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Ed Driscoll

Corrections of the Day

January 13th, 2014 - 1:27 am

“An earlier version of this article misidentified the state where Andrew M. Cuomo is governor. It is New York, not New Jersey.”

Two guesses as to which “newspaper of record” this correction appeared within. (Link safe; goes to Power Line.)

Meanwhile, there will likely soon be an unemployed Chyron programmer looking for work in Los Angeles:


Click to enlarge.

If he’s willing to relocate to New York, I’m sure NBC will be quick to swoop up whoever was the backroom boffin was who wrote that text; he should be totally plug and play and immediately good to go inside their control room.

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That New Yorker Saul Steinberg cartoon of how your average New Yorker views the rest of the country looking out from Ninth Avenue only points west, not north. But the same myopic vision points towards Albany and upstate in general. In the middle of the Times' current de Blasio fever, no surprise they'd overlook which state Andrew's running.
1 year ago
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And, in a related story, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the liberal media (but I repeat myself) have decided to pool their resources to cover the "Bridgegate" scandal 24 hours a day.

And in other news, there are still scandals involving President Obama (e.g. IRS, DOJ, NSA, Obamacare no-bid contract for Michelle Obama's friend, and Obamacare rollout failures), but those stories are old news. Nothing to see. Move along, sheep.

It's not just that they think that they are our moral superiors. They believe that they are so superior that they should lead the rest of us around by the nose.
1 year ago
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