean Quan, the disastrous mayor of Oakland, Harry Reid and Boxer should be thrilled if they happen to be in the minority after the November midterms, since their whole mindset is geared towards protests and backbench bomb-throwing.

At the risk of using rhetorical language that might prove upsetting to the delicate flowers at MSNBC, let’s try to make their electoral death wish come true this fall.

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The talkathon isn’t there to scold Reid, Pelosi, and Obama for jetting to their vacations, it’s there to scold you for your wood-burning stove, fireplace, and BBQ.

The blather (and laws) of our environmentalist, Leftist leaders exists to justify the depredations of their subjects.
45 weeks ago
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It will be fun Tuesday morning to spot the number of stories that report on this PR stunt and either:
A.) Fail to mention the Senate Democrats doing this are doing it in a Senate controlled by Democrats, or (even worse);
B.) Slant the story to make low-info voters think either the Republicans control the Senate, or this somehow involved a protest against the GOP-controlled House (expect to see non-audio images of people like John Boehner or Ted Cruz to pop up in the middle of the video reporters in this case to try and help the spin that the powerless Democrats are standing up to the anti-environmentalist Republicans).
46 weeks ago
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In support of? Well, themselves, mostly. Throw some red meat to the base to distract their attention from ObamaCare, the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iran, the economy, etc. If it wasn't for "climate change" they'd have to jump up and down for 5 hours pointing and yelling, "Look, a SQUIRREL!" Come to think of it, I would be more likely to tune in for the latter.
46 weeks ago
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Isn't it obvious? Climate change has already so altered their native habitat that it's only natural that squirrels have no choice but to suddenly pop up everywhere!
46 weeks ago
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I like that: "Senate Climate Action Task Force" - the SCAT-Force.

Somebody didn't recall their classics. Scat is a noun meaning an animal fecal dropping. OTH, maybe someone did remember.
46 weeks ago
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It's tricky sticking it to The Man when _you're_ The Man. And Babs ("Don't Call Me Ma'am!") Boxer never was the brightest bulb in the DC toolshed, even before their self-affirming incandescence ban.
46 weeks ago
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