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Ed Driscoll

War on Men, UK Edition

November 23rd, 2013 - 4:55 pm

Britain, then: Lawrence of Arabia remakes the desert battlefield.

Britain, now? It’s raining “men deserts.”

“The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) reports that an increasing number of British children are growing up with hardly any male influence,” the Call Me Stormy Weblog notes. “In some areas, the problem has reached such high levels that they have been tabbed ‘men deserts,’ according to the report,” which aired on Britain’s Sky News channel:

Theodore Dalrymple and Peter Hitchens, call your office, as your writings over a decade ago on the collapse of British culture are yet again confirmed. Though am I the only one who cringes whenever the word “desert” is referenced outside of the aforementioned Lawrence of Arabia or other uses that involve large quantities of sand?



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Well, British children don't even have a traditional male role model in No. 10 or the other high positions.
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