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Ed Driscoll

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January 10th, 2014 - 5:01 pm

In an exchange with the evolutionary biologist and Marxist J.B.S. Haldane, C.S. Lewis found his motivations under assault. Lewis offered this marvelous reply:

The Professor has his own explanation … he thinks that I am unconsciously motivated by the fact that I “stand to lose by social change.” And indeed it would be hard for me to welcome a change which might well consign me to a concentration camp. I might add that it would likewise be easy for the Professor to welcome a change which might place him in the highest rank of an omnicompetent oligarchy. That is why the motive game is so uninteresting. Each side can go on playing ad nauseam, but when all the mud has been flung every man’s views still remain to be considered on their merits. I decline the motive game and resume the discussion.

As quoted by Peter Wehner at Commentary. Read the whole thing.

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An interesting seems that right of center folks love to find the kumbaya factor, "can't we all just get along" theme, when confronting what appears to be as radical and extreme other side as has ever existed.

We see this hand wringing in the heap of slanders against Israel...the instinct for self-reflection, restraint on too forceful a response to evil, lest one not be thought of as "fair and reasoned" when being serially attacked and lied about with impunity.

No matter how deeply introspective the softened and timid "last responders" get...they are met with a nearly uniform scorn and derision. Creating the sound of one hand refusing to clap.

Right of center folks are alone in mirroring this futile and sublime self-deception. Hard core right reject the notion of even minimal moderation...they have as little use for the center right as they do anyone a centimeter to the left of them.

And, like the Israeli...the center right cannot find a sincere partner to play the kumbaya tune with on the is a two person dance...and the kumbayaist from the center right is left swaying alone in the corner.

The "search for truth" treated as an aside by Wehner's essay...refuses to contemplate the absence of a partner. It eliminates the prospect of extremism taking hold of the other side. Therefore, the hunt for "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood types...invents a fictional creature who does not exist. Certainly not in practice.

And searching for an honest JournOLista from the Propaganda Machine or a kumbayaist in the small c communist the political BigFoot. Totalitarian acts are rife now, to water down the "truth" of that frightening fact in order to assuage the fears it would and should arouse...and to suggest that pointing it out is to not be willing to sing kumbaya in harmony with all those "like-minded" kumbayaists who are our "mirrors" on the other side of the political "center" to mirror instead the perpetual futility of the Israel boxed in position

You can't sing kumbaya in harmony with one voice. And faulting yourself for the other side's bad intentions and evil...leads to surrender after surrender to that evil.
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